feng shui help?

suz1023November 25, 2012

i love the corner faux fireplace in the western corner of my bdrm. but i've read that a fireplace on the western side is counter productive to financial health. i've added a mirror to the mantle as directed, is there something else i can do to mitigate the incorrect placement? besides changing the fireplace that is.

and yes, to some it could be silly, but i'm in the mood to hedge my bets!

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What about a table top fountain or a bowl of goldfish? Both are supposed to be good.

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Feng shui is an interesting subject. It's also a very complicated one with several different schools which don't all agree. IMO one needs to look at the different ideas and use the recommended feng shui cure that make the most personal sense. IMO the value of feng shui is in it's recommendations to avoid clutter, to keep things clean and neat, and perhaps utilize some ideas to focus on the positive thus attracting positive outcomes to ones' life.

How have you determined the western corner of your bedroom to be the wealth corner? According to the Classical school of Feng Shui the south-east corner is the wealth corner and according to the Western school of Feng Shui the upper left corner of each room (or of the entire house) is associated with abundance. Read about feng shui symbols and choose those that resonate with you for the appropriate space.

If you want to go a step further you can determine your personal Kua number to attract positive energies.

See the link below before using a water feature in the bedroom.

Here is a link that might be useful: fountain in the bedroom

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" but i've read that a fireplace on the western side is counter productive to financial health"

Hmmm.. that's news to me. Can you post a link to that?

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