How do I get a real Christmas tree smell with an artificial tree?

teamjenningsNovember 10, 2008

We finally broke down last year and bought a fake tree, never thought IÂd do it, but after burning up a vacuum (husband did it), spending time on hands and knees with gloves picking up needles, etc. . . . last year was enough. I could write a Saturday Night Live skit about our adventure last year, which resulted in the fully decorated tree lying on its side in the middle of the living room (no pets or small children involved!). This was only after I convinced my husband that the saw he inherited from my grandfather really was not sharp enough to cut through butter, let alone the tree trunk. Luckily we only lost a few delicate ornaments.

I really missed the smell of the tree filling the house and want to know the best recommendation for a balsam fir air freshener. I would prefer an air freshener over a candle. I know there are a lot of great candles out there, but want to avoid candles and dealing with wax, trimming wicks, soot etc. Last year I thought I could buy a "Glade plug-in", but could not find a balsam fir fragrance anywhere.

Anyone have any experience or recommendations?

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How about a balsam light ring.. using the oil and a ring to fit on a lamp you might have in the room? I also saw a thing you could soak and hang on the tree.. but have no idea who made it.


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Yankee Candle makes an evergreen scent. They had it in a Halllmark store I visited yesterday.

We went to the fake Christmas tree after 25 years of real ones. My FIL bought one on clearance (for us) and at first I resented it. BUT, the first time we set it up it took all of 5 minutes; I could tell I was going to like this "new" item. It is just as easy to take down and I don't have to run the humidifier in that corner 24/7. And of course the biggest benefit is no more needles stuck in the carpet.

If lighted candles don't do it for you, try tucking a pine car air freshener in the interior of the tree.

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I'm pretty opinionated about home fragrance and I wouldn't use Glade anything if I was looking for something that smells realistic.

As candle alternatives -
Diffuser Reeds
Scent Ball Diffuser used with oils
Scented Ornaments

Here are a few suggestions and a couple of them (Thymes) are pricey but well worth it - they smell real.

Thymes Frasier Fir - great diffuser reeds and fragrance oil

Balsam Fir Oil

Balsam Oil Scented Ornament

Chickadee Terra Cotta Diffuser with Balsam Oil

Bisque Scent Ornaments - you add the oil

Scent Ball

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Claire Burke makes a christmas tree smell, most dept stores carry the line.
There's potpourri, spray can, oil, etc...
Aromatique also makes a "smell of the tree" spray, linked below; it's not a pressurized can spray though, I've used it before and it sprays pretty wet, so don't use it above a coffee table.

Here is a link that might be useful: Smell of the Tree

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I use real pinecones on our trees, and put a drop of evergreen scented oil on each of them. I've tried the hanging air fresheners, but don't care for their artificial (to me) scent. I'm allergic to evergreens; I can smell them, but break out in a rash if I touch them. I have DH hang a big mixed greens wreath, that he mists daily to keep it fresh and smelling nicely. I use a nice potpourri that also smells of evergreen. I have DH cut fresh pine greens (we live on three acres of pine and cedar trees amid miles of it) to lay in our fireplaces. Not too many, but a few in each that we burn when we have fires.

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I was just coming back to post about The Smell of the Tree - it's wonderful.
It's manufactured by Aromatique and it's also available in a pressured can room mist.
They also have diffuser reeds, refresher oil, and other items in that fragrance.

Thymes' Frasier Fir home fragrance mist is fabulous too.

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Pier One's reed diffusers smell wonderful. I've tried many different brands but have found theirs to be the best smelling.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pier One Reed Diffusers

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How about just getting a real wreath? They usually have a lot of fragrance.

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They make a tree spray for the tree pine scented, as the bulbs warm the tree, it comes out even more...

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I've been using Yankee Candle's "Christmas Wreath" candle. One large jar candle lasts me the entire month of December and smells divine. I highly recommend it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Yankee Candle Christmas Wreath

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I am not familiar with any of the scents mentioned, but I do love "Tree" from Bath and Body Works.

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I'm with bumblebeez!! Just get the 'tree' scent at Bath & is awesome! They burn long & the scent isn't overpowering. Being from PA most of my life- the one thing I hate about FL at Xmas, is settling for a fake tree! I always had a fresh Blue Spruce when I say this candle from Bath & Body is the real me. better hurry-they run out of them every year by the end of November!

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I've had wonderful Xmas aromas with Yankee candles. My favorite is balsam.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I've been stocking up since early October, Sharon!

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Place a real wreath somewhere in your home and you will have the perfect fragrance without the mess.

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Thymes' Frazier fir is an amazingly clean, pure smell. I have candles in most of the public rooms, and a spritzer of the frazier fir fragrance that I spray on decorations as they get put out. Sometimes I just spray it in the air just for fun, lol.

It is really, truly, a wonderful Christmas-y smell.

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kswl, I just lit my 2 Frazier Fir candles , they smell so good; I can't find the spray in my area, I might order it online from thymes... here's the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Frazier Fir

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I agree with others who say to hang a real wreath and get the "smell" that way. I can't rely on candles... I love them but I never burn them because I'm so absentminded, I'm afraid I'll leave them burning. We had to get a fake tree years ago when we realized that our asthmatic (at the time) young son was getting really sick every Christmas -- turned out he was reacting to the real Christmas tree. I hate it in some ways, but it is very convenient to just take a tree out of a box every year! Anyway, my son no longer reacts to the evergreens but we still have the tree. What I do is buy several real wreaths and hang them around the house -- I have one on the inside of my front door, one on my kitchen window, and some greenery on my mantel. It does the trick!

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sueb20, the Frazier Fir spray is for you. I rarely light my candles either, but they give off that wonderful scent just by being in the room. I realize how non-ecological this sounds... but I like the Thyme's fir fragrance more than the real fir :) Better living through chemistry?

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I like real greenery too but the smell doesn't last long. I usually cut fir and spruce branches from the yard and fill buckets with them.

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The smell of real greenery is weak and does not last, unfortunately.

The thymes spray needs only a few small pushes to give a lasting aroma, I used to buy their eucalyptus spray, it was potent, use sparingly.

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Thanks so much for all the great suggestions, I just ordered a Thymes Frasier Fir Fragrance Mist on-line. Although a little expensive, am willing to buy it based on your recommendations, but would not have paid it without your help. This site is such a great resource! I bought a kitchen sink based on this siteÂs forum comments as well!

Thanks so much!

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I just wanted to thank all the persons that recommended the Thyme's fir fragrance.
I could not help it. Went online and found out the dealers in my area and one of them is an upscale interior decoration place and the other one is an upscale women apparel store. I paid about 19 including taxes for the spray bottle. I tried it as soon as I got home and...
I just love it!!!
it smells so natural, or as someone said, better than natural. It is light, fresh, clean and it has a very soft sweet note in it (or at least I think so)

Can someone tell me if it is better to have the diffusser than the spray? How long does the spray smelling last? The diffuser is about $60 but it last longer.

Thanks a lot!

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If you put a drop or two of the fir scent essential oil on a few pinecones, you can then hang them in your artificial tree and the tree will smell fresh!

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Go to You'll find their great Christmas tree smells.

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I'm enjoying Yankee Candles Housewarmer Fragrance oil here in my office/sewing room, in their 'Mistletoe' scent. I am sewing Christmas craft orders and it helps get in the mood!

But being the eBay fanatic that I am, I looked there and all of the scents mentioned above are available there, if you can't find them locally. I just got the Bath and Body Works 2008 Tree scent in the spray - 3 for $12.99!

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I'm late to the party, but strongly agree about getting a real wreath (or other real greenery somewhere). Some people are sensitive to manufacturered scents (even if natural based and even if in candles) and find them cloying and annoying after awhile, or even sickening. They also stick to your clothing and hair.

There's nothing like the real thing, and if I can't have that, I don't want an imitation of it.

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Posted by MFJfm( on Sun, Nov 30, 08 at 9:03

Go to You'll find their great Christmas tree smells.

What a coincidence!!!! That website is owned by JFM Distribution LLC
Sheeze, the spammmers are everywhere!!!!

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I take the fragrance I like the best (and get it on sale after christmas) Soak some cotton balls with it and store it in the box with the tree.

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Wow -- I want to thank everyone who recommended Thymes' Frazier Fir diffuser. This is our first year with an artificial tree and I really missed the smell. Knowing GW, I did a search and found this perfect thread (!); going to the Thymes' website I found a local (I mean a seven minute drive, door to door) charming shop I'd never seen before. It was incredible! And for whatever reason, they sold it to me for $30 (it should've been $60); I protested but they said "no, that's the price." So I bought a few other bibelots to ease my conscience (and it wasn't hard because it was one of those incredible shops where you want to just move in!).

Right down the street from this shop a man was offering hay wagon rides, so my four and two year-olds, husband and I all hopped on and had an incredible ride around this sweet and historic downtown. Then we found an outdoor skating rink, so we rented some skates and pulled each other around.

On the walk back to our car a man was handing out homemade candy canes from his candy shop. My four year-old loves candy canes!

And all of these wonderful things happened to us today because the generous people here on GW shared Thymes Frazier Fir diffuser. So now I have this gorgeous smell, know about this wonderful local shop, and had a wonderful, serendipitous Saturday. Thank you!

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