hanging curtains from knobs, not rods?

dyhgardenNovember 8, 2007

Does anyone have photos of how you hung curtains on hooks, knobs or rosettes instead of rods? I want to do a fixed curtain that will be pulled to the side with a holdback. I won't need to open and close it.



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I have valances hung from knobs. I fashioned the "hangers" out of old glass doorknobs from my childhood home, dowels and small bullseye corner blocks from home depot. Here is a picture of the valance:

and here is a closeup of the knob hanger:

If you don't come up with something you like better and want to make something that looks like these I can post directions for you.

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That's the kind of thing that I'm thinking about. How far apart can you space the knobs? Your valance looks like it has interfacing and lining and I'll be using a very fluid fabric. I see you mounted the knobs on wooden rosettes. I will need to do something like that to clear my window header which projects out 3" from the wall. Please email your info. I hope my email link is working from My Page. I've been told some folks have sent me emails that didn't get through.


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THANK YOU! I also was looking for something creative like that to use for my windows in breakfast area! I like that a lot, and love the material too. That would be perfect for mine as well!

Anyone else got any? Keep em' coming!

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Would love those directions as well. Are the WT made from a pattern?

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This linked site has many styles on posts so you can see examples. Also, under 'Tips & Techniques' is a section on knobs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pate Meadows

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Sorry, no pictures since we are no longer in that house, but I hung long drapery panels pulled to one side with 4 glass knobs, attached directly to the wall. The fabric I used was linen-the look was really beautiful and I will probably do that again in her new room. Good luck!

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So glad I saw this post as I have decided to skip the rods on my bay window since the finials posed a problem of extending past the wall. Small clearance between window and end of bay. Knobs seem to be a great option since I plan for the wt's to be stationary panels! Looking at the PM site, it looks like you could make your own if you have the time and creativity! Great thread!

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Those are beautiful! I also have my curtains hung on knobs. I'll get a picture posted later tonight or tomorrow for you.

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Bump, so this doesn't get lost.....

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Here's one that came up when I googled curtains hung from knobs:

drapery on knobs

Here's a site with instructions and a creative knob idea:

curtains on knobs

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Here are the pictures I promised. The knobs are afixed to a short dowel that was spray painted.

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Karezz, Thanks for the beautiful pix,,I knew instantly this is one of the top choices of wallpaper for my bathroom, (just in another cover wave),,,it really helps to see it up around other things/windows etc. than just in a book.
Beautiful job on the curtain and the room! Love the fabric too.

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I hung my kitchen valance from doorknobs I found that matched my hardware on my cabinets.

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Such beautiful examples! I love that wallpaper, too.

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Just saw this on HGTV earlier this evening. (Don't know what show is was because I seldom watch that channel anymore and was surfing during a commercial so only caught this part.)Young couple was renovating an old farm house and trying to keep things true to nature of the structure. She had put up a stationery valance and wanted it to look like it was attached on projected knobs, but with buttons covered in the fabric. Easy and creative solution she came up with: the 'knobs' were white ceramic door stops with the rubber tips. She had a row of about 10 or so (it was a wide double window), and she secured the valance top to it by simply taking a rubber band and wrapping the fabric around the rubber tip of each door stop, with a slight drop/scallop in fabric between each door stop. It looked great and really did look like fabric covered buttons!

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Today on decorating cents on hgtv they showed a valance that they hung from those door stopper things.The lady had re-furbished an old farm house,and she wanted the look of the valance to look like it was buttoned on,and that's what she came upwith.Looked very nice,and i never would have thought to use those.Some people have all the talent!!! LOL

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eaglesgal~ do you mind sharing your countertop name? It's beautiful. I'm wanting a golden in my bathroom, and yours looks perfect. :o)

Beautiful photos everyone. I am amazed that each looks so different, yet they all work.

I was just looking at this idea yesterday in a fabric store. The owner and I were discussing a very large finial on display on a board. I asked if it could be used to hang fabric from above a window. She said that she just had another customer buy those to do the same thing. She had some made for that specific purpose, with long screws. But the finials have short screws in them.

She said that she and the customer got a pair of pliers and were turning the screw, and sure enough they could remove it. Then she just needed to go to the hardware store and buy a longer screw to put in and it could then be used in this very application.

I love the look. We intend to do it in my oldest daughter's bedroom, with some rich silk.

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totallyblessed- thank you...the granite is imperial gold.

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Sorry I took so long getting back to this thread.

Here is how I made mine.

I bought a bunch of the small square bullseyes for a backer plate (matches the window trim) and some wood dowel (I BELIEVE 5/16", it was the largest the doorknob would fit on).

I also used 3 drill bits, one that was a 1/2" "paddle" type, one that was a regular 5/16" bit and one that was matched to the shank size of a drywall screw.

I took my bullseye blocks and first took the large drill bit and used that to shave off the "bump" in the middle of the bullseye. If I didn't do that first, the drill bit would tend to slip off center.

Then I took my 5/16" bit (just match it to the dowel size if you use a different size dowel) and drilled about 3/4 of the way through the center of the bullseye. Once I did one carefully I used painters tape on the bit to mark how deep I needed to go for the rest.

Last I took my smallest bit and drilled the rest of the way through. Then I cut my dowels to size, painted the blocks and screwed them to the wall with drywall screws (went right into the window header so no anchors needed). Then I stuck the dowels into the holes (if you match drill bit size with dowel size they will fit tight, no glue required, and you can get them out later) and then slipped the knobs over the dowels and used the set screw to tighten them down.

That's it! It took me some trial and error to figure out the best way to drill the blocks but I like how it looks.

Yes, the valance was made from a pattern. McCalls M4407.

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Thank you for providing all this info!

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Thanks for sharing that. I love your paint color. What is it?


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I missed this post the first time around. I love the doorknob idea.

eaglesgal- How did you fasten yours to the wall? Do you have a close-up picture of the knobs?


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Eaglesgal and kareez - I'd like to know how you attached your knobs/dowels to the wall too. Something like this might work over my sliding glass door! Thanks

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