Rethinking Uba Tuba

clarkbar03July 26, 2011

I don't post here much, but I'm starting to rethink my granite color choice and I need a little advice or reassurance! It has not been put in yet. We chose Uba tuba. We have golden oak cabs, oil rubbed bronze hardware and stainless and black appliances. walls are a beigey/brown/green on top with cream under the chair rail. We have one big window in the breakfast area of the kitchen, but no windows in the main part of the kitchen. It is a larger galley style kitchen. I'm afraid it may end up being too dark. We do have under the cabinet lighting and eventually I think I will paint my cabs a cream/white, but until then, will it just be too dark? Thanks so much! I have no vision for this stuff. CB

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CB- I think the Uba Tuba granite is a very safe choice, but it's been done, a lot. That doesn't mean it wouldn't be beautiful, but if you're not sure it's for you, I would keep looking.

Have you seen Fivefootzero's kitchen? It's beautiful and I think it's one of the warmest, most inviting kitchens I've seen on the forum. I should say, I've always wanted a white kitchen, but I think the marble backsplash and soapstone countertops look beautiful with the wood cabinets.

Before you paint your cabinets, think about how warm and inviting the wood will be...and remember that good lighting can warm up any space. Your wall color and hardware choices sound very nice...but make sure the countertop and backsplash really 'speak to you' before you spend the money. You'll probably be living with them for a long time :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Fivefootzero's kitchen

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What you have chosen is a classic combination. I am assuming your golden oak is light wood. What about your backsplash? If your wood cabinetry is light wood it certainly will not look dark. Can you post pictures?

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I'll try to post pics. I know we will need to go with a lighter backsplash. I was thinking tavertine tile? Maybe with some uba tuba accents? Again, no vision. I know uba tuba has been extremely overdone, I just fell in love with the color and it was a reasonable price. I would have LOVED black pearl or emerald pearl but they were a bit over our budget. Thanks for the imput! CB

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'Extremely overdone' also means 'very popular' and often ends up being a 'classic choice'. Sorry, if I sounded like it wasn't a good choice. It is...that's why it's been used as a popular combination. And, you can change it up with your backsplash choice, too. I just meant, if you aren't sure about the granite, take the time to look around and find something you love. If you love the Uba Tuba...go for it! :)

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I have uba tuba (6 years old now), and I regret getting it. We have alot of minerals in our water and I have water spots around my sink that I can't get off. I have seen beautiful pictures of dark granite in this site, so I know it is popular (and pretty). For me, I found that the super dark glossy color really reflects any crumbs or anything on the counter including those pesky water spots.

best of luck

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Personally, I think Uba Tuba is really beautiful, especially with your color choices. Uba Tuba was actually on my short list but we ended up going another direction when we decided to do painted cabs instead.

If you like it -- who cares if it's really popular? It's a great choice, particularly if you're on a budget, and all the color variations will give you flexibility in the future if you decide to change paint colors or make other cosmetic tweaks.

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I'm not a designer = heck, I'm just a Fabricator....
IMHO - Uba Tuba IS one of those "classic" colors that NEVER goes out of style.
It has timeless quality and a rich look that always looks good/ I have had it in previous homes of my own - NOT because it's so affordable (as Granites go) - but because it looks SO GOOD with the surrounding materials and design....

Just my .02 cents worth


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And I think its a beautiful granite as well. I think you should pick out your slab. And there's some great sales on it. Just because alot of people have it means its a nice choice. Everyone seems to have subway tile too! But does that mean it shouldnt be chosen. Heck, I use to have a cheezie laminate counter. Now compare that with a lovely stone. No comparison! Also the gold flecks in the Uba Tuba look really nice with the gold in oak. We had that combination in our last house and I really liked it. Go with what YOU like!!!

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I LOVE my Uba Tuba! Got it last fall. I looked forever and kept coming back to it. I did select my slabs which made a big difference. One supplier told me that it was so uniform that it all looked alike and therefore he didn't allow slabs to be selected. Well, it does look subtly different slab to slab and that made all the difference, imo.

As to being too dark I do not think mine is. I have one large window above my sink and that's it in the kitchen. My cabinets are a medium oak color; walls are a light beige and I chose White Onyx for the backsplash. All of my trim is white. I love when the sunlight hits it and you can really see the depth of the stone. I had lighter countertops previously. I feel that the darker countertops ground the cabinets if that makes sense?

As to care it appears my experience has been quite the opposite from lexyeuxbleu. I think Uba Tuba is very forgiving. If anything it hides crumbs left behind by those who do not clean up after themselves! Just last weekend my son & his girlfriend cooked dinner for us. It appeared they had cleaned up well until I touched the countertops! Also, I am on well water. Yes it can show hard water spots by the sink but a little scrub with a brush and its all gone. I am not the immaculate housekeeper that some are. If I wipe it down and follow with a microfiber cloth it looks stunning. That's it. No trouble at all.

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Thank you all for your input! I really appreciate it.

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I think Uba Tuba is beautiful. Have you seen it in a honed finish? It's gorgeous and (apparently) very easy to keep clean/unsmudgy/etc.

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We have a galley kitchen with two northwest facing windows in the eat-in area. We do have white cabs but have uba tuba and a black silgranite sink. I love, love, love my uba tuba. I chose it because it is classic and will not be outdated in a few years.

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