Do you miss your fridge magnets?

pondlilyJuly 29, 2011

My new stainless fridge is pretty and uncluttered,(well, except for those frequent smudges) LOL! But I miss those pictures I always stuck up there of my family and vacations etc. I'm thinking of putting up a cork board somewhere for all those things. Anyone else feel the need for this? Any pictures?

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I'm doing a magnetic chalkboard. The ones I miss and photos will go on that!

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I personally don't like stuff on the fridge door, but a bulletin board is a good substitute.

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I will miss the magnets that have the phone numbers on them for the pizza place, the pediatrician, appliance repair,mobile lawnmower repair. Right now they aren't very unsightly because they are stuck down the thin edge of the side of the frig that sticks out from the cabinet. When the cabinet covers the whole edge, I'll need to keep the numbers handy somewhere else.

I use the inside of one cabinet door like a bulletin board, taping up letters from school, soccer game schedules,etc. I don't think I'll want to do that to the new cabs. I could, I suppose, put up a small cork board inside one door using those removable sticking hangers from 3M. Thanks for the idea!

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I love having a clean fridge front! The side holds primary stuff (I only have about 2sf exposed but it's enough.) Bulletin board for rest!

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I do like the clean fridge, and I don't really miss my magnets, but I think I need somewhere to put up pictures. My kids are all grownups, more or less ;) and I don't get to see them everyday, or in the case of one daughter, not even every month! My fridge is boxed in and I know my DH doesn't want to put nail holes the cherry covering the side. So I think a memo and/or chalkboard will be going up on a wall soon!

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Yes and No. The front our our stainless fridge isn't magnetic (obviously) and I do like how nice and clean that is. But the side is currently exposed and we put all kinds of stuff on that side. Looking at all the stuff on the side now, I am glad it isn't on the front of my fidge but when we remodel, the fridge will be boxed in and I think I will miss some aspects of it.

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Oh, I TOTALLY miss my photo collage I used to have on my fridge!! At my old house, my fridge was literally covered in cute pictures of my children and party invites and was so cheerful and I just really loved seeing them. We are renting a house with a ss fridge, and our new house/kitchen will also have ss, so I am grudgingly getting used to having a plain frige. But, in my little kitchen office, I plan to have an enormous corkboard that I can decorate with pics to my heart's content! :)

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We had magnetic metal panels installed on the inside of one set of pantry doors. I like having uncluttered fridge doors.

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NO!!! I put pics and things elsewhere, but I love my clean frig.

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I'm also a yes and no. I love the clean look of the S fridge. And we made a walled alcove for the fridge, so the side isn't exposed. But I have a bag of fun magnets in a drawer. Fridge magnets used to be my thing -- bought one on every trip I took, every show I saw, every house museum I visited, etc. Now they sit in a bag. Not sure at all what to do with them.

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I bought a memory board and hung it next to my fridge.

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I plan to put a bulletin board in my pantry/laundry room. I spend a lot of time in there, lol.

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Before I had kids, I couldn't wait to have a fridg full of precious pictures & drawings & homemade magnets & all that good stuff - it seemed so full of life and family like. Well, just like the mini van phase, I believe I'm ready to move on, and now I think the stuff on the fridg is more clutter-like - we'll see in about a month when I hope my new kitchen will finally be installed!

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No -- don't miss it at all. Like Elba1, I'm entering that new stage of life with older kids when it doesn't seem as important to post things on the fridge. Movin' in to the clutter-free 50s!

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The only magnets I used to have on my fridge was one of those "David Magnets" that you could dress like a paper doll and a red thing shaped like a measuring cup with a bunch of conversions on it (like, cups to pints, ect). Now I just keep the latter on the side facing the sink, not on the front. Have no idea where David is at the moment.

Since I remodeled my kitchen with beadboard I hesitate to hang anything on the walls because I love to look at them, but I really miss the calendar hung on a nail punched into the flimsy wall board. :( I like the idea of the memory board for families. If I had one, I'd do that.

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I don't miss the "decor" magnets as much as I miss having a handy way to tack up a coupon that I was planning to use the next day, a permission slip, etc. I also miss being able to hang pictures/birth announcements/invitations, etc. for a short time. Most of all, I miss being able to hang my family calendar on the fridge.

HOWEVER -- I love the cleaner look of the empty fridge door, and I have found ways to make up for the things I miss. First, we have a magnetic white board in the back hallway, which we had before the reno for messages, and now use for both messages and hanging the calendar. Second, I realized that my front loader washing maching is magnetic on the sides, so I can put a coupon or permission slip into a magnetic clip to keep it in view. With three teen boys, I'm seeing the washer as much as the fridge -- and I can close the laundry room door on any clutter!!

BTw -- hate to go OT, but @katsmah -- what did you use to hang your message board without harming the fridge box?


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I hate clutter, so no, I won't miss magnets whatsoever. I will still need a solution to display my daughters' artwork, so I'll buy a blue memory board and probably spraypaint two cookie sheets blue and stick them to the mudroom wall - one for each girl - and they can use magnets there for more artwork and A+ spelling tests.

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I used the command picture hanging strips, one in each corner holds it well.

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Well, the front of my 'stainless' steel fridge is actually magnetic, so I don't miss my magnets - I'm still cursed by them.

KitchenAid Proline. The fridge and dishwasher are both magnetic. My Bluestar range and Ventahood are not.

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Not even one tiny little bit...maybe if we had done this when my kiddies were little and were producing little kid artwork. I have a very large bulletin board in my mudroom, and I've actually got 2 of my daughter's paintings up there as "decoration." I really do love having a grown-up refrigerator though!!!

I went from this:

To this:

See my daughter's artwork in the upper part of the bulletin board? I told her I think she's good enough to start providing me with some real stuff to decorate with!!

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You can always tape it on if you still want something on the frig.

In the last year, I taped 1 thing on the frig.

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I have a white refrigerator and I used to have a lot of stuff on it. Recently I removed everything from the from and almost everything from the side. I like it better, so much cleaner and neater looking. So even if you don't have a stainless refrigerator you can still have a clean look.

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I got a magnetic calendar. I don't really miss the clutter of magnets, but did miss my old perpetual calendar on which each week was a separate dry-erase magnet board, and a few magnets to put up a business card or whatever with. Most of my calendar is on my computer, but the new one is pretty and gives me a great place to tuck those things you want to stick up for reference. There are appointment and holiday magnets for reminders, too. You can't really see the detail, but there's a number magnet for each date, and one for each of the months (most in the drawer). The reminder magnets that aren't in use are along the bottom. I don't know why the post-it is stuck to the wall. It was under a magnet (post-it's don't stick to the board, more's the shame).

Anyway, it's a useful place to stick up those reminders and coupons and stuff.

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Yes and no. Yes, I like the "uncluttered" look, but I miss the pictures of my children...from pre-school through today. It was nice seeing the changes over the years and a reminder of what they looked like then. I also had their most recent masterpiece on display. My children also enjoyed playing with the pics as well as playing with the various magnetic activities we had on the refrigerator (puzzles, etc.)

I'm glad I had a place for all of that when they were young. They're both in high school now and there's not as much fun stuff, but they have lamented a few times that they miss those pictures! (I even had their birth announcements on the refrigerator!)

We've been using the garage door for some things, but it's just not the same! We have plans to add a couple of bulletin boards or maybe steel "white boards" or a combination of the two to the back wall in our FR...surrounded by family pictures...but we haven't done it yet.

Do you want to see a really, really cluttered refrigerator?!? Here's what we had in our old kitchen:

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I'm worried about this too!

I had the painters use a magnetic primer on the doors of my pantry, so that we'll have somewhere to put the kids photos/masterpieces. (Haven't gotten to test out how well this works yet, but I'm hopeful it's a good compromise.)

We're planning to put a dry erase board inside the pantry door for shopping lists, but most likely I'll still end up putting our calendar/schedule on the side of the fridge somehow...

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Wow Buehl that is one full fridge door! It does look organized though. Now that's no surprise!LOL!!
I guess I'm sentimental, but that's the ONLY thing I miss from my old kitchen and I wouldn't trade my new fridge for the old white one, even to have a place for those pictures Etc!
I need to make a new collage, and I do like the idea of the side of my dryer! Thanks jgs, I can even see my laundry room from my kitchen too!
Thanks for those pictures and ideas everyone!

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