Help 'Color In' My Kitchen- Yellow, Marble, Walnut, & White!!

2LittleFishiesJuly 22, 2012

Hi All!

Get out your crayons! : )

It's time to start coloring in my kitchen and dining room. I'm using yellow lowers with marble counters, white uppers, white island with walnut butcher block.

Here's my inspiration........again.........

Here's my colors:

in sun

in shade

Imperial Danby Marble

Walnut butcher block


lights (with my own bird fabric)

with this fabric and backsplash

Maybe a valance like this over window

With a bunch of accessories like these:

Overall layout

Window Wall

Dining Area (Desk/Organizational, Banquette, Bar (no sink) 12'x16'

*** I was thinking walnut lowers with white uppers but being there are doors on the desk area & it looks like one piece maybe just all white cabinetry with walnut countertops and make the banquette bench walnut (or white)? What are your thoughts???

***OK, here's my rendition. I thought yellow lowers in kitchen and anywhere that goes "up" carry the yellow up. What do you think? Where would YOU do the yellow/white? I will be putting yellow pieces on the open cabinetry and in the glass cabs to bring the yellow UP so I don't think I want to paint yellow being I'm putting yellow items on the shelves.

(Or I could just do yellow backs in the 2 glass cabs surrounding the hood.)

For the stacked cabs I'm wondering if I should put yellow in the backs of the glass cabs way at the top and put white accent pieces in there?

Oh I guess the yellow would also go on the area between baking and double ovens. Same for fridge side?



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All stainless appliances, right?

I think I'd go with white on the taller cabinets, after seeing the color you are in the dining area. I like the yellow on the lower cabinets and all the yellow accessories...but what about the light blue island? Are you still thinking about that?

If so, maybe have the light blue in the very upper cabinets?

And with all the symmetry in the's kind of bugging me, that the cabinets on each side of the banquette arean't more similar. Maybe yellow lowers/glass uppers on both sides...or solid white cabinets on each side?

Are there any small upper cabinets (like the kitchen) planned for the dining area? What about around the window seat?

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Yes, all stainless appliances. No, I don't want the blue island.

I'd prefer the cabs on each side of banquette be more similar too! I planned what works functionally but don't love it either. hmmm...
I really like that the organizational side can be closed off so I can hang up school calendars, other papers, etc.. However on the bar side I like having the countertop to even put food on during meals, etc.

No, no small uppers planned right now in the DR, but I'll think about it. There's not much space around the window seat so no built ins there.

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Keep in mind that yellow is a crayola crayon not my actual yellow : )

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Fish, can you post another picture with the yellow the same way you have it except put some yellow on the interior's of the open cabinet on the left. Once you get the window treatment up and the lighting it would look more balanced that way?

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I like the fridge and oven tall cabinetry in yellow. Putting the yellow on those pieces keeps the room from being split in half horizontally as it would be with all yellow on the bottom and white only at the top.
I think if you put yellow backs in the stacked cabinets or the back of the open shelving that it will look like too much yellow/white, white/yellow patterning going on.
Since you don't have symmetry going on in the banquette area ithink I would make that cabinetry all white. Don't know if you have decided on your table yet but perhaps you could have a wood top and the pedestal painted yellow. Window and cushion fabrics would bring a little more yellow to the area as well your blue accent.
I love your color choices and fabrics. It is going to be a beautiful space

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What color are the walls?

I really like the yellow you chose, very soft but rich (or whatever the word would be), avoiding the purer nursery/easter egg versions. Nice food color. :)

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If you do the oven cab in yellow, make sure the side panel is yellow as well!

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I love the color yellow you have chosen, and I also love the fabrics you have and the backsplash you have chosen! They are going to look really lovely together. Personally, though, I wouldn't bring the yellow up where there's a tall cabinet, it seems to make the space look a bit lopsided (although the previous poster who said that if it weren't brought up the room would look cut in half might also be correct.) Are you set on doing the perimeter cabs in yellow? Maybe doing those in white and saving the yellow for the island instead? The yellow would look fabulous with the butcher block if you did that. Anyway, just my two cents! Good luck, it is going to be beautiful no matter what!!

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Well, if I do yellow just on the lowers and keep the tall cabs white, I think the lights, valance, and yellow accessories on the top will keep the room from looking cut in half. However, I thought the stainless would like nice surrounded by yellow, like in the inspiration pic. I just think they look nice together. The dishwasher is paneled so that will be yellow.

yes, marcolo- I figured that : ) Thanks!

I'm kind of torn. I even considered doing the hood yellow but I don't want it to look too choppy and like a jigsaw puzzle.
I also considered what munchladyland brought up about doing the island yellow but I don't think it's enough. Also, I liked the marble on the yellow and the walnut on the white (even though walnut would look good on yellow too).
I do want the island walnut (not marble) as well.

In the dining room, maybe the bar area should also have doors like the desk area so they will both look the same. However, then when it's open all my glasses and any dishes will be out in the open which I don't love.

Keep any ideas coming, please!

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I like the yellow going up the tall cabinets on either end, gives the room balance.

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This is my new favorite kitchen. It looks balanced to me and I love the walnut on the white island. Your colors are yummy. For walls, I would consider a very, very, very pale blue. This is lovely

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Thank you! I haven't decided on walls yet but there will be very little wall so I haven't been too worried about coming up with something. I am so excited to see this all come to life. Framing began today- woo-hoo!
The steel comes in next...

**By the way, I am planning on Vermont Imperial Danby and hope the price won't be more than I can afford although all along I've told myself that that's what I'm getting and will go into my "special account" if I need to! lol
I was speaking to the stone yard today and she said they have Carrara that is whiter than what usually is seen and they call it "White Carrara Extra". Said it's more $ than regular Carrara but still a good amount less than Danby.... so I'm going to look late in the week with an open mind and see what comes up : ) I figure it's good to have a few options. I like the gold/beige that's in the Imperial Danby (shown above) and wonder if I get a marble thats more white with gray (no beige) if that will throw anything off? What do you think?

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The imperial Danby is so much warmer and looks wonderful with what you have chosen. I would stick with the Danby!

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Can you 'color' a new version, with white tall cabinets, yellow in the back of the glass uppers...and also in the very tall uppers, if that's what you plan to do?

As for the built-ins by the hutch...I'm still not sure about all the drawers, beverage fridge, desk, etc. They look great on the picture, but how easy will they be to reach, with the tables and chairs in place? Can you rework some of these things to go in the window, where you planned to have the window seat?

Again, just one perspective...and if you have your heart set on the window seat, the built-in layout, or it's already ordered...please disregard :)

Oh, and I think the light blue on the walls is an excellent idea! Maybe paler than the birds, but the same type of blue. That would really set off the yellow and white and blue is very easy to decorate around. For instance, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, St.Patrick's Day, etc. all work with pale blue!

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Well, I am no help at all with your question, as I was immediately and completely distracted by the sheer beauty of your selections! Seriously, this kitchen is going to end up in a magazine, so pretty and fresh!

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Here's another version:

I want the back of the open shelving to be white buy maybe the outer frame of it could be yellow? I don't think so. It's also different to color something this way than how it will look IRL... This is one of those times I wish I could see it all in real life a couple of ways and choose the one I like best!

lavender, I see what you mean about the dining area. I'm going to see what I can tweak. Never really thought much about the 2 chairs at the heads of the table. Maybe I can not use those except for when extra seating is needed. lol
Framing began today and windows are ordered so I am not going to change that part of it, but we'll see : )

nini- Thanks so much- lavender and marcolo (& many others) have been a big help during this process! I am so excited (and nervous) to get this right!

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Definitely like the first 'color in' version better than the second one

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In looking at the banquette wall again, I really wanted that organizational (desk) spot b/c if it were not there it would have ended up being where my baking station is and I wanted to define a spot for that so my kitchen doesn't become an "office" at it has in the past.

That being said that spot is for laptop/phone charging, desk items: tape, scissors, stapler, bills, small printer, file drawer, electronic storage- camera, video camera, etc. I wonder if I can work all of that into the BOTTOM half of that area so that the top could mirror the Bar Area on the right side. Or, even if there were some of those items in the top 1/2 if we kept solid doors stuff would still be hidden. (but still have a counter/backsplash like the bar area)

I guess that still doesn't help that piles of papers, laptop, etc. wouldn't be "out of sight" when there is company.

I don't know. Is it that bad if they aren't symmetrical? I'll keep thinking about it and see if the cab guy can come up with something too. Our house is small so I have no other extra room to work this into.

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I think the most successful "desk area" I've ever seen here was a sort of cupboard, with lowers, a counter top and uppers above, yet it all could all be completely closed off with doors quickly--the kind of doors people used to put in entertainment centers that disappeared into the unit.

Fishies, if you want to bring any yellow upward, do it with wallpaper, not paint, just like your pic.

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Oh, I like Marcolo's idea about using the wallpaper!

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marcolo- The doors covered the lowers as well? Or just the top half?

I have considered the wallpaper on and off. In my inspiration pic, though, the objects on the shelf are clear and amber glass. I don't think for the items I will put on the open shelving, I would like a printed wallpaper in the background. I can see what I come across.

In the last pic I "colored" I definitely don't like the highest uppers in yellow (which I didn't think I would). Maybe just the glass cabs surrounding the hood.

The yellow I'm choosing is not overly bright and I think would be a yellow that (if I wanted to) could be used everywhere without being too over the top. When choosing a color, the possibility of taking it up on the tall cabs played into my decision.

idk- I think those ends may seem a bit naked without yellow? The fridge is stainless so it's really only the cabinet ends on it and the small cabs above. But, the other side would be about 5 feet of only white cabinets for the ovens and pantry.

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Over by the ovens and pantry, would it look totally ridiculous to do the drawer below ovens and the 2 pantry doors in yellow as a type of base cab and do the cabs above ovens and above pantry white?? Probably.

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I've been studying two-toned kitchen cabinetry and I am drawn to the ones that use the color from the uppers for the tall pieces. It just looks more unified and seems to make more visual sense.

You might want to check out pics of finished kitchens and see what appeals to you.

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Can you color a version like the last one with the tall cabs as white, but leave out the yellow-backed uppers?

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Steph- good idea. Here's some from Houzz. Some are different than my situation but thought might be some ideas.... like bringing the color up for the hood, painting the window trim in a color, etc...

Contemporary Kitchen design by Minneapolis Kitchen And Bath CliqStudios

Traditional Kitchen design by San Francisco Architect Lorin Hill, Architect

This one brings the base color up:

Mediterranean Kitchen design by Little Rock Interior Designer Tobi Fairley

Bottom color up but it happens to be the lighter color on the bottom:

Contemporary Dining Room design by San Francisco Interior Designer Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

This is possible if we do the glass uppers on either side of the hood in yellow (**the exterior OR interior) These are the only 2 glass uppers I have so that may work.. (although looking again maybe not on the exterior being I have the small glass cabs above?)

Traditional Kitchen design by Other Metros Kitchen And Bath Cherry Creek Cabinetworks

Uses the upper cab color for the tall pieces:

Contemporary Kitchen design by Boston Kitchen And Bath Venegas and Company

Traditional Kitchen design by Toronto Photographer Peter A. Sellar - Architectural Photographer

Traditional Kitchen design by New York Architect Crisp Architects

The next 3 show the hood and base as same color:

Traditional Kitchen design by Chicago Design-build Benvenuti and Stein

Traditional Kitchen design by Chicago General Contractor Oakley Home Builders

Maybe like this being the small cabs on top of hood don't have glass and therefore are different than all the other small glass uppers.

Contemporary Kitchen design by Chicago Interior Designer Kristin Petro Interiors, Inc.

Window over sink is colored in. However our window is bigger.

Traditional Kitchen design by Huntington Kitchen And Bath Merri Interiors, Inc.

Here's just my yellow lowers and we can then add any other yellow in ...
or not... You can print your own if you want : )

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I like this... Do you prefer white shelves against the colored backing?...

Traditional Kitchen design by Atlanta General Contractor Renewal Design-Build

...or shelves the same color as the background... although these cabs are painted too.

The open cabinetry will be like this (kind of) which is why I don't want a yellow background there...

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Wow! You've been busy! I like the pictures, but it seems many that look like your style have the white taller cabinets, colored lowers...and the same or a different color, on the island. I know you said you want a white island, but have you tried it, in yellow?

And, what happened to the light blue island? That was a neat idea, but you don't seem to be trying that anymore. A light blue island (and maybe light blue on the very tall uppers) would be another possibility.

As for shelves/wall same looks great in the white, but not with the yellow, IMHO. At least, in these pictures. I like the green wall with the white cabinets, but that seems more like a hutch...maybe by the banquette? Are you planning to use green or blue as an accent paint color...or just in the fabric and accessories?

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Oops! Hit that submit button, too soon.

I meant to add that if it were MY kitchen, I'd have the white tall cabinets, yellow lowers, white uppers and yellow island. You need enough yellow to balance all the white, but I like it lower to the ground.

The glass uppers I would leave white (maybe beadboard) or the wallpaper, as Marcolo suggested. It really depends on your dishes. All white dishes would look good with the wallpaper, but my dishes would look better with the white.

The very tall uppers, I wouldn't have...I like to have an open area at the top of my cabinets. Yes, they're dust catchers, but if you have that area reinforced, you can put plants, vases, and other display pieces up there...and it looks more cottage like, to me.

For the dining room, I'd put the desk in the window, rather than the window seat (you have the banquette) and have storage built in on either side (if there's room) and have dishes/wine glasses, etc. on either side of the banquette, in those upper cabinets. Either keep the white background (all white cabinets, right?) or use a green or blue for accent. Or, if you didn't use the wallpaper in the might work well, here. I think the solid yellow will feel more like the kitchen...and I'd want the dining area to seem a little different.

As I said, this is what I would do...not necessarily what YOU would do. Just my two cents :)

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I'm going to consider a yellow island. I think the white breaks up the room nicely though. Looking at the below and then adding a yellow island seems like a lot of yellow and then just those 2 white tall pieces. I like to consider the options though : ) AND, I appreciate your thoughts even if I pick and choose from the advice given!

I never really wanted a blue island. I was thinking about doing the base of the baking station in blue. However I think it's just too easter egg looking and the turquoise/blue and yellow has a 50s retro feel (IMO) that I chose not to get into.
If it were a small area maybe but not for a 9' island. (maybe I'll paint the back door that color or the walls somewhere)

My dishes will be in a drawer, but I am thinking white the for glass uppers. Maybe white beadboard just in those 2 and behind the open cabinetry. (OR just in the open cabinetry). I do like wallpaper idea but may be a pain to change etc. I guess that is something I can always add later. Definitely a good option though or in the DR.

The dining room-- There is no window seat being built. Unless I don't know what I bought (lol) the bay window has a "seat" IN it. You sit "IN" the window. So, a piece of furniture can't be put into it. (I THINK! I have to ask my GC!)
There isn't any space to put anything on the sides of that bay window. I don't want every inch of wall to be taken, but either way there's only 2/2.5 feet on either side.

I do agree with keeping either side of the banquette for dishes, wine, bar, etc... However, I do need a desk spot too. I do have 3' of empty space on the other side of the french doors in the LR, but I want a chair on either side of fireplace and don't want to cram something in there either. I am still thinking on all this and appreciate the time everyone is taking to help me out : ) THANKS!

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I have looked at all your 'color in' versions and I still think the first one with the fridge and oven cabinets yellow looks the best. Your eye is drawn up with the yellow color on the tall cabinets. Having the color up on the opposite sides and ends of the kitchen makes it more interesting. It's just too horizontally divided with only the yellow on the bottom IMHO.

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badgergal- I know what you're saying. If I were to go with that I think we'd have to remember that having the 2 drum pendants with the yellow/blue bird fabric over the island and having all the yellow bowls, colanders, etc... in the open shelving and glass cabs would bring the yellow "up". For example when you look at my examples of open cabinetry above with all the yellow pieces, it definitely would bring it up that way.. Also if I were to paint the wall by the side door with yellow (though I'm not sure) that would bring the yellow up as well.

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Here's examples of what our window is like. The wall doesn't bump out just the window.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread, and loved all the inspiration pictures. I did the same thing in my quirky kitchen, with two colors on cabinets (and a third for the island), but on a smaller scale. Here's a pic of mine, which shows lower color moving up. Most of the stack was re-used material, DIY built, with a couple of new, inexpensive cabinet boxes:

A wider shot, early in the evolution of that corner and before ceiling trim. I later enclosed the open shelf and painted it to match the lower cabinets. I like the current look better (first pic), but from this angle the white kinda looks better. All the lower cabs on that side of the room are now green:

Showing the relationship to the whole kitchen (and not yet replaced flooring):

And, an inspiration picture showing color on uppers, moving down:

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Thanks mama goose! So, what is your recommendation for me? lol : )

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MamaGoose- I always love seeing your kitchen! The white appliances look so good with the white and green cabinets...and all the open shelves provide so much display. Every time I see your kitchen, I think I need more display space in mine...and that hood is so wonderful! :)

Fishies- Can you color in your fridge and any other appliances (besides the ovens) in the stainless steel, so we can see how that will look with the yellow or the white. Maybe color in the countertops, too.

I forgot about the window seat being more of a bay shape. It looks very nice in your inspiration picture, but if you haven't actually framed it in yet(?) have you considered putting a built in desk/buffet there, instead? While I like the window seat, the desk would give you room for a file cabinet (for kids' papers, bills, etc.) and a lovely view, if the desk was actually in front of, or even in, the window. You could use one of the dining table chairs, when needed and maybe make your built-ins more similar? Just an idea...

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I think you should use the yellow on the tall stacks,
LL's recommendation of a blue island,
and tie it all together with this:
- -

:) Just kidding. I like the version with the tall yellow cabinets, and
yellow on the back of the open shelf. (But that would depend on
the color of the items that you plan to display there.)

Speaking of color, here is one of my favorite color inspiration pics--
I'm posting it just because it reminds me of your colors:

LL, thank you! :)

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MamaGoose- Now that is a pretty blue tile! And that fridge is perfect, with the floors and that table! Thanks for posting :)

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LOVE it!!! The fridge is my favorite!!!

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I have no advise to offer but I thought of you today when I saw this pillow in the Grandin Road catalog. It comes in a blue colorway, too. It would look good on your window seat!

Here is a link that might be useful: Fish in Buttercup Pillow

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Thanks corgimum! And I love fishies : )

Here are some of the yellow kitchens with stainless I have saved. I love the yellow and the stainless myself.

I'm trying to color mine in but the crayons just don't look as good. lol

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I like the very first one (with tall cabs yellow) but with the range hood painted yellow, too.

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