Cabinets are here!

brightmJuly 9, 2014

I'm short one base cabinet, so I'm not sure how long these will live in my living room, but the troops seem to approve.

I'm extremely happy with what I see so far.

We're supposed to start the 18th or 21st. I guess it's good it's not supposed to be tomorrow or so. Have to wait until tomorrow to find out the deal on the missing items (some fillers too).

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Are those cherry cabinets? They look beautiful!

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It's a shelf. I read wrong.

I am missing the custom cabinet for over the fridge, but I didn't figure that's as big of a deal. I hope they can install without that if it doesn't come along immediately.

Thanks! They're Natural Cherry, Innermost (Kendall door style).

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They look gorgeous, cal_quail.
We chose a similar door style in medium tone Cherry from UltraCraft. Cherry is just so beautiful, right! Looks like we will be remodeling around the same time frame. We can be remodel brethren from across the coasts. Good Luck on your project!

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Really pretty!
How exciting.
And your dogs are purty, too! :)

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vinudev_liny - Right about the cherry. DH and I looked at cabinets about a decade ago and (I) fell in love with cherry. I thought he did too, but he doesn't even remember seeing the cabinets at the home show, going to the guys shopâ¦nothin'. When we started looking now, I was assuming cherry (slab). He wanted shaker and kept leaning towards maple. This is our compromise. :) Thanks for the good wishes.

CEFreeman - We can play 'Where's Pearl?' There's a cat in there too. :)

I played with the Super Susan a bit. i put my lunch bags and the blender in to see how it felt. It still looked like the door would be tight and I was second guessing going asymmetrical. But easy peasy.

I can't wait to go back to work/school to make lunch in a lunch bag! Waitâ¦yes, I can wait. Fingers crossed that I will have had an ABB kitchen for at least a week when I go back to work/school 8/11.

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Gorgeous! Can't wait to see the work in progress...

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Are you in the LA suburbs ... your dogs look just like a pair that get walked on my street!!

The cabinets look nice and I hope the install is quick, easy and problem free.

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Depends how large of a radius you consider to be LA suburbs. ;)

I'm in Riverside. (Originally from West Hills. Didn't have the dogs there though.)

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Oooh...we've been talking Cherry but with a darker stain...

Those look like the Maple Shakers with Honey Stain I put in my mom's kitchen we just moved out of.

I might want to think on Cherry with a lighter stain...

They look uber lovely!

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No, we aren't neighbors! But the dogs look just like the ones I see out walking!

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Thanks terri!

I posted a link to the thread that has a pic of the kitchen that made DH decide we should do this THIS summer, rather than next. (It's about half way down the thread). Maple Kraftmaid in Praline finish.

It seems that our Natural Cherry is starting out darker than dcward89's and badgergal's. But natural will darken (I guess maybe all cherry will darken.) Our kitchen has been so dark (lighting wise) for so many years this was on the dark end of my considerations.

The rep kept telling the designer to make sure I knew that with natural the variation would show more. If I didn't want to see that really pronounced, I should go with a light stain. But I wanted that.

(I think both of the above Natural Cherry kitchens had better quality Cherry wood than mine, but I like mine just fine, so far...from what I can see of it.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Cabinet pull thread

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Beautiful and so exciting! Looking forward to seeing your finished kitchen!

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Those are amazing cal! It sounds like you might be a school teacher. I am too, but we don't go back as early as you (maybe we start our break later).


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Okay..I'm gonna go look at that thread..I'm sure I looked at it already..but wasn't following that

I go back to work on the 4th of Aug..Office staff at 1 of 5 Elementaries in our School District. Teachers don't have to report until Sept 2, we start the 4th for the year.

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Your cabinets are really pretty. Your "helpers" look like they are excited to start working. Good luck!

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Okay I do remember that inspiration pic/story.

I like the Kraftmaid Praline catches my eye in HD too.

I keep saying I want something different than the last kitchen..but I find myself drawn back to the Shakers and the maple again and again.

But I would also be quite happy in a minimalist, industrial look too...

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I loved this thread with all the pretty Shaker cabinets! I also loved the threads within about where the door hardware can go since I am seeing that there is no right or wrong way. I can't to see a finished kitchen! Thank you for sharing.

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I would love to see more pictures of the doggies as well as the kitchen when you have the cabinets installed!

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Thanks Lynn. Anxiously awaiting the cabinet inspection later this morning. I have been very good and haven't opened any more boxes since Thursday.

Ontario Mom - Yes, HS Math. Our school year (for the past 5 or so years) has been running mid-August to early-June. We get more breaks throughout the year. They did that when we went off year-round schools for our elementary schools. We gained a week at Thanksgiving, same 2 at Christmas/New Years, 1 mid February, same 1 in April. It makes it much easier to push through. The only tough months are October and March.

Talked to the KD yesterday and the one semi-major missing cabinet (for above the fridge) was shipped 7/10 via DHL and is due at our house early this next week. :) There's also some confusion as to what else is and is not missing. I don't know if I mentioned that the guys bringing in the boxes, which were numbered X of 57, called out numbers SEVERAL times that were transpositions that we caught ("Hey, we already had a 31...oh, that's 13!") Also, some packages, especially those with trim and other small things, had two stickers and two 'package numbers' on them. And the two tall cabinets have two 'package numbers'. One thing that they said we were missing, that I thought was a drawer base, is part of one of those tall cabinets. It's a 96" tall cabinet. It looks like the drawer base of it is separate. But looking at the package, I can tell it's not. I can tell the box contains a 96-ish inch cabinet. The KD reminded me yesterday that on those, the toe kick is separate, so maybe that's what's missing. But she also said sometimes they ship together in the same box, just packed together (cabinet and toe kick). I'm betting that's what happened here. I'm betting that that giant box that was the first in, before we 'got' the intricacies of checking in the boxes, probably has two stickers.

KD/cabinet co. seems to think we're missing our floating shelves. We're not. I'm 99.9% sure. BUT, I'd waffled on getting more than I did. If they made more, maybe I can get a deal on them. :) We have two planned for between our front windows, I was thinking maybe I should have done 3. We also have one specifically for a bird cage. Gilligan has to sit high to keep the cat away. But the guy is a 24 year old cockatiel, he won't be around forever. And I might like another shelf or so there at that time. So, we'll see what happens there.

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Wow, 24 years old?! I thought they were normally good for about 15.

It must be driving you nuts waiting on someone to come by to open all the boxes. 57 is a ton of boxes though - is this a really big kitchen?

I'm also playing the waiting game today... 1.5 more hours until time to go home from work and install some appliances.

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I think we have something like 24 22 'cabinets' the rest are end panels, shelves, molding, etc. (okay, i had to count 14 bases, 2 talls and 6 wall cabinets...will have to make sure they didn't count more)

Hope you have help today schicksal! Can't wait to see those puppies in!

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I'm really TRYING not to get in their way as they unpack the cabinets, but they're SO PRETTY!

Sink base!

And it'll be the most visible cabinet from the living room. :D

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Ooh.. That's so lovely! I can't imagine the torture of having the cabinets sitting in the house and not opening them :-). Hope you get the missing parts soon.

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Ooh.. That's so lovely! I can't imagine the torture of having the cabinets sitting in the house and not opening them :-). Hope you get the missing parts soon.

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Congrats! Cabinet arrival day is such a thrill. It makes the whole reno seem so real. Keep posting pics!

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Looking awesome! I really like the depth of the grain. When people say cherry I have no idea what color to expect. Are they supposed to change shade or stay the same?

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They'll darken. On the one hand, it's a shame because I love them as they are. On the other hand, I'll like them darker too I bet, given our kitchen will have so much light compared to the dungeon it's been.

There are some pieces that are SO pretty, it's going to be a shame to cover them up. Like on my blind corner upper cabinet. There are the two doors and then the flat part where the other cabinet will cover it. It's SUCH a pretty piece of wood. Shame.

-No visible damage to boxes anywhere except something on the top of an 84" utility cabinet that I can't see and a bit.
-Top, back right corner of the Super Susan cabinet has it's corner crunched.
-3 or so bits of damage on the back/bottom of wall cabinets, the worst of which is a big chunk broken off the vertical piece that goes across the bottom/back below the cabinet floor. GC said in a perfect world, this one, he'd have replaced. I'll inquire, but I'm willing to bet the lead time is longer than I'm willing to wait, so I'll live with it. (I will check with HD/KD but I'm betting since it's an odd-duck of a cabinet, it'll be some number of weeks, which I won't wait.)

-toe kick for a 96" tall pantry (don't know if that's already on it's way or not
-over the fridge cabinet

The other issue is the island. :?
I was sure there'd be some issue with it. I made last minute changes and I was very indecisive on the base...toe kick or not. I really wanted a toe kick, thinking prep would happen at the island. We worked it out both ways but realized we couldn't have toe kicks cut into the 6" deep cabinets, so I was fine with no toe kick. of the 6" cabinets came with a toe kick and one came flush. The bookcase for the end came with a toe kick. The cabinet for the speed oven came flush. And I'm not sure about the last drawer base. GC said it's no problem to put the molding and not have a toe kick, even if they're not built flush. So then my question becomes, why did I have to pay to flush out toe kicks? So we'll see how that all plays out.

The word had been that they couldn't start anything until at least Friday. But now, they say they'll start demo Wednesday! I already made a bunch of plans Thursday, so we'll see...if electrical or plumbing can start...I may have figured out a way to work it out.

I'm exhausted and it really hasn't even started yet. Actually, I think I'm just finally relaxed a bit, somehow.

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Moving forward is good. I don't think I did toe kicks on my last kitchen remodel, we just put down wide trim.

Hmmm... Well sounds like your GC is on the ball.

It's so cool to walk in the house and see new cabinet boxes up!

Getting closer!

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Looking good! Can't wait to see it installed!

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