3 rooms in progress...DR first...

trailrunnerbikerNovember 19, 2012

I had DH help me change up some things in 3 downstairs rooms. I had posted that I wanted to do some editing/simplifying and possibly paint . DH and I talked it over and decided the easiest thing to do first was change the furnishings we already have .

In our home with the color schemes I have used I can put furniture and art and Oriental rugs in to any room I want since all of them co-ordinate. We swapped the DR and the Sitting Room rugs. We also took the chairs from the Music Room and moved them to the Sitting Room. We sold the 2 chairs and ottomans that were in the sitting room and moved the poang chair in to the music room. We took the rug from the foyer and placed it in the music room. Rugs from the Music Room are now upstairs where I have a bunch of them displayed in a layered look , for now. The arm chair that has more pink in it will be moving to another location..forgot to remove it before I took pics :) Will post other rooms later. We are really enjoying the new look and have decided we love our paint colors too much to change...has been 6 years now . They fit the house too well to alter them.

This is the DR now...you can click on pics and get to the album to see it before. This rug has more terra cotta . I love the new look. I turned it so the "light side" is toward the kitchen entrance. It is handmade so has a "dark " side and a "light" side.

view through kitchen door in to DR :

vignette on bench :

bench with more of rug...can see the true colors here :

view from foyer:

another view from kitchen ..shows the "light" side of rug

closeup of previous rug...you can see the predominate rose color :

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DR looks gorgeous! :)

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thank you cat_ check your email . ...

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I love it! The new rug has beautiful colors, and looks great with your furniture and the wall color.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

My favorite game: musical rugs! Well, love to play musical furniture too!

It looks terrific!

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I love the look and the rug under the table. How nice that you can easily swap things from room to room! I couldn't plan it that way if I tried! ;)

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sonicmom: thank you ! The chairs were made at E.A Clore sons in Madison VA over 30 yrs ago. We bought the table at that time at a Scanda furniture store. It is all maple with no stain. The side board and bench are heart pine flooring that was left from the salvage I bought to repair our floors 6 yrs ago. I had a good friend make the 2 pieces for me. I have another table he made too..so I got my money's worth :) The rug has been with the sitting room furniture since we bought it 7 yrs ago although this room was the sitting room for a while too LOL...I love to change things up ! We painted this room 6 yrs ago and I never get tired of it.

cyn: isn't it fun ! Thank you for looking .

kimberly: I have a theme as it were , throughout the whole house in that the Oriental rugs and the Native American art work dictate all colors. After that there is nothing I can't move to any room in the house. All rooms are very different but due to the underlying theme they are interchangeable. Thank you for looking ..and you could do it....:) c

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Wonderful!!! I just LOVE your home! :)

Yes - I do love the fact that I can "bait and switch" around MY house too! LOL! My DH laughs when he sees me carrying lamps and artworks around the house ....

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tea.,..I am so glad there is a club of us :) It is fun..reuse...move...repurpose...it is all good I love the surprise to my eyes when I walk in and see something in a new way. It is amazing how the brain can get so used to one look and when you make a change it is as if you bought something totally different. Fun !! I wish those who do this would post before and after too ....you want to start ??? cyn ???

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Oh Trail your home is not only lovely but also a place where one can sit there (I mean lovely and comfortable). At first when I saw the "three rooms in progress" I thought it was a suggestion thread. I'm thinking oh no is this going to be another post where after making one of my "out of the box" suggestions and after twenty posts down the op will say "hey I forgot to mention I want a southwestern theme in Hawaii with an Indian slant"...hehe, can you tell I'm in a mood? I think I need to come over for some of your famous bread! Long ago you posted a bread recipe and it's the only bread I ever made that came out like bread and was tasty.

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Oh trail I love seeing glimpses of your home. The DR looks fantastic. The colours are lovely and I think the bench vignette is just perfect. You've inspired me, thanks for sharing.

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jt...thank you ..what a kind response and I sure wish you were close enough to drop in. Why not make the bread again for Thanksgiving ???? I hear you on that other kind of thread LOL...your description is perfect :) Nope I hope I never post on of those !!

sochi..high compliment coming from you ! Your home is so wonderful . I hope you will show more soon...keep waiting on that great bedroom re-do :)

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Love the rug in your dining rm. It looks so warm & inviting.
Although not beautiful oriental rugs, I have hand made braided rugs that my DH would love to get rid of, I have played musical rugs too.

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Holly thank you for looking ! It does feel warm and we get the AM sun so it is a morning room for us especially in the Winter. That is why we made it the DR again...it has been the sitting room too at times.

I love hand braided rugs ! I have 2 and they are on my front porch. Why doesn't your DH like them ? c

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Really great looking room, TR. :)

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It looks lovely trailrunner, very inviting. the wooden bowls
are wonderful too.
You're right about seeing something you've had forever re-purposed
and in a different light is uplifting.

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thank you GV !

Hey joann....I appreciate the kind words...you and Cliff epitomize charming and comfortable.

I have worked off and on all afternoon with DH's help and made some changes to each space...really liking how it is turning out and have moved some things to unexpected places to good effect. Will have to post more pics in the coming days. c

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I covet those bowls.
And that bench.
And the rug.
And the throw on the bench.
Also the artwork on the walls.
(Oh, especially the artwork on the walls. ;-))

It's lovely. Just lovely!

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Lovely room and a good idea to have the morning sun in the DR in the winter. Just realized your color scheme in this room is the same as I used in my LR over 40 years and many houses ago! Walls were brown and my rug was very similar - I loved it and it was very different from most people's at the time.

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Sunny..I am making a list...your name at the top :)...you are a sweet one.

Lucky what a nice memory !! Mine is different from most people's now too :) Thank you ....c

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"It is fun..reuse...move...repurpose...it is all good."

Count me in this club, please!!
Another great room~ thanks for the early AM eye candy!

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He would prefer oriental.

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loribee..you are in ! I have had the best time with DH shifting and moving and reorganizing.

Holly I know how he feels but anything handmade gets my vote. c

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Love it, looks wonderful!

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