Countertop for Drainboard Sink

cehenrichsJuly 29, 2013

We are remodeling our kitchen and have bought a vintage enameled cast iron sink with double drainboards and a single sink. It is not the wall mounted type but sits on top of the countertop. Has anyone installed a sink like this? How much of the drainboards should have countertop under it? There are some things poking down beneath the drainboards so clearly the counters cannot go right up to the sink bowl. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We plan to have a butcher block countertop.

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Can you post an image of it? Also of what is poking down from the underneath? I have an old sink like that (no drainboards, though) but it's a wall mount.

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We just had our installed. It acts like a drop in sink as far as the countertop is concerned. The base cabinet was built specifically larger to fit its dimensions.

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This is not cehenrich's sink but it may be similar as it too has "things poking down beneath the drainboards". I believe the "things" are designed to rest on matching supports. has many pictures of these sinks in print ads showing the front of the sink matching the flow of the front of the countertop and/or installed on top on the metal sink base cabinets where it *is* the countertop. also has *lots* of good info on these types of sinks.

(not to derail the OP but I had hoped to install my sink this past winter. Unfortunately, the rain falling in several rooms made a new roof the priority.) The plan on installation is to add supports from below and the side in the cabinets to match the "things" on the sink. I've wanted to find one of those metal sink bases to see what support was provided but haven't yet found one to look in (either physically or virtually).


Here is a link that might be useful: on these sinks

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