wall ovens - what height should they be?

bickybeeJuly 22, 2010

Cabinet maker checked the specs for Electrolux wall ovens and drew the plan with the top oven being 62 1/2" from floor to top of oven. Seems low and doesn't allow much of a drawer underneath.

Yesterday went to appliance store with a wall of wall ovens installed at 68" high. I opened the ovens and rolled out racks, etc and that seemed comfortable to me, and allowed room for a drawer.

Is there a standard height these should be? Do you go by the specs given by the manufacturer?

BTW, I'm 5'6"

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The main thing is safety. A lot of ovens nowadays have drop down doors that cover the whole oven rather than just the cavity. These big doors, when mounted high, can be a burn hazard for the person reaching in. Ideally, a drop down door should be below waist height. On the other hand, mostly people hate a lower oven at ankle height--but you can still get in safely when it's low, and the safety hazard is to your back.

This is your kitchen. The height that's comfortable for you and your family is the right height. I also wanted my ovens higher than the cabinetmaker wanted to do them. I won. :) They're just right. (Well, they're a compromise, but having them next to each other wasn't an option.)

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Plllog, do you have a drawer under your bottom oven? Do you mind telling me at what height you mounted them?

I did notice how awkward it is to have than dang door sticking out. Looked around for a model that had side opening door, but didn't see any in my price range.

I guess my old oven must have been smaller (a Wedgewood Insta-matic! from the 60's) because I don't remember it being an issue.

In my old oven I often put the pot on the oven door before sliding it into the oven. Is that a no-no with these new ovens?

Never thought I'd say it, but I miss that old oven, lack of insulation and all. Had a backlight on the outside control panel that made it look like a car from the 50's.

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I positioned mine by putting the controls at eye level or just a tad higher, which puts the top 63 1/2" from the floor...so at just about my height. With my Fisher and Paykel ovens that gave me a great drawer underneath. When I had to switch to Monogram, it was larger, so the drawer is now shallower. My upper oven door is barely above waist height...I never heard to watch for that, but I haven't had a problem.

My installation, because it needed to go where the F&P oven was, doesn't meet the manufacturer's recommendation, which says the bottom should be 12" from the floor, instead of the 10 1/2" it is. I didn't think the Electrolux was any smaller, overall, than the Monogram, so am surprised their specs would recommend it being installed lower.

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At the appliance store, they called their installation guy for me and asked him this question. He said the bottom oven should be 12" off the floor but you could go as high as 15" (but no higher) if you are tall.

My cabinet maker said that with the kick and and everything, my drawer would end up being about 6" deep if we put the bottom oven 12" off the floor. Does this sound right?

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My KD says she usually recommends mounting double ovens at 64" for ease of using/seeing the controls for most people. Since I am shorter (5'2") she said I could go for 62" & I did. The controls are nice for me, but I could have been ok with (& probably used in past houses) the 64". I was concerned about accessing the cabinet above the ovens that stores my pans. It seems in past houses I always "dinged" the cabinet as I loaded/unloaded the pans. I now am comfortable & don't feel as though I am marring the finish.

We have Kitchen Aid. One complaint on-line (read after purchase) is that warm/hot air blows out when the ovens are cooling off & sometimes in convection mode. DH feels the air is right in his face & probably would have missed if higher, but would have been right in mine at 64" -- go figure. With the ovens mounted at 62" I am able to have an 8" drawer, 4 3/4 inches off the floor. Good luck!

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My cabinet maker said that with the kick and and everything, my drawer would end up being about 6" deep if we put the bottom oven 12" off the floor. Does this sound right?

With our oven 10 1/2" from the floor, my actual drawer box is 5 1/2" tall...The drawer front, when it gets one, will be 7 1/4" - 7 3/8". Our cabinets are frameless, so that could make a difference if you have framed.

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rhome410, I know this is a dumb question, but what are frameless cabinets and what are framed? I should know this but I don't.

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My ovens aren't comparable. They're separate units, side opening and the top one is smaller (Gaggenau--not in anyone's price range. I chose them on the I don't care what the darned things cost plan). I ended up with a 14" drawer under, with an interior ROTS, but I was determined to have the main oven not too low. It's lower than ideal, but okay.

When I was trying to figure out how high I wanted them, since I've never lived with double ovens of any kind before (I'm used to two singles mounted at optimal height), I went to stores and tried them out. Maybe you can try that.

You don't want to be looking up at the controls--that is, they should be no higher than your forehead--and you should be able to get things in and out of both ovens without a problem. And if that means curtains for your drawer, put things away differently. Unless you never use your ovens that's not as important.

Oh! Framed cabinets have a wood front which the sides of the cabinets are attached to. The doors can be inset, contained entirely within the frame, partial overlay, where part of the door fits within the frame, and a lip covers part of the frame, and full overlay, where none of the door goes inside the opening. Frameless cabinets, also called European, always have a back, and don't have anything on the front at all. There are internal hinges that attache to the inside side wall of the cabinet box, and the inside of the door. The doors are full overlay that cover the entire box, leaving only about an eighth of an inch crack between doors.

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Plllog explained the framed vs frameless thing...So you can see if there is a frame around the opening (sides, top, and bottom), a drawer box has to be smaller than if there isn't a frame. The drawer front on frameless rests up against the front edge of the cabinet box, not a flat frame attached to the front of the box. My oven can fit in a 30" frameless cabinet. But if it had a frame, to get the same required opening, the cabinet would've had to have been 33" or so. Because the cabinet is wider, the drawer under the oven would be the same width as on frameless, but shallower, because of the frame above and below. --Is this completely confusing?

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I have an electrolux double oven stack. The top of the top oven is at 72 inches for me. I moved my stack up a bit from the standard height because I wanted a good drawer underneath and I like the height of the oven racks. If I open the top oven, the top rack is even with my outstretched arm. And it makes the bottom oven not too low. The drawer beneath has a 13 inch face frame and 11 inch interior depth. I love it. I am 5'8".

Sometimes my mom cooks with me and she is shorter -- 5'3". She loves the height of the lower oven for her.

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The bottom of ours is 15" from the floor. Ours is a custom built in (no cabinet) so the bottom drawer goes to the floor (no toe kick) - not only is it nice having the big lower drawer, when I remove it I have easy access to both the oven wiring and the water hook up for the refrigerator. No serious contortions needed for either!


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