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Marc JohnsonJuly 31, 2014

Somehow our island grew a few inches from the plans to what was actually measured when templated for countertops...

We were almost, nearly, exactly 2 slabs on the plan.

Got the call from the countertop guys that the sizes weren't adding up for the cuts and that our waterfall side would need to have a seam 2" from the floor ... or we could try to find a 1/2 slab. Hanstone Specchio White is not the most "seam friendly" pattern, so ... time to get the checkbook out again.

To their credit, they did find someone in a similar situation and we were able to just buy the 1/2 slab ... but ... argh. Our countertop has gone from $4k (well, in my budget dreams at least) to $6k (had to have the waterfall) to $7k (larger 16" overhang and miter edges... I mean, we're already spending so much, let's do it right...) and now $7.5k.

So one more little hiccup - but the good news is that we're still getting counters installed tomorrow ... so tons of pics will be coming over the weekend :)

...ending today's rant. Time for wine ... oh, wait, need to run the LED lights tonight. Electrical first, then wine :)

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Mitered edge, waterfall, sounds wonderful. Looking forward to pics.

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marcojohnson - so sorry for your budget overages, but boy you make me feel much better about ours!! Looking forward to pictures too :)

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Sorry for all the trouble-so aggravating. But, sometimes budget has to take a back seat. Waterfall counters was on my wish list but DH vetoed it :-( I will live vicariously through your install. Sending you positive vibes for a flawless install.

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Definitely waiting for pics and wishing you good luck on the install!

I am a week behind you. Floors T/W/maybe Th, counters Fri (I hope, I hope, I hope), range and fridge Sat, rest on Wed.

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You could have increased the 2" shortage to match your base cabinet toe kick, installed contrasting material, and made it look like you planned it that way.

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Treb - What would the contrasting material be, the new toe kick?

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Good call on not seaming the waterfall edge. It would have been pretty visible.. We nearly went with that type of quartz but instead chose Zodiaq in whatever their version of white is and you would notice a seam there for sure.

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"Treb - What would the contrasting material be, the new toe kick?"

It depends on the look you want. What is the existing toe kick? Natural wood? Black vinyl?

I could see someone building up a 2cm contrasting stone to 4cm with a gentle radius on the edges and having the 3cm waterfall die into it.

Or maybe go the opposite direction and have a dark 3/8" thick tile as a toe kick and have the waterfall stop there. Either would accent the seam instead of trying to make it inconspicuous.

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Marc Johnson

Treb- you are truly genius :) That was my 1st idea when they called - either have the seam match where the toekick lands - 5.25" from floor (it's stainless on the other 3 sides of island)... or get more toekick and run it all the way around.

They weren't sure if they could hit it exactly at 5.25" and I didn't want to risk a delay (I have backsplash on a tight schedule next week - if we miss his window everything slips 2 weeks).

In the end, we already spend so #*@(# much to get this quartz with this specific waterfall look, might as well do it "right" and stay on schedule.

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What a bummer but I like your attitude!

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