How to unify mish-mash cabinets?

carolbarrelJuly 5, 2013

Bought a place with asstd kitchen cabinets. I don't know what to do, gel stain in all one color or maybe just on the solid surface cabinets. One set of cabinets has scrolled glass fronts, and I hate painting around glass so I'd rather leave that one "as is". The wallpaper will go, and I will also update kitchen counters, faucet, maybe change out the sink, and definitely will improve lighting. I'm going for a "beachy" color palette & ambience. Suggestions, please!

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Painting or staining them one color will unify them. If you want a beachy look, I would paint them white or another beachy color.

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Those look solid, sturdy, and with clean lines. I think it's a perfect setup to achieve your goal. I would definitely paint...and take your time. Look at the back of the glass uppers. It's very possible that they clip in and can be removed. This could be a great project!

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If you want something beachy looking, I would paint them. I'd also change out the decorative glass for plain, or maybe do open shelving there. The cabinets are high, so you could do some open shelving beneath them.

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Take your time. You want to act, not react. First things first, remove the wall paper so you can think.
I would probably remove the texture from the ceiling next. That is a personal choice. I just have sons, that bounce balls, and I have had ceiling texture in my dinner more than once at our ski condo- no thanks!

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Take out the dated accessories and finishes you can, first.
I also suggest including the ceiling in that demo. I strongly suggest saving your counter top purchase for last, though. As much as you might want to tear things out.

I would also paint them. If you want beachy, gel stain is not your answer. It's just more dark.

You might want to look into liquid sand paper to avoid hours of sanding, or chalk paint (which requires no priming) and a poly acrilic (doesn't yellow) sealer.

You've got a nice space there, and some very nice cabinets. If you wanted to, that space above the glass cabinets could be filled with 12" tall cabinets and you'd have floor to ceiling. But that's another look.

I agree. Act, not react.

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If you can't remove the glass, use painter's tape inside the trim, it won't hurt the glass and will prevent paint or stain from getting on them.

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Thank you so much everyone! Now I feel better about the kitchen's possibilities. And I've learned a new motto: ACT, DON'T REACT! :-) Thanks again!

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