Is a counter depth fridge a must??

zoey75July 13, 2013

We have a 24" cabinet and are between two refrigerators both kitchen aid. Do you think a counter depth is necessary? Our current fridge is a side by side that is 32" (34 1/2" w/handles) deep & it about 25 cu ft.

It is so hard to stomach the extra $800 for a smaller counter depth fridge. And I am not sure is a 22 cu ft fridge would be big enough for a family of 4?

Thanks so much!!!

Refrigerator (Standard Depth - 25 cu ft) KBFS25EWMS

Refrigerator (Counter Depth - 22 cu ft) KFCS22EVMS

EDD: Recessing is not an option due to the fact it is next to a doorway and it would be a lot of work to recess it at this time. Attached a pic :)

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We did standard fridges and recessed them 6" to make them look counter depth.

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If the fridge isn't going to be sticking out into a door way go with the standard. I soooo want the new color by GE called slate. Had the thing delivered, it was a French door one and it was huge! It stuck out so far into the room and was next to the laundry room door way it looked awful. So back it went, along with the dishwasher, and stove because they don't make slate in a counter depth. The verdict is still out on the fridge, it's in our winter house in fl and we've only used it for two weeks before heading back here to CT. It looks great but the ice maker is so small and I think it's going to take some getting use too.

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Are you redoing the kitchen or just replacing the fridge? If you were putting in new cabinets, maybe you could make that cabinet/surround by the fridge deeper to work with the sd fridge. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it. The kitchen police won't come and arrest you if the fridge sticks out (!), and I know what it's like to be on a budget. Besides, don't forget you would wind up with a smaller fridge if you went cd - don't know if that would be important to you.

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Thanks, awesome points! No not redoing the kitchen at this time, we are hoping to move in the next 5 years. LOL, love the "kitchen police". And I am on a super tight budget but do not want to make a mistake. And I have a 25 cu ft frige now so I am not thrilled about losing any space.

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Are you changing appliance colors or just replacing yours with another white one?

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If you're used to a 25 fridge, and can't carve out space behind it to move it back, I don't think I'd be happy with a smaller one. Love the "fridge police" comment. Lol. I love my new CD, but only because it's wider and same volume inside. If you regularly have a full fridge, you might not be happy.

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I would try cleaning out your fridge and using less space for a while. Maybe block out some of it along the back with empty boxes or something so you can't use it for the regular stuff. See how it works for you.

I much prefer the smaller size and ease of freezer bottom. Everything is visible and it's easier to maintain items and keep clean. I hated my old one and it stuck out like a sore thumb. This thing I love.

Can you put this one in the garage for overflow?

There was a long thread on cd recently.

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Changing all appliances to stainless. My microwave died and all the white appliances are 12 years old (except the dishwasher). My garage is detached and packed with my DH tools etc. But we have a large freezer in the basement. I would have to scarfice the sq ft if the fridge would be out too far, it would bug me. Thank you all for your replies!

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BTW. when I bought our last fridge about 5 years ago, I had no idea there was such a thing as cd refrigerators. So I got an ordinary top freezer fridge. Not even a french door (oh, the horror!). It stuck out a bit, but the extra exposed sides gave me more room to park more magnets. When we sold the house earlier this year, it sold quickly. No mention of the "horrible" *standard depth* fridge. So for us, not having a cd fridge wasn't a detriment to the selling of the house (maybe we lived in an unsophisticated neighborhood? dunno).

I like your current kitchen. Normally I don't like white, especially for appliances, but there it seems to work.

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For my new kitchen, the fridge is tucked into a corner and will not in any way be impeding the flow of traffic, so a counterdepth model is unecessary. I can find somewhere else to spend the extra $$ that will make a bigger impact.

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I live in NJ (between Bridgewater & Flemington - for anyone who knows NJ) in a small 1600 sq ft ranch surrounded by mc mansions. We bought our house before all the development back in 2001. And they are planning on adding a train stop that will go into NYC 10 min from our house. So whatever we put into this house we will get back out when we sell. Plus my DH is a contractor so no labor costs on improvements. But you know what they say about the shoe makers kids :)

I am hoping a standard depth fridge works (more cu ft & less $) but just want to make sure I do not make a bad decision and have an eyesore. All of you are so helpful...Your help is so appreciated!!

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How many more inches will it need to stick out from your current fridge? Seems to me the easiest way to tell if it will bother you is to pull your current fridge out the 2 or 3 inches the new fridge will be, and see how it is.

To me, the biggest concerns would be: creating a blockade between the fridge location and the island (is it too hard to open the doors and work there,) and will it make you feel more closed in at your range - bumping elbows, and what not.

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controlfreakecs - excellent suggestion. We have it pulled out a few inches right now & it seems ok with the flow & island it is across from it. We are calling kitchen aid tomorrow to get exact measurements to be sure since they are only est on the website.

After all your help I am thinking standard depth is the way to go. Thank you all for helping me think this thru.

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I wouldn't spend the extra $. Even a CD fridge needs to stick out a bit from the side cab panels for door clearance...mine sticks out about 2.5 inches.

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We couldn't recess ours, so we built a new cabinet around it similar to yours. It may not look quite as noticeable in stainless. Ours has gray sides, but some have black. It may not look quite as nice as a CD would, but it looks better than the big gray monolith did with no cabinet around it.

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There is this Frigidare for $1500. wait till black Fri. and get it for less.
see link:

Here is a link that might be useful: CD fridge

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Thanks for the additional advice & pics.. AnnaC54 beautiful kitchen!

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A lot of people who have a counter depth fridge, for show, also seem to have another stashed in the basement or garage as they are too small.

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It's a great look, that's for sure. If you have the space and can afford it, I think it's desirable. If you have room for a spare fridge somewhere else, lucky you. For me, in the big scheme of things, it's not a "must."

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Hi Zoey: I know exactly where you are, I used to work at J&J on 202. My best friend lives in Branchburg.

That being said, we went from a standard KA 30 year old freezer on top fridge to a CD Kitchenaid french door. We find it has plenty of room. We are a family of 4 as well. We didn't get one with an ice maker or water dispenser on the door...that takes up much needed space inside the fridge. We do have the ice maker inside the freezer drawer though.

Hope that helps. We love the KA fridge. Its so easy to organize, and I like everything at eyelevel. Let me know if you have any questions.

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A counterdepth French door model will have MORE shelf space and better storage than a standard depth side by side. It's that darn division down the middle that makes side by sides so inefficient. You can have the best of both worlds to move to the counter depth French door. Yes, it's more money. But, it's an actual functional improvement that you're receiving for your money.

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fivefootzero: Are u in NJ? I am off 206 before Princeton ;) I know exactly where you used to work pass it on the way to Wegmans. And I am 5ft 0in too,lol...

If you don't mind....Do you know what model CD fridge you have or how many cu ft yours is? And how deep are your panels on wither size of the fridge? My panels are only 24 in so I think a CD will still stick out :(
Thanks so much the pic is very helpful & your kitchen is very pretty.

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I have the KA FD CD and love that it doesn't stick out. It made my whole kitchen seem larger and it's so much easier to pass by the island now. I don't find the space any less at all. I had a side by side larger one before and I never wanted to use the lower space because if it wasn't in front of me I would forget about it. Especially inside of the drawers at the bottom. I really love my new fridge. It did take some time to get used to how to arrange it to best advantage. The freezer on the bottom takes some getting used to as well. I would never go back to a full depth. No more losing things in the far regions in the rear of the fridge. Every family is different though This works well for us. If you need lots of freezer space, you are going to need another option for that.

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I am one of those that needed the CD fridge because my aisles are so narrow . It is not KA, but is built (I think) by the same parent company. You have a better situation. In my case, a SD would make the aisle too narrow and the fridge protrusion would have been very noticeable. With yours, I think it looks fine.

My cabinets are only 24" but my GC not only recessed the plugs but also brought the water line in at a special angle so it would sit flush.

One thing not mentioned is most SS fridges come with grey (non matching) sides. Some have SS side panels available as an upgrade. However, you should be aware of this going in.

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I was convinced by my contractor to get a counter depth french door fridge and I am glad I did. I have the KA model with the ice and water inside the door. It has such a nice clean look. The bottom freezer is a little small for me, so I keep the old refrigerator in the garage. I am happy with the CD KA. Good luck!

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I don't think choosing cd has anything to do with show or sophistication. It does look better, and opens the room up (sometimes important). It also functions so much better for a lot of people. Hating your refrigerator is not fun.

I do think your kitchen would look better with a shallower refrigerator. The point about a FD being more functional and efficient than a side by side is a good one.

But budget rules, of course! lol If you can't really afford it and this one works for you, then it works.

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Heres an idea ... Without remodeling, you could remove the sheetrock behind the fridge area to gain almost an inch. You can also turn the 2x4 studs sideways behind the fridge to gain another 2 inches.

The problem I have with counter depth is some of them do not fit certain things such as large pizza boxes, cartons of soda, etc. Check and see if your typical things will fit in the fridge. Although, if you are used to a SxS, likely it should all fit.

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Unfortunately, We can not recess the fridge at this time due to electrical and the doorway next to it. But that would solve the issue.

So still stuck on this decision. Do I want to have it sticking out (it will not interfere with the island) and have a larger fridge that costs less $ OR a smaller fridge that will look better & cost more $.

I need to make a decision.....

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Bottom line is that it's about function and personal economics, not looks. Looks are just a perk. Important (makes you feel good, even sells the house) but not necessary.

It sounds to me that you really want the extra space and the extra money : )

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Get the full depth fridge. You're worried about space for a family of four. I would be too. I have a CD and it's fine for the two of us. However, a head of leaf lettuce takes up almost an entire drawer. The door bins don't hold a lot either, so consider that if you use large containers of condiments or stock a half dozen salad dressings.

Secondly, you're not remodeling, so you know what the FD looks like in your kitchen, and it looks appropriate for the age of your kitchen. A CD will not vastly improve the look when your cabinets and other appliances are getting old.

Thirdly, you're moving in 5 years. By then, the kitchen will be approaching 20 years and ready for a tear-out, and the new owners can do what they want with the fridge.

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Awesome advice... snookums2 & may_flowers both helped so much!!! My DH is on the same page as you both, and you both are right. Decision done, time to move on to more important things like ordering,lol..

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Wise choice! The stainless color will recede more than the white does too. Looking at the model #s you posted, wow, you are paying enough for the FD!! I couldn't justify more either. That's a good looking fridge anyway. You will love it.

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Thank you again to you & everyone who helped me! Have a wonderful day :)

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