Any tips to reduce damage from upper cab removal?

terri_pacnwJuly 8, 2014

We have a hulking 4 door cabinet ver the peninsula. I want it OUT! But it is one cab box and NAILED into the ceiling with well over a dozen nails.

There is trim that has been painted onto the ceiling..(cut with a box knife right?)

I want to keep the damage/ceiling repair to a minimum!

Demo suggestions, advice? Help! :D

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If you end up prying any of the trim off, protect the wall/ceiling with a putty knife to prevent your tools from digging into the drywall.

If you are unable to remove the cabinet in one piece, I would recommend removing the doors first, then the front, back and sides. Then you should be able to pry off the top that's nailed on.

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Thanks Shick, I was hoping to get it off in one piece and hang in the garage over the laundry machines...
I knew about the putty knives..and we just bought a second mini crow pry the trim off it!

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You may have to choose between salvaging the cabinet or damaging the ceiling ... I would use a saw and cut away the bottom part of the cabinet to have an easier time of removing the top.

Remove shelves and doors, then support the cabinet from the underside - but loosely so you can pry down. You don't want oit to fall crashing, but you need an inch or so of "slack".

With a FLAT, pry bar, like the Stanley "wonderbar" tool, CAREFULLY tap and pry along one edge to get a bit of a gap, maybe half inch, then push the cabinet back up to expose the nail heads ... pull the nails. Repeat.

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After removing the doors and any trim, drive two large scrapers between the ceiling and the cabinet, preferably below framing, then drive your pry bar between the scrapers. Pry them apart as much as you can, then drive in a shim and remove the scrapers and bar. Repeat on the opposite side until the cabinet is removed.

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