Eeep, so excited, found our hardware!

akl_vdbJuly 26, 2014

And we love it! Just need to decide how many pulls, what size and where??!!

I could do cup pulls on the top drawers, pulls on the lower drawers, and vertical pulls on the doors. (the cup pulls kind of look officey, and I'm worried about scratching the drawers when we open them. Am I being crazy? (of course I am, but humour me!)

Or, I could do pulls on all the drawers and knobs on the doors.

Or something else??

Made one decision though, love these pulls! And they're so cheap, which is almost too bad as we're not paying for them! But they seem pretty decently made.

And we're getting the graphite. Door style in pic!

Here is a link that might be useful: pulls and knobs and cup pulls, oh my!

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Very nice. I like 'em. And the knobs too!

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I like them! I'm not so sure about using two types on the drawers, though. can you get a few of them and do a mock up so we can see?

I like the cup pulls, and don't think they are too officey. Or maybe they are and that's why I like them? Mine are the standard half-rounds, and while I'm not crazy about them, I wanted to them to follow arch of my appliance pulls and island hood.

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The cup pulls are unique! I like them!

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I can't believe in all the years of hardware searching, I haven't come across these! Very simple, and just perfect.
Your cabinets will look well adorned!

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The Rochdale were on my short list too! In the end I checked them out in person and decided they were too skinny. Of course as soon as the ones I picked were installed, I started hyperventilating that they were too bulky!! Oh well. One of many decisions I might redo if I could.

I think the Rochdale have a neat style - delicate but still tough - and I look forward to seeing them in your reveal. Good luck!

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I've loved those Rochdale for years. I really wanted to use them in my kitchen, but they didn't come in a polished finish. If I had liked black hardware, I would have gone with those in a heartbeat. I still have the idea that I'll use them in the house somewhere, sometime. I can't wait to see them on your cabs!

I don't like the idea of using so many types of hardware. I'm more of a 'simple is better' type of gal, though. I choose one type of pull and used it in 3 sizes. All are vertically oriented, including doors and uppers. I'm very happy with my arrangement. Here's an old pic.

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breezygal- love your kitchen! We're also very simple, I'm getting a bit overwhelmed with what sizes to use with what drawers! We have a 36" base, a 33 and a 30. I was thinking of using 2 on the big lower drawers, but what size? Ugh.

smalloldhouse- they are skinny, which I kind of like as they are a darker colour (not a matte black, but like an iron graphite) so I don't want anything too bulky. But I'm sure yours looks fine! We're so hard on ourselves, aren't we!

CEFreeman-I know, eh? Reminds me of RH, but a bit squared off. Plus they're cheap, like $5/pull give or take. And I can buy them at Lee Valley (which is local to me, yay Canada!)

Errant-I'm going to try something, I'll see if it works I'll post it!

Thanks BlackChamois!

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I have two pulls on my drawers that are 30" & larger. My pulls are 5 1/8", overall length & 4" center to center.

This post was edited by romy718 on Sun, Jul 27, 14 at 11:42

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Thank you romy718, it's stuff like that I need to hear to try to organize this!

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Nice pulls ... I hadn't see them before. And they make them BIG ENOUGH for the SO's hands.

I could see them in a rustic or industrial or modern cabinetry.

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I really like that style as well :) .

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Houzz has a lot of pics. I wondered if you could go longer because they're narrow, and I do see some examples. I like the double cup pulls too but wouldn't want them on frequently used drawers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rochdale

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Thanks! I have two drawer stacks about 39" wide. Here's an old thread that explains how some people decide on pull widths, including an explanation of which sizes I used on which drawers. It all personal taste, really, but I find the Golden Mean to be helpful in many decoration situations. Personally, I find two pulls per drawer too busy. JMHO! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Golden Mean, pull widths, etc.

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I used this line in my kitchen. Knobs for the uppers placed above the bottom corner on the stile. Cup pulls on upper drawers placed about in the center top third. Handles on lower drawers placed on the stile slightly above the middle of the stile. One handle per drawer regardless of width. Used 3.75 on all drawers except for 36" drawers got the 4.25.

I used the nickel finish on white cabinets and the black metal finish on black island cabinets. The black metal finish is unusual and beautiful - looks like gunmetal.

It looks balanced, understated, classy. I get many compliments.

Be aware that the handles are actually in three pieces - a simple handle and two tiny escutcheons. Same with the knobs - a knob plus escutcheon.

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Thanks detroit_burb, I'm glad you love the knobs/pulls! I was aware of the many pieces, glad the carpenter is putting them in!

I think I've decided on all pulls. I used the 96mm for the small drawers and small doors above the micro and fridge. Then the 128 for the lower tall doors and the pantry to the right of the fridge. Then the 160 for the drawers (from 30-36" wide) and the tall uppers (36"tall).

Hope they all work out!

We're having an issue with the countertop install as we speak, our Kohler cast iron sink is not going to fit in the new sink cab that they made for me. So this isn't going well! Why are there so many issues? At least I love my pulls!

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Sorry you're dealing with complications. It's always something with a reno. You're making progress though!

You inspired me to use those Rochdales. I needed pulls for my new closet cabs, which were installed today. The ones I really wanted had a 4 week lead time so I ordered the Rochdales instead. This photo has AWFUL color (the walls are a very soft pink with peach undertones IRL and the carpet isn't yellow), but I thought of you when I saw them in.

I can't wait to see how yours look on your cabs.

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aklvdb, does it make you feel better to hear that:
-Our above fridge cabinet was installed wrong and has to be moved back 3/4"
-We thought it was also too short, but it looks like after flooring, it's okay (a little boy-who-cried-wolf going on)
-The surround for our washer and dryer aren't straight and are off 1/2", but since granite has been templated, we're going to leave it
-The opening for the range is about 1/16"-1/8" to small, someone is coming at 8am to work it out before granite is installed at 10am, I hope
-We switched from built in micro to speed oven and it may not fit in the installed cabinet. Waiting for call back to see if it will fit or if we have to switch back to micro.
-It's been a struggle to find someone willing to put in our vent hood and innerds, icemaker line, and cut the opening for our speed oven or micro.

Those are off the top of my head, all the last three days, IIRC. Hang in there.

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breezygirl, glad I could inspire you! Little ol' me, ((blush)) :)
They look great in your space. Sigh, closet. That's on our list too. After the kitchen, after the hardwoods, after the foyer.....and on and on.

cal_quail- at least we're all in this together. What a hassle all this renoing is! I keep saying how much $ I'd have if I rented! Of course then I'd have no equity, and what would i do for fun?? (this is fun, right?, right?!)

I'm also crying wolf sometimes. I wish I could be trusting and just think that everything will go ok.

But such is not the case, as I have no sink at the moment, and it best be done today, with a plumber coming on Saturday! (I'm sure it won't happen!)

But when the counter guy measures the inside of the cab and tells me it's the wrong size to fit my cast iron sink, when in fact it's the same size as my old cab, grrr.

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Those are beautiful!

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I hate to ask, but how's it going today? It's Saturday afternoon-ish. Any progress?

If it makes you feel any better, our whole house reno was mostly completed more than 2.5 years ago. Our old master bath was turned into my walk-in closet, only we didn't put anything in the closet as we were debating how much $ to spend on what of closet system. Plus, we ran out of money. I've been living with my clothes in a Uhaul cardboard garment moving box and in plastic totes for all this time. The closet I posted was a loooong time coming. And I still need a DR chandy, kitchen backsplash, fireplace tile, island lights, and our new masterbath addition isn't done so the family is cramming into one bathroom. Don't feel bad. I've got a house full of projects not finished. :)

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