some help with backsplash please

jo666July 2, 2012

My base cabinets ends at the same point as the wall cabinets. The under light molding adds a bit too that. The granite will be 1 1/2" further on the base cabinet and the backsplash follows the point where the granite is. .. further than the end of the wall cabinet. Will this look ok with the tile an inch or so over from the wall cabinets.

The wall ends just a few inches past this.

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In my old backsplash(I demoed it last week, so I cannot get a better picture for you), the backsplash ended at the cabinet line, NOT at the overhang. I'm not sure if you can see it all that well in this picture, but it is where the black toaster is located. It is a 6 in back splash and it ends right about where the toaster is, so you can see there is a bit of an overhang where the countertop is, but there was no backsplash over that small area.

The only way I think this would look really out of place-following the counter line and not the cabinet line-would be if you have a REALLY busy backsplash. If that is the case, I'd get a large sample and tape them up and step back and take pictures and see which placement is the most pleasing to the eye.

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Thank you for the picture and the response. This does not really address the issue. You used a specific area to backsplash where the stove is; it's not the issue I'm addressing.
Basically the question is when you layout your top and bottom cabinets it seems to me that you need to leave the wall cabinet 1 1/2"- 2" further on the wall than the bottom cabinets so you have room for the granite and then have room for the backsplash to line up???
Instead, I made it all end at the same point. Now how does the backsplash line up correctly? thanks for your help

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If I understand your question correctly, this is what we did, and I think it looks fine. If I misunderstood, maybe a visual will help anyway:

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yes, that's just what I'm talking about. I also have the end of the wall just like you do with an opening to another room, about the same distance as you do.
I guess you thought it was better than making a line down from where the wall cabinet ends.. or how about keep going to the end of the wall or even to the floor?

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There is no right or wrong way but if it were my kitchen I would go to the end of the wall and down to the floor. So that's my unsolicited vote.

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Sorry Jo-I meant to the RIGHT of the toaster. Mine ended even with the CABINETS, so a tad bit of the overhang of the countertop did NOT have the BS on it. I think it depends on the actual BS used. Mine was just plain old white square tiles and it looked totally fine ending at the cabinet line. I think the above pic ending at the counter line looks totally fine as well.

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I was thinking about too. Where my counter is on the side of the cab I was thinking of having it cut flush with no overhang? Maybe that's not a good idea, either?

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We talked about ending it where the wall cabinet ends, but it would have run into the switch cover. Going to the end of the wall and down to the floor we never discussed, but I think it would have looked weird in our little space there. It would have been the only place we could have gone to the floor, but in a bigger kitchen, where you could maybe do that in other places, it would look good, I think.

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Hmmm..I had to take a photo to see. Mine ends with the counter..a bit passed the cabinet. IMHO - As long as it aligns with something...the wall cabinet or the counter, as long as there's rhyme/reason to where it's finished off, then it looks good. Like it's supposed to do that.

Also, same kind of opening here to another room and that cabinet is as wide as i could get it. So I had the fabricator do a bit of an overhang, so that it goes to door opening, but not over.
Deborah From Kitchen Renovation Before During After

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No pics yet but ours ends the same way as DJH- just at the end of the granite and next to it is an opening as well- our side door.

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