Best advice from this forum

justadncrJuly 14, 2007

I was just thinking about what all I have learned from this forum and was trying to think of what was the most valuable advice.

I really think it was the advice to actually lay the kitchen out on the ground outside with all the measurements and walk around it to see if it felt right.

For me it was much better than plans on paper. I took my measurements and scraps of wood and laid them out in the various plans I had come up with.

My husband thought I was crazy standing out there pretending I was cooking and getting stuff out of the frig and such.

Of course I learned many, many more things but this helped the most.

What about you all?

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The best thing I picked up from the forums (Appliance) was to check out the sound of of the fan in the new ovens. I would have been pretty steamed to spend a bunch on a new range and have that sound come blaring out each time I used the oven.


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Babka NorCal 9b

Having all drawers in the lower cabinets. I would've put in doors with pull-outs. We didn't change the footprint of our 1965 kitchen, but needed to make the most of every square inch, and make it more user friendly.

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I hadn't heard the advice about having all drawers in the lower cabinets. I'm curious what the benefits of drawers versus pull outs are? Thanks!

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"I hadn't heard the advice about having all drawers in the lower cabinets. I'm curious what the benefits of drawers versus pull outs are?"

That's also advice I adopted from this forum. The reasoning is that doors plus pull-outs make two motions, while drawers are only one. If you have to pull something out anyway to make it accessible, why not then just put in drawers? Personally, I also like the way drawers are deeper; when we looked at cabinets with pull-outs I thought they were too shallow to maximize storage place.

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Without a doubt, I have to say putting Blumotion on the cabinet doors. This is my favorite feature in our kitchen and the cost was cheap to add these on after the cab install. What a way to save wear and tear on cabinets!! Our cabinets were build with soft close on the drawers but they weren't an option on the doors, so this little nugget of info/advice was invaluable to us to get them after market.


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You know how when you're house shopping, everyone tells you "Location, location, location!"?

Well with kitchens, it's "Layout, layout, layout!"

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Absolutely second what alku said (although I also love my drawers!). I learned about "zones" on this forum, and designed my kitchen around them, with a tremendous amount of help from my forum friends. In my old kitchen, the dishwasher opened across from the island (right into the backs of my legs). Now, the cleanup zone is on the peninsula, the prep area is between the fridge and sink, etc. It's really wonderful.

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"That's also advice I adopted from this forum. The reasoning is that doors plus pull-outs make two motions, while drawers are only one. If you have to pull something out anyway to make it accessible, why not then just put in drawers? Personally, I also like the way drawers are deeper; when we looked at cabinets with pull-outs I thought they were too shallow to maximize storage place."

Thanks for your response hest88. I ordered my cabinets a few weeks ago and unfortunately I found out it is too late to change to drawer bases (I've been trying!). Oh well, lesson learned for the next kitchen!

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1. Zones!
1. Drawers
3. Blumotion
4. Induction + gas range
5. Steam oven
6. Advantium
7. Miele dishwasher
8. No air gap

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Great idea for a thread!

I already had my kitchen designed and cabinets ordered before finding this group, so that only leaves little things, but:

- Test tube rack for spice storage
- Air switch for a disposal on my island
- and how great Silgranit sinks are to live with

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1. All drawers in base cabs
2. Blumotion
3. That I could design and GC the whole renovation
4. Lay it out with tape to double check
5. Where to put my money in appliances
6. How to deal with subs, contractors, salesmen
7. How to cut thru the bs :)

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Hard to choose, but having always had and loved basic antique kitchens in antique houses, I might have missed out entirely on going to drawers plus Bluemotion. Love it!

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I agree the deep drawer option is one of my favorite things about the kitchen. Everytime I open one, I am so happy we did it that way.

Cavu - what oven did you end up with? I am so unhappy with my Thermador noisy wall oven. It never occurred to me to ask that question.

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What does no air gap mean?

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No air gap means that most modern dishwashers don't need them, so you don't have to have that extra unattractive "thing" on your countertop, except in those jurisdictions (most of California) which don't care that most modern dishwashers don't need them, and require them anyway. In case you don't know what the airgap is, it's the second item from the right on my [California] sink.

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dmlove - I hate to sound naive, but I thought all dishwashers needed an airgap -? You have made my (Nevada) day!

How would I find out if my soon-to-be-installed Bosch needs one?

(What better place to find excellent info, than in a thread entitled "Best advice from this forum" !!

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I went with a Wolf 36" AG range (no fan because no electronics) and a separate Miele 27" oven. The Miele has a fan, but it's very quiet.

Liz, if you look in the manual for your dishwasher it will probably say if it needs/doesn't need an air gap.


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The "drawers instead of pullouts" advice was wonderful for me, too. I love, love, love my drawers and my pantry pullouts drive me a little bonkers. Has anyone ever tried pantry drawers?

The advice for setting up a temp kitchen was very helpful. As was the advice about keeping wine glasses (or at least bottles of wine) in easy reach.

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Oh THAT'S what an air gap is! I always call it "the thing for the dishwasher". Hehe

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1) Measure from 3 points wall to wall. Had I known this when we remodeled the entire house in 1990, I would now have the room to put in a pro-style range. As it is, I am exactly....1/4" short. Talk about frustrating! Our cabs are in great shape and I love them, but I'm stuck with the 29-7/8" width on the range. Grrrrr..........

2) Full extension drawer slides, finished side panels, and finished bottoms on the upper cabs are no longer standard, as they were when we bought our Kraftmaid Euro6 cabs. Had I not read that here, our next house (we plan to move in 5 yrs or so) would need some emergency reorders or retrofits for those small but crucial items!

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cavu - thanks for the response. I also went with a 48" gas range, but wanted an extra wall oven (so I could have the best of both worlds). I really regret not researching the oven issue. I've had Thermadors in the past and do not remember them being this noisy.

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Mick Mick

Most important advice that I have received was research, develop the plan, and STICK TO IT!

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Can I change my answer? I really like this that I stole from Dmlove---

I love not having all those cords on my desk/countertop! So best advice from this forum... details make the difference!

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Amy, now you need to get one of these to fill the hole (can you see it? It's a black plastic grommet - they come in all shapes and sizes:

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Drawers, drawers, drawers
silgranite sink
1 3/4 sink
pull down (rather than pull out or side apray) faucet
DIY tile countertops
arranging things by zones for prep, cleanup, etc.
deep cabinet over refrigerator

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My first search was about the microwave drawer. Since then I learned a lot about bluestar, after asking about the best 30 inch slide-in range; discovered batch-feed garbage disposals and agonized over fridges. I learned so much on these forums and now I have the Bluestar, love it, mike-drawer - love it and batch-feed - love that too. Also, bosch DW and Kitchenaid, side-by-side that are pretty love-able too. Now I don't need anything, but I seem to be hooked on checking out what's on the forums anyway. Go figure!

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I'm still in the planning stages but I am already recieving such great advice. Keeping my list of ideas for the next meeting with my KD. I hope he doesn't start running LOL.

"What does no air gap mean?" - I have to say I've never heard of such a thing. Apparently we don't need them in MA because I've never seen the "little unattractive thing" on any sink before. Guess that's a good thing, otherwise I'd have one more thing to consider when picking out faucets.

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LOL, Dmlove, I keep meaning to order one but for now my phone sits over the hole (just exposed it for photo purposes). :-) Maybe I'll do it right now while I'm thinking about it...

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Definitely the drawers and bluemotion, as stated

Confirming the advantages of a step-in pantry and adding outlets

great on-line sources for products (especially Galaxy Tool Supply for our sink)

running the granite into the bay window flush with the counter top is probably my favorite. Wish I could remember who inspired me so I could thank them.

NeverMT, plugmold and airswitch (Never heard of any of them prior to GW)

Overall, really looking at the functionality of my design and being encouraged to think out of the box (ie, deeper counters and drawers and the above granite idea) Seeing the creative ideas others have used helped me push back when I heard "it's not usually done that way" from salespeople, contractors and kitchen designers. Thanks GW!

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Julie - I'll look on line for a manual to my as-yet-undelivered dishwasher. Thanks!

catbird - I'm with you on the pull-down vs. pull-out faucet, learned about that here...

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"Best" for me is symbolized by my 48" Bluestar rangetop-- something I'd never heard of before this forum, and not available anywhere in my midwest location. I found this forum at the start of our reno, and spent a gazillion hours soaking up your experiences, information and resources, in order to stay ahead of our crew. As a result, my very contemporary kitchen is packed with features, products, and design that just don't exist in our area. You are all the "best"!

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Bluestar range -- had never heard of it before and wouldn't have found it at a regular appliance store. Bought from Eurostoves (local to me) after cooking on it.

Wide / shallow cabinet for William Sonoma ultra-thin step stool. My cabinets go to the 8' ceiling, so I think I'll need this more than in my last kitchen.

Sticking to my vision, but updating my inspiration photo (great feedback from this forum).

GC myself. Just remember that you aren't a repeat customer with your subs, so be prepared for others customers to jump in line in front of you.

Airswitch on disposer. Never minded the wall switch, but now that I have a nice backsplash and an island, its great.

Floodstop on icemaker and washing machine.

And I got the idea from a TV show, rather than this forum, but I put power into the back of 4 drawers, so each family member has a place to charge the cell phone (or camcorder or whatever) out of sight.

I also have a false panel behind a niche so that the power / wallwarts / phone wire / wireless access point is hidden. Only the phone sits out exposed. Similar to the idea above, but using depth.

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I'm bumping this to keep it an active thread.

As with the "What do you wish you had done differently?," this particular thread is VERY helpful for those of us who have not yet finalized our designs. It will also be helpful for future Kitchen Forum participants (and lurkers!)

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OK, what is a floodstop, what does it look like, how does it work?

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Re Floodstop:

Google Floodstop

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Dish Drawer...It's made my life a little bit easier. NJ

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Bumping this to keep it active and hope even more people will add to it.


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Don't pack your booze prior to remodeling (this is VERY important! VERY IMPORTANT!)

And Lacanche :)

Oh there is so much more....caulk on change of planes verses grout...look at the underside of your cabinets....and mostly that you're not the only person remodeling your home, (read...the only person suffering) and you have a place you belong...(read...with the nutcases here) oh and morgue drawers :)

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Deep cabinet over frig? Does anyone have a picture?

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I just wanted to say thank you for all this great info!!!

--Holly (a lurker gradually transforming to a work in progress yet, just "getting my braves up" as my SIL says)

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Don't have a picture, but my before had a shallow cabinet over the fridge. It was only 12" deep, and over a tall, 30" deep fridge, you can't really reach much of anything -- even if you are as tall as I am. A deep one would be 24" or possibly deeper to come out the depth of the fridge. More like a built-in might have a cabinet above it, and it will make even a standard fridge look a bit more finished/built-in.

For me, the Never-M-T was something I'd never heard of and still haven't seen anywhere else. I can't imagine having my deep single bowl sink without one, and it saved a very expensive redo in my island cabinet and/or granite when the sink and hole placement wasn't just right.

I think I'd heard of the air switches, but at a time when I didn't need one. Seeing them here reminded me of them when we did -- we moved the prep sink to the island. I would not have been happy with the switch inside the cabinet.

We kept pressing on our layout, and I'm not sure that we learned about that many of the bigger things here, but seeing and reading so much gave me the confidence to keep pressing and to make some changes that are not the norm around here. It also helped me get past my guilt over tearing out cabinets that I didn't like and that had issues, but that were structurally sound. That really opened up the possibilities to improving the layout even without changing the footprint. Makes a big difference.

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Increase depth of base cabinet where sink is located.
Many sinks are much wider than before, so a 24" base may not be sufficient. Our sink is located in our island with a bar height counter, so had we not added 2 more inches, we may have been limited in faucet and soap dispenser locations.
Mentioned earlier...but love, love, love my air switch. (Never knew such a thing existed before this forum!)

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* BluMotion on doors & drawers
* Silgranite sinks (I'd never heard of them before!)
* Drawers instead of pull-outs
* Great ideas for setting up our temp kitchen
* Keep out a couple of wine & bar glasses . . . and the wine & liquor!
* We don't need airgaps!
* availability of the newest (practical) corner Lazy Susans and ways to utilize them.

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1) plugmold for under the ends of my island so I didn't have to cut outlets into my beautiful cabinets

2) integrated drainboard cut into the countertop

3) raising the countertop for my wall oven - which gave me a bonus "standing desk" for my laptop.

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This is a great thread.
tondal are your pics posted anywhere? I would love to see more.

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I just found this forum (nothing ordered yet -- just in time!) but have been on appliance forum quite a bit (duh-- one of the the first questions my KD asked me was what kind of cooking equipment I wanted, and I had no idea!). I am just about settled on a 36" induction cooktop (smooth), never thought I could get talked out of gas. So, that is the best advice so far, but I will come back and update this thread after we are a bit further along -- so far the Silgranit sinks are looking very very promising (just Googled -- had been scared of the prices and maintenance for SS). Thanks to all.

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I'm a single sink convert, based solely upon the reviews on this website.

I did drawers in my last kitchen, also based upon reviews here, but I didn't like them at all. I had a dish drawer like was posted above, and 2 other deep drawers. I found them difficult to "pack", and I wished I'd just done cabinets with pullouts. I guess I'm a weirdo!

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tucgran, my kitchen pictures are in photobucket at the link below

Here is a link that might be useful: my kitchen pictures

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This is a great thread! I have some questions, though. What the heck is the Never MT? I have never heard of it. Also, I'd love some more pics of what everyone is putting in their base cabinet drawers (Thanks NJ). I wanted base cabinets with doors, then 2 pull-out shelves inside. Instead, my cabinet guy ordered 3 base cabinets with the drawers everyone is raving about. What else can I put in these deep drawers? Maybe I should keep them! They are already installed~ he was just going to order different 'guts' upon his return from Europe! Yes, I guess we financed his trip!

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"Never-MT" is a handy gadget that allows you to hook your soap dispenser directly to one of those big soap refill containers. Most dispensers come with little reservoirs for the soap and you end up refilling them frequently. With the Never-MT you refill MUCH less often.

I don't have one--yet. But it is one of the "must haves" for me--I get tired of constantly refilling soap containers!

Attached is a current thread about Never-MTs...started by you RileyDog, I think! I wanted to get this info into this thread though...

Here is a link that might be useful: Never-MT

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Dh and I made a "never mt" out of tubing bought for $0.46 at Lowes.

I thought it was a cool idea, so I called DH over to the computer. He looked at it and said, "I can make that." Half an hour later we had a never MT!

Worked like a charm.

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Reno--Do show photos!

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1. Dish-drawer *(I am only 5') and this just makes more sense then using my step stool all the time. And it will be in my island just across from the dishwasher.
2. Almost all drawers on the bottom base cabinets.
3. Getting a 36" range
4. Air switch instead of a reg switch that everyone puts on thinking it is a light switch.
CON: That I didn't see the telephone thing on the counter in time before my electrical was done.

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Kitchen, I'll post as soon as I can find a replacement USB cable for my camera.

It's really not very exciting, though. It's clear tubing (like the kind you see on aquariums) attached to the bottom of the soap dispenser thing, and then extends down through the lid and into the bottom of the bottle of soap. (We just drilled a hole in the top of the bottle and shoved the tubing down.) So low tech! The tubing is something like $.23/ foot and we bought 2 feet. Super easy.

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Yvonne Albertyn_Brazil

Never MT
Miele dishwasher
Landing space between appliances
Aisle clearances

the best advice...

Wait until its right - the right plan, the right time, the right appliances.

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My instant hot water heater and pull out trash and recycling drawer are the best things in my new kitchen. Now that we are moving (ugh, yes, just year after COMPLETION!!!!) we are shocked to see how badly some kitchens are designed (an island with seating backed up to the stove???) It paid off to lurk here for many months and get some great terrific ideas...

Here is a link that might be useful: Our (sigh) completed kitchen

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- Silgranit super single sink gets first prize
- baking center
- NeverMT (I reminded DH the other day that it was installed a year ago last September and we haven't added soap once since then - better check - must be running low)
- online resources for sinks and faucets
- the importance of putting functionality first in all design decisions
- how to test granite for durability

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1) deep drawers -- lots of 'em
2) plugmold
3) blumotion
4) remote blower for hood fan
5) single deep fireclay sink
6) lots of great online resources for sinks, faucets, etc

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Never NEVER NEVER!!!! Leave your construction site to go on vacation ::scary music:: I MEAN NEVERRRRR!!!!!

Oh and Never MT is nice as well :oP

Gad the best (and most costly) is don't settle. You have to live with this kitchen for quite some time. Don't settle! (Even if that means you scrapped the cabinets today, called of the GC for 8 weeks while you order new ones, and you can't live in your home so you have to find somewhere else to live for three months). And maybe santa won't know where you live!!!

Umm I was saying....NEVER leave the site!!! NEVER NEVER NEVER (because the cabinets might come in and be crap and cost you a bunch to remove!) And the plumbers will always build a soffit when you turn your head away from them!

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There is a lot of great info in this thread. My best advice is layout. I went from essentiall a one-sided run of cabinets (with the frige 10' away, and a penninsula 4.5' away -- so far that it was just about useless, except for plating to a galley with about 40" between the countertops. Now everything is at hand. I very carefully placed all the appliances and storage thinking about what you use with what. For example, I moved the microwave to be next to the frigerator becuase we use it mostly for reheating leftovers. I have fridge, prep sink, prep area, range, more prep area on one side and on the other I have prep area / landing zone (across from fridge), main sink, prep area / dishwasher (across from range, but offset so both people can work) in the island.

I absolutely love this galley and find it superior to any other layout that I have cooked in.

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Bump --

how 'bout toe-kick drawers? I will be asking the KD about those tomorrow...

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Everything about Granite
Where and how to buy things
What to do and not do to
Which contractors to hire and which to stay away from
How to fix or take care of problems
etc., etc., and etc.

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You have all posted the things I would say. Perhaps the bit of advice I would add is, "Pour a glass of wine..."

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I found out about Pegasus under-cabinet lighting here. Slim, good-looking, very energy-efficient, and reasonably priced.

I may be in the minority, but I never liked the all-drawer concept, and I'm glad I didn't let myself get converted. I have mostly doors with pull-outs, and never regret it. I store the most-used items near the front, so I rarely need the second "pull-out" motion. With drawers, the second motion (and third and fourth...) consists of: lift the whole stack of pans; remove the bottom one you need; put all the rest back into the drawer. Reverse when it's time to put them away. No thanks - I just pull out the bottom one if that's what I need, and the others fall back into place.

I was, however, convinced of the superiority of the Miele cutlery rack, and LOVE it much more than I thought I would.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pegasus undercabinet light

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Explain again what the purpose of an airgap is, I've never heard the term before.

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Great thread.

Dmlove - I love your sink/faucet set up. What brands are all those things? Thank you.

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If you've just moved into a house and you know you're going to redo your kitchen, live with what the house has for 1 year before knocking down walls/making major changes. You'll find out what works and doesn't work in the existing kitchen and you'll save time and money when planning the new one.

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BEST ADVICE--do not rush..get a good plan in place. Pick what you love ..NOT what the designer loves...or the salesperson loves.... follow your gut....creating your dream kitchen is a process that should not be rushed into.....we all make mistakes but many can be avoided if you plan think and educate yourself.... good luck....

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Drawers, NeverMT, Brizo Floriano/pulldowns in general, xenon lighting, Venting, advantium, drawers, going with your gut and not settling when it matters, full extension, appliance selection, Drawers, dimmers, and pretty much every square inch of my 2 kitchens. I don't think I made a single decision without consulting here or appliances.

And I just don't understand why people wouldn't live on this site if they are even contemplating a remodel!! I've told half a dozen people about this site, while they were in the planning stages and only one has really utilized it. Weird!

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For me it was definitely the Tapmaster. I had already seen a DIY bit on kitchens where someone discussed how much they liked the dental office type floor pedals. So I knew I wanted foot operated water. But I had no idea that there was something so sleek and so much more utilitarian.

I've enjoyed trying out ideas here and hearing about other method and resources but the Tapmaster was the big "ah-ha!" that I'll always be grateful for.

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bump--great thread!

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Something I don't think has been mentioned yet....take pictures of everything while your walls are open. It is very helpful to have that photographic record of where electic, pipes, studs etc actually are.

Also, plan for where you want to install pot/wall racks, shelf brackets, etc--and add extra framing in the walls before they get closed up.

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Bar none, the best advice I received on this forum was to hire a KD to get my layout correct. I built a new house and the architect just couldn't get the kitchen right. I posted the layout here and even with all the tweaks offered on the forum, I couldn't get it to feel right. Then, someone suggested her own KD to me. I was living in Dallas at the time, building in Oklahoma, and the KD I hired was in Seattle. But, for $500 she gave me the kitchen and mudroom layout of my dreams. Now that the house is constructed and we've been in for 2.5 weeks, I can honestly say that was the best $500 we put into the entire build. Get your floorplan right!

Also, there are a number of items that I simply would have never known about if it weren't for obsessively reading this forum:
The Franke Orca sink ... to die for.
Inexpensive but quality Ticor sinks for laundry and prep.
Plugmold giving me a crisp, clean and outlet-free backsplash.
The personal, real life stories shared here gave me the confidence to push back at the stoneyard and insist on marble for my island. It pairs beautifully with the soapstone perimeter. Now that I think about it, I probably never would have known about soapstone without this forum and I absolutely love it.
I know I would have never found my Bertazzoni range without reading the appliance forum. I had to order it from Boston because they had not yet reached Oklahoma at the time I was ordering appliances. For the money, I have a gorgeous, high-powered cooking machine.
I wouldn't have put in blum soft/self close glides, but I'm not all that impressed with them. Cool, yes, but they don't change my life. Full extension glides, though, are life changing.

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White America Quartzite to go with SS
Bluestar Range
LED undercabinet lights
internet and ebay vendor recommendations

Hancock & Moore leather furniture (from GW furniture forum)

a zillion more I can't think of offhand

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hands down- to live on the edge and go for the black Viking range...I love how it looks kinda like an old cast iron stove only WAY BETTER :-)

    Bookmark   November 8, 2007 at 4:47PM
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what is plugmold? Siligranite sinks have been mentioned alot and why do you like them? Does anyone have an electrolux oven and does it make noise. And what about soapstone? What is it and is it better than granite? This forum is so helpful to me and we are still in the framing stage but I keep thinking about moving my kitchen window down to counter height. But I'm not even sure what counter height should be. Is there a way to tell if you should have your counter raised? Sorry for rambling but so many questions, so little time. Thanks

    Bookmark   November 8, 2007 at 5:56PM
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soonermagic - curious about how it worked with the KD in Seattle. Did you just send her measurements and photos and she did the layout? Any info would be greatly appreciated. I have been working on numerous layouts and just can't seem to be 100% jazzed about any of them. Thanks.

    Bookmark   November 8, 2007 at 7:28PM
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bump....hoping soonermagic sees this. Thanks

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I read this forum obsessively when I remodeled my kitchen two years ago. I got soooo many great ideas here.

My favorites - all base drawers with everything nested nice and tidy, instead of deep gaping caverns to kneel down and dig through.

I love, love, love my Tapmaster; my grandchildren are convinced I turn on the water with Magic. It has a lot of Wow factor for guests.

I love my frameless cabinets and full extension drawers which I learned about here. I learned the virtues of pulls vs knobs here, and marble vs granite.

My Never MT didn't work right, it kept losing it's prime so DH got disgusted and jerked it out. Now I make HIM refill the soap. Next kitchen I'll try it again.

Great thread!

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This thread is so helpful! BUMP!!

    Bookmark   November 12, 2007 at 8:54PM
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Well I started this thread a couple months after we finished our remodel so havent been back on the site for a while. I find I really made a connection with this site even though I dont need it now. Since then I have used my kitchen for about 10 months or so.
Two things I havent read on this thread yet but are so loved!!

Microfiber cloths for cleaning SS and granite. And everything else in my house!! I am so glad I discovered them!
I use my Kitchen Aide stand all the time and love the way I can lift it out and put it away so easy. Just made brownies last night and was so happy to use it.
Oh 3-- Walk in pantry is sssooooo wonderful

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Sorry not to check back. As for using the kitchen designer from afar, I simply sent her the floorplan and she redrew it. We had a number of conference calls and she gave me three different versions, and really challenged me to see the space differently. Again, the best money I spent.

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I am a newbie here (have been lurking for a week or so). While I have not completed my kitchen (still gutted, actually!) I have found this site to be a very valuable resource. Thank you all for all the wonderful ideas & insite! I love reading the real-life drama involved with a kitchen re-do. It makes me feel normal...LOL!

I do have a question for

justadncr - I am currently choosing cabinets for our kitchen re-do & LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitchenaid stand! Since I have a smaller kitchen I worry about losing storage. So I am you have room to store anything other then your mixer in that cabinet?
In the past I have kept my mixer on the counter. Since DH really likes the clean-counter look, I am sure he would not object to the additional cost of that addition ;-)

Thanks in advance,

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soonermagic - would you be able to send me the KD's name and email. If you'd rather not post here, you can email me at malhgold at optonline dot net.


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justadncr--I love your pantry! Its exactly what I have been trying to explain to my designer. Would you mind sharing the dimensions?


    Bookmark   November 13, 2007 at 7:37PM
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justadncr--can you tell me the color/brand of your paint? Do you like it? We have maple cabs and black counters and are leaning toward a rust or red-brown color for the walls. Did you try out several colors?

    Bookmark   November 13, 2007 at 10:24PM
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JT562 I have lots of room now so I had extra cabinet space.
Most people used 15 inch cabinets for this but I used a 12 inch cabinet. Many people said I couldnt do it but it works great for me. I have the regular Kitchen Aide not the bigger professional one. As you see it fits very close to the edge. I bought the Heavy duty spring on this site It does take up most of the cabinet but I can store all my kitchen aide accesories in a drawer under it. There is 11 inches under it.

Teched There are alot of nice pantries on this site but I am very happy with mine. It happened by accident because it accually is a support for the upstairs that extends out 4 feet over the first floor and allows for the skylight I have over my sink. It measures 54 in by 54 in and goes out into the room 30 inches. Across the door it is 38 inches and I have a 24 inch door. One thing I learned here was to leave a little room at counter level and put in plugs at that level. I have some appliance there plugged in that I seldom use. Vacuum packer (I can just go in and use it quickly) rice ccoker and blender also. I have no heat in there so it keeps things fresh like onions etc.

Abbycat I tried lots of colors of red and found I really liked Dutch Boy "Deeply Red" Dementions. I didnt use Dutch Boy any where else in my house but I found I liked this color the best. It came with a colored undercoat specific for Deeply red. I still love it.
More pictures are under My Page.

Good luck to all of you starting this project. All your hard work will pay off. I love my kitchen and have no regrets! I did spend hours and hours on this site!!

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This forum has been such an unbelievable help during our remodel. But the piece of advice that has been my favorite has been the suggestion to post reminders around the kitchen for those working there.

We may have gone a little overboard, but we had scaled drawings, pictures, and sketches taped to walls and cabinets all over the kitchen. A sketch of the island layout, a drawing with dimensions for light fixtures and switches, a sketch showing the spacing of shelves, a picture of how we wanted plugmold installed - you name it, we had it on a piece of paper and taped on a wall.

When we would discuss anything with the electrician, plumber, etc., usually we would show them a drawing or sketch so they would know exactly what we were looking for. Then we would post it on the wall in the kitchen. It may have been slightly annoying to those working there, but it was amazing how much it helped. A number of times after someone screwed something up I would just point to a drawing and they would immediately have to take the blame and offer to fix it. There was never any chance to claim that we never told them or that we had said something else. It was right there on the wall the whole time. Plus, since DW and I both work full-time, we could rarely be home to answer questions and remind them of all the little details. If someone was unsure about something or just forgot what was discussed, there was a good chance they could just look at a drawing and get their answer instead of ASSUMING the answer and getting it wrong.

So, whoever originally posted that wonderful suggestion, and everyone else who has taken the time to share their advice, THANK YOU!

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My husband commented yesterday on how well I have "handled" the stress of our kitchen/bath renovation. My tendency is to agonize over every decision and bemoan any instances of missed perfection. I had to give the contributors to this forum much of the credit. REading about the dilemmas of others and how they managed them and also posting my own dilemmas and getting such great advice has really made my remodel LOL "fun". My only regret is finding this site after we were well into the process. I think I missed some opportunities for improvements early in the planning stages.

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Bumping this great message thread so it doesn't disappear. The best advice from the forum for me was to believe in your vision and in your kitchen experience. You do know what you want!

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So far: plug mold, undercounter light switch for undercounter lights, soapstone as a serious temptation and possibility, tilt-out shoe storage cabinet, (unresolved) concerns about Lagos Blue Caesarstone...and last but not least: knowing there are people to help! My main reason for writing is to bump this message up for new people.

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good save!

best advice I received - get hardwoods instead of laminate. Once I investigated I couldn't believe at how little difference in cost between the two (good decent laminate vs hardwood)

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This is AWESOME! I now have a list of things I had never even heard of to check on...and I thought I was on top of things!

    Bookmark   February 1, 2008 at 6:27PM
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I'm pretty new here, and still in the planning stages of our home build. What a wonderful resource! Could someone elaborate on silgranit sinks? What's so great about them? Also, what is an air switch? How does that work? Thanks!

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Hello. I've been reading this site for months and today I took the plunge to join in. This has been a great thread for me because I've cut and pasted so many ideas. I think the best advice I've found on this forum is to plan, plan, step back, take a big breath and then tweak my plans one more time before beginning a renovation. Another benefit from reading your posts is that I've found solutions to potential problems before they crop up. The posters here are willing to share their good and bad experiences so that newbies like me can have a smoother reno. Thank you all so much! Lily

    Bookmark   February 2, 2008 at 11:33AM
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Something that I'm slowly realizing as I continue to read the posts here is that, despite the best of planning, something (or things) likely will not go as planned. I'm one of those people who is very detail-oriented and tries to plan for every contingency. Yet I've seen numerous examples where someone has done all their homework, planned meticulously, and still things go wrong (i.e., Buehl). Maybe not what I want to hear, but I definitely need to hear it so I can be prepared to deal with those issues as they arise. Of course, I'm posting this in the very, very early planning stages. Maybe once I've actually been through the process my perspective will change.

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Bumping this thread to the front page

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Buy appliances available locally (so service is available), from retailers who will actually stand behind the sale instead of shifting all blame and responsibilty to the manufacturer - even when they shipped a defective product.

Just finished reading a long thread about someone that bought from an internet retailer, and it was shocking to see the attitude of the retailer. Even more shocking to see the attitudes of other posters (trolls) trying to minimize the retailer's complete lack of support by saying that they had purchased from them and didn't get screwed, so it must be the OP's fault.

Forget the pre sale promises and assurances from some of these disreputable internet companies who won't be there if you have a problem and just get them locally. No small percentage of savings is worth it if you end up with a defective product shipped and the retailer says it isn't his problem. If you must buy via internet, make sure you get in writing that the product will be shipped defect-free and if there's anything wrong with the unit at all - IMMEDIATELY contest the charge with your credit card company. Don't rely on promises that a minor (or major) problem will be promptly repaired by a service company.

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what a great thread!

does anybody have a picture of the drawer base cabinets? I'm having a hard time figuring it out -- is this like having all pot drawers throughout the bottom? I'm concerned how that would look.....

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Great thread. Thanks. I am just getting to start a very humble project and have just added a few things to my list. (You can read more re my plans--now a bit changed--at 3 years for Kitchen Reno?)

One question...someone noted "the virtues of pulls vs knobs."

I currently have knobs...what are the virtues of each??? Didn't realize there were any.


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hmmm I'd have to say the best advice I've gotten from the forum is just the wealth of ideas people can throw out there. Often times I'd find myself rejecting an idea someone had but then using it some way in something later.

Also just learning all the lingo was great. When the contractor asked if I wanted plugmold I didn't go "huh?" I said "YES" - heck before visiting this forum I didn't know what the word "backsplash" meant. I think by being knowledgable before talking to the contractor it helps a lot.

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Drawer Bases

Drawer bases are simply base cabinets with all drawers rather than doors. Here's a picture of the what mine are supposed to look like. All bases except the small ones flanking the cooktop and the corner sink are drawer bases. Notice the one on the far left is a 3-drawer base, the one on the far right is a 4-drawer base, and the others are a combination of drawers and appliances (left-to-right: warming drawer, cooktop, MW Drawer)

To see "real life" drawer bases, check out the Finished Kitchens Blog and look at the closeups of just about any kitchen and you will see drawer bases.

Knobs vs Pulls

There have been several discussions of knobs vs pulls. Some comments:

* Knobs on base cabinets can catch on clothing (and rip sometimes).

* Cabinets/drawers w/pulls can usually be opened w/one finger...even the pinky finger.

If you search the Forum you will probably find several discussions on this topic (sometimes embedded in other topics!)


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I learned so, so, so much from these forums--I basically consulted these forums for almost every decision in a whole house remodel. I really don't know what I would have done without them! The two things that stand out for me (and that I didn't see mentioned above)

--Susan Jablon glass tile. Everyone who comes in my house walks up to my backsplash and has to touch it. I had just about given up the idea of a glass tile backsplash before finding out about her site on this forum. The price of her tile, even with shipping, was about half of what I could have bought it for locally and it is gorgeous!

--reading about internet retailers and great products on here gave me the confidence to go ahead and order a lot of items (like the Ticor sink) on line. I never would have done that sight unseen without all the helpful feedback here. And I had essentially universally a good experience with all of the on line retailers.

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finding out that I didn't have to have my air gap (the overflow thingy for the dishwasher). I live in CA and it is code. Easy way around that if you need to pass code inspection is to drill the hole for air gap... pop it on for inspection and when they've gone take off the air gap and pop on your soap dispenser. Then put the loop in the hose at the back of your diswasher... VOILA te he

Best things

No sockets/switches in backsplash (under cabinet plug strip)

Toe kick on trash pop out BUT... ADD a second spring to add power to the pop (thank you for whoever mentioned this ingenious bit of info)

Drawers instead of cupboards... so easy/convenient/tidy

Slow close and bluemotion bits on uppercupboards

My double layered cutlery drawer (secret drawer within a drawer)

What to look for when choosing undercabinet lighting eg... reflection, spread of light, color of light, heat...

Knobs vs handles

Benefits of a large farmhouse sink

Miele dishwasher - superb

Thermador cooktop and all the controversy about the popup draft and how I could get away with not having one. THANK YOU!

Miele warming drawer FANTASTIC and thank you for making me realise that it doesn't have to be on the floor under the oven!!!

BEST ADVICE (even though I'd already done it because I'm pedantic!) PLAN YOUR STORAGE SPACE. measure boxes, measure food processer, mixer, stack of plates etc etc. then make a note of contents in the drawers or cupboards on your plans or diagrams or in your notes.

Plug stip under center island.

I think I'll stop now!

Thank you, thank you, thank you

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soonermagic, are you gone? Wondering if you could share name / contact info for you Seattle kitchen designer? I am planning mine here in Seattle. LOVE your kitchen, hope you are happy living there!

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You might try posting on the link below.
Soonermagic started this post a few days ago, so I'm sure you can connect with her over there.
Lots of pics of Soonermagic's house.

Here is a link that might be useful: Soonermagic - Help: Photo shoot at MY house THIS week

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napagirl - thanks! I am new here so a bit slow but I did search a bit and found out what soonermagic's countertops are. I will still follow up at the link you provided. Thanks!

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Re the lowdown on knobs v pulls. I found some threads but they didn't answer that q. I hadn't thought about knobs on base cabinets ripping my clothes. Luckily that hasn't happened yet!


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this is one of the first threads I read , found it somehow through google - really opend my eyes to whats happening in the remodel world and so I'm bumping it back into play

for myself, the best advice, so far ( we are the very begining )

and it's OK to really take your time with your decisions

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1. Drawers instead of pull outs
2. Orca single sink
3. All the layout advice!
4. Pot rack in upper cabinet (I think this idea was from loves2cookfor6??)
5. Electrical outlet inside a drawer for a charging station

I would not have most of the things I love about my new kitchen without the help of the people on this forum!

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A neat idea I saw yesterday was filling in the gap between the fridge and the cupboard above it with some leftover filler and a piano hinge. Can't remember who posted it. Very clever idea - especially since I am getting a fridge 'hole' bigger than I need as our present fridge is quite small and I'll want to upgrade eventually! This might make it look less out of proportion.

I am also regretting my decision to get laminate floors, but my budget is blown and hardwood is out of the question!

    Bookmark   April 11, 2008 at 9:45AM
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Cambro...where did you see this idea? Just yesterday we discovered that we may have a significant gap b/w the top of the refrigerator & the bottom of the cabinet above. Our contractor is just going to use filler to hide the gap, but if we put it on hinges it would actually become usable space!

I'd love to see a picture or at least read a discussion about this idea...


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Buehl, I don't know where I saw it!! If your contractor is already going to do it, ask him to attach it with a piano hinge! I definitely plan to! You can search the site, but I honestly have surfed around here so much in the last week since finding it that I couldn't begin to guess where I saw it! good luck!

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-knife drawer (I hated that block)
-gel stain
-all the lighting options, under/over/inside/outside...
-so many countertop options that I'm already planning my next remodel..yes I said the next one!

Everyday I have something new to do!

Plus just the feeling of knowing that you have somewhere to go when it feels like everything is going wrong! thanks!

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I'm wondering if you might provide me with your KD in Seattle?
We, too, have an architect designing our remodel. I've been concerned that his kitchen/mudroom design skills may not be as exceptional as his architectural skills. Reading your post confirmed my fears.
This is my very first post --I've been lurking for a while.
Thanks so much for your assistance!

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Just discovered this and am bumping it up. Great ideas!

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bump again

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bumping up for soonermagic to provide her KD's info. Thanks!!

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1 - Getting rid of my ugly phone jack and getting a phone that doesn't need one!

2 - How to get rid of the drip inside my oven door - with a hanger and a sock going up through the holes at the bottom of the door. Worked like a charm!

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great thread. we are getting ready to embark on a kitchen remodel and this information is great. Wish it was organized a little like different. i.e. places to get the recommended sinks, tap masters etc. but will take all the help we can get. Our budget is $60K on this kitchen (not including labor) and I'm finding it does not go nearly as far as I thought. We are going to really have to shop the items to come in on budget.

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Does anyone have a great idea for a wall pantry? Pull out shelves, drawers, what do you think?

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Best advice:

1) Get a spine when talking to GC about his version vs. my version of cleaning up the jobsite each day (aka our home).

2) Use masking tape and a measuring tape and make a mock up of where your new cabinets will go. This is a biggie!

3) Microfibre cloths for granite and appliances

4) Dimmer switches! I put them on ALL of the new lighting, including the patio lights adjacent, and have not regretted it once.

5) Blanco silgranit sink. Never even heard of one before GW.

While I'm at it, THANKS everyone for the great advice!

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Wow! We will be breaking ground on our new house in Septmember and while I have done a tremendous amount of research in great detail and have picked most things, there is so much to learn. This forum is a godsend, and this thread has made me aware of, well let's see, eight things to look into. THANKS!
My tip at this early stage is in organization of all this research. I am using One Note, a Microsift product. It essentially brings together everything into a digital notebook. So I scan photos (directly from it) onto my kitchens notebook page, ctrl C copy photos from the Internet-and it brings the URl with them so I can get back to the site right from my kitchens page. I can draw, move stuff, click and add things to do to my Outlook tasks.
hjat's most helpful is I can collect a ton of things and then move stuff around, with the winning cabinet, light fixtures, etc all togethr so I can quickly print a page or two and have them in ahnd to go shopping. I did that with the cabinetmaker the other day.
Thanks again for sharing your wisdom!

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Ticor sinks: Ticor Sinks at Galaxy Tool Supply:
I think this plus their eBay site are the only places to get them reasonably priced...but there may others, Google "Ticor" + the model you're looking for.

Tapmaster®: Tapmaster®:
I don't know if there are other places to get these from...again, Google it!

Never-MT: Never-MT:
I think this is the only place you can get one from.

Pop up Outlets: Popup Mocketts:
There may be other vendors/sellers, use Google. (Pufp?)

Plugmold®/Power Strips:

There may be other vendors/sellers, use Google.

Have you noticed that "Google" (or other search engine) is your "new best friend"? :-)

Note: One reason people haven't specified where they got things is that most things are available many places. Another reason is that you have to be careful not to "advertise" or promote a business on this site.

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Hi everyone! I just registered here after doing lots of lurking. Six years ago we added on and remodeled our home to bring my mom to live with us. I lurked so much then and everyone was so helpful. Mom is now 92 and we decided to go ahead with the kitchen remodel. We put it off for many reasons, but are now in the planning phase for a Spring 09 remodel. We want to take plenty of time and do it right. I just spent the last 2+ hours reading this thread and want to echo the thanks to all who have posted and given of themselves so selflessly.

I want to bump this thread back up since we will be making lots of decisions in the next few months and want to see if anyone else wants to jump in the discussion.

I will start a thread with pictures of our late 1950Âs kitchen and plans and thoughts we have so far. I look forward to getting to know you all better as I become an active member of the Garden Web.


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It is about 3 years since our kitchen was completed. I still like our aeshetic choices but from a practical stand point there are 2 things that I am especially pleased with:
1. My big single sink.
2. Our Vac Pan. Ours is hooked up to a wet/dry vac in the basement because we do not have central vac. The idea came from this forum and our electrician and contractor figured out how to make it happen.

    Bookmark   September 13, 2008 at 6:02PM
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Lena M

DIY on gel stain.
Thanks Celticmoon and Projectsneverend.


    Bookmark   October 26, 2008 at 4:53PM
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I visited the forums a while back and got all of this great advise then. Now I am looking to actually do something in my kitchen and I realized how many great ideas I forgot. So I am bumping this up for others.

    Bookmark   December 29, 2008 at 9:25PM
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well, i would just like to say that after I have checked CR and other review sites that I come here for the final scoop. All you folks who contribute make this the BEST place to get accurate, up to date, helpful, time and money saving info. on all sorts of home ideas. Thanks! to all of you!

    Bookmark   January 22, 2009 at 12:42AM
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Here's a bump before this great thread scrolls off the board...

Oh, and I'll add my favorite advice, too:

-More drawers!
-Soapstone, getting it, finding the right fabricator right here, and caring for it
-where to find a deal on saddle stools
-Ticor sinks from
-Kohler Vinnata
-lots of great general layout advice, too

    Bookmark   March 11, 2009 at 6:38PM
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Not to put my cooktop on my island.

    Bookmark   March 11, 2009 at 7:11PM
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I was just searching for this thread because I needed that picture of Dmlove's cord hole thingy (what would you call it?), and found that the thread had rolled off (it's in the "keep on page one" directions), so I figure I'll bump it - I re-read a bunch of it because I've just started my renovation, and it's good to review this stuff.

I'm a little scared, though, because of igloochick's advice - I am going on vacation during my renovation. Yikes!

Also, it's funny to see how much I didn't remember reading, but I've actually done, like post a picture/drawings of things I want done, and make a list of all my categories of stuff and where they will go in the new kitchen.

I'd say some of the best advice I got was around my budget and how to make the hard decisions on what should stay in and what should go (that was from Beuhl).

(1) What is not that important to me and doesn't add functionality? [Candidate for elimination altogether]

(2) What can I do at a later date? [Candidate for deferring until a later date]

(3) What can't be done at a later date and I can't live without? [Candidate for keeping and doing now]

I think everyone should ask and answer those 3 questions - even if money is no object - so that they know their priorities.


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Lingo and terms.
It's hard to describe things in 3D.
This forum got me to see how many people manage to communicate about terms.
Most people can't imagine easily in 3D, so communicating about it is much harder than I thought.
I'm more able now to go slow when talking and listening.
I haven't learned the master woodworker's vocabulary, I just go slow through each step of the talk.
This forum helped me see which terms are worth using, and which can be saved for later.
This forum helped me get clearer communication going.

Tweaking and innovating.
I tweaked everything in my kitchen along the way.
This forum helped me justify personal innovations.
This forum confirmed ideas.
There were many instances of positive reinforcement.
Resistance could be expressed when I raised ideas; it all helped to refine the concept.
A couple gave me their best shot at "ridicule".
It meant my idea had disturbed their paradigm, and this confirmed that the idea was solid on its own.

This forum got me to see all of the above 157 posts.
E.g. how drawers are ergonomic AND greater storage than base cabinets.

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I am planning a kitchen with ease of use and cleaning in mind, so reading through this has been such fun. It's made me look up and bookmark a number of things.

I have been hesitating over my design as I have not been happy with any layout so far for my problematic kitchen, and each KD just asks me what I want (a new idea would be good) rather than offering any fresh suggestions. Sigh. But, this thread has given me new impetus to get to work again. Thanks!

    Bookmark   March 12, 2010 at 12:59AM
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I don't know if I would have a remodeled kitchen if it weren't for this forum. I would have still been looking at the dreadful old one wishing it was nice and not knowing how to get it nice. Even the ideas & photos of things I didn't want for me helped to define what I did want. My new kitchen came in well under budget and I'm glad to have it. The drawers aren't all I had hoped they'd be but it's taking some time to get organized so maybe after a while I will like them more. I hope in a couple more weeks I will have everything in a usable spot. I can't thank everyone enough for all the ideas, pictures, advice and "toys" I read here. Who knew someone in the middle of an Iowa cornfield had a $653 fireclay sink! No granite, though. Formica through and through.
I have to give credit to my carpenter, too. He made the things I wanted happen and the things I didn't have ideas about happen, too. There was a time when his eyes rolled when I said, "but the people on the kitchen forum say......." But I had photos and conversations printed off to show him what I meant. It was quick and painless and now I'm playing in it! Thank you gardenweb kitchens!

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Among others, Lisalists organized drawers where the dividers go from front to back or side to side so you don't have to nest objects-and you can fit so much stuff in. Easy easy access. No nesting. Yay

    Bookmark   March 26, 2010 at 1:27PM
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I learn new things here every day, so this is just a ''so far'' list:

- Layout, efficiency. This has to be the most important thing I've been learning here. What tasks do you perform, what zones will you organize them in, what items do you need close at hand in each zone, how does traffic between and through zones flow. etc.
- Styles, materials, looks. People here have great ''eyes'' for style and looks. My eyes have been opened to these looks, and I've learned the vocabulary to describe them.
- Specific ideas/features I learned about here that seem like they'll be useful: prep sinks, base cabinet drawers, counter top materials other than granite, true convection ovens, unfitted kitchens, under-counter refrigeration.

    Bookmark   March 26, 2010 at 2:06PM
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After all of these posts about drawers, I'd love to see some pictures. Can those of you who love your kitchen drawers post some pictures?

    Bookmark   March 29, 2010 at 10:31PM
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Many things, one of which is using a 13-15" depth cabinet for inset cabinets, as 12 is not sufficient.

    Bookmark   March 29, 2010 at 10:54PM
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I just wanted to be the 150th poster. Lol!

    Bookmark   March 29, 2010 at 11:01PM
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