ceiling height dilemma

mothandbeeJuly 4, 2013

So we are adding on a 14x16 kitchen past the current 14x9 kitchen, which will become the dining area. This existing room has a flat ceiling, and we had originally had the new construction kitchen with a vaulted ceiling. I thought my scope of work included replacing the existing ceiling to match. However, after talking to the GC, he says that was not part of the quote, and that there would be some extra cost if i wanted to match the ceilings.

I have seen lots of room where the kitchen has a flat ceiling and is attached or open to a great room with a vaulted ceiling, but not one where the DR is flat ceiling and kitchen is vaulted- and this is essentially all one room. Plus, once I started looking at pictures of lighting in vaulted ceiling kitchens I realized that some looked great while others look not so great.

My concerns if I leave the kitchen ceiling vaulted and DR flat ceiling.

may make dining area seem more cozy?/ more like a separate room
will work with light fixture I want from
don't have to worry about ceilings lining up ( new construction attached to existing old, warped walls)
less money & demolition

look weird?
more money & demolition
may be a bump where two ceilings meet that would have to be covered with trim/beam something

I prefer to save money and demolition, but
I can't tell if it will seem strange..

What would you do? I need to make a decision soon. DH says go flat all the way.

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Can you post a floor plan so we can visualize it better?


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Because I only wanted one dining area in my new build, but wanted it to read more formal, I intentionally designed a flat-ceiling dining room which sits between my vaulted kitchen ceiling and my vaulted living room. I think it works really well -- defines the space as dining rather than an extension of the kitchen.

That said, think about how you will feel 6 months after the remodel is complete -- will you say, "damn, I wish we'd just vaulted the dining room when we had the chance," because, if so, do it now when everything is going to be a mess anyway.

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