paulineinmn...I need your help!

lisa0527July 2, 2011

Hi Pauline

Just found the gorgeous pictures of your almost finished kitchen. It's very similar to what I have planned. Just having a little trouble persuading my husband on having 2 different cabinet finishes. If you have any more recent photos I can use to persuade him I'd be very grateful!

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Hi Lisa! Sure...I'd be happy to post more! I'm not at home right now but will be able to take some photos and post them in the morning.

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Here are some photos of the kitchen - a little more progress since the last time I posted. Still choosing a paint color (as you can see by the squares on the wall); also waiting for the latches for the uppermost cabs to arrive, and need to stain the trim. I hope this helps convince your husband! Let me know if you want closer views or something different.

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What a pretty kitchen! You are a good photographer as well! Very nice job!
I haven't followed your kitchen... what is the space to the right of the fridge for (with the piping?)

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Thanks! It's for the radiator, which we removed to do the floors (haven't finished stripping and refinishing it yet).

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Drooling over your Berta! I was fighting DH for the Professional, but after finding a floor model of the Master at $1k less I had no good arguments for those knobs. Your kitchen is looking amazing!

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Oh my goodness!
It's just beautiful. Thank you so much for posting these photos. I'll let you know how my campaign to persuade my husband works, but I can't believe he'll resist once he sees these.

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Have you thought about posting these as an update for everyone to see? I'm afraid others won't find them in this thread, and I'm sure they'd love to see them as well.

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