Am I being unreasonable?

akl_vdbJuly 15, 2014

We had a kitchen flood in November. Dealing with a restoration company. We decided on new cabs, ordered them beginning of May. The resto company wanted the $ for the new cabs just before install. I didn't get around to paying them, and then the cabs came, were the wrong sizes, door style and poor quality.

So they put a 2.5 week rush on the cabs. That was 3.5 weeks ago and I still don't have them. Our floor was ripped out for the cab install (a month ago) and we have no uppers, and our lowers are 2 old cabs with plywood 'counter'.

Now the resto company is asking for the whole amount for the cabs.

I said I would have the cheque for the insurance deductible.

Am I being unreasonable wanting to hold off on payment until the cabs are installed, and done perfectly?

While I like the company, and most of them seem to do good work, we also had an issue that required them to remove drywall, fix vapour barrier (that they ripped in many spots and hid), and replace 3 corner beads including patching and painting. Actually, now that I think about it, no work has really been done except patching and painting!

So am I being unreasonable? They want 100% of the cost of the cabs (this is over and above the insurance $, out of our pockets). DH could see if they wanted a portion. We do not have a written understanding as to when they will be paid for the cabs.

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Tell them you've got a certified check with their name on it for the cost of the cabinets that you will gladly hand over when the cabinets are delivered, unpacked, inspected, and approved.

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Oh, Hell No.
>>that they ripped in many spots and hidAnd you trust them?
I'm with Trebruchet.

Aren't they acting as your contractor? Even then, it's 1/3 at contract, 1/3 when (proper) materials are delivered, and the remainder when the punch list is complete.

Don't you dare give them 100%. Do you want me to come say, "Oh, Hell No" in their faces? I will.

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I'm guessing they haven't even ordered the cabinets yet. Never pay 100% in advance unless you want the work incomplete, shoddy, or not done at all! If you had paid for the cabinets in advance the first time, you wouldn't have had any leverage to get them to fix the poor quality. Asking for more than 8-10% up front is not standard in the construction industry according to an engineer I talked to who supervises contractor work. Even good companies often need a little holdback to be motivated to finish the job.

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Cabinets and other custom work is not the same as paying your contractor (paying 50% on ordering and 50% on delivery is not uncommon for cabinetry) but in this case, since there's already a proven problem, I'd second Trebuchet.

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You are NOT being unreasonable. I would tell them you aren't paying anything until cabinets arrive and are inspected. Then a percentage, but not more than 50% until everything is done and inspected to your satisfaction.

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Ok, thanks! I don't want to be unreasonable, and for some reason I want to please everyone (crazy!). I'm like, what if they get mad??

My DH is aghast that they would even ask. He's like, "They're joking right??" We got a bit screwed over with the little kitchen reno we did in the summer (yes, before the flood) by a different company, so I'm trying to learn my lesson.

No money will change hands until I am happy is my new mantra.

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Go get 'em girl! Stand your ground!

And CEFreeman? Obviously feisty68 took the screen name you really wanted to have so you settled for your current, lol!

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I shopped three kitchen cabinet places, and they all had the same policy. 50% upon order and 50% to release delivery. No negotiating. Was weary of that but it appeared to be standard practice here.

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If you don't offer to pay a percentage up front upon delivery, then if I was a contractor I'd rather find another customer.

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There is a big difference between stock cabinets that can be returned and say, a custom countertop that can't.

If you order cabinets from me and don't pay, I can send them back and probably pay a restocking fee. If you order a custom countertop, it has a specific color and configuration and is only really good at your job. That is much more risk to expect a contractor to take than a cabinet order.

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