Wood and Stone on Island?

mathjenJuly 20, 2013

Hello! I am thinking of having a walnut countertop on my island, with white quartz around the stove, which is on the island (a red Bluestar range). Does anyone have any experience planning such a layout? pros and cons? Thanks!

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You will need a really large island to accomplish this correctly with enough room for each material and to have the proper clearances and needed room for each function to overlap. For a 30" range top, you will need a minimum of 15" on one side for an emergency landing spot, then 48" on the other if you want to have a prep zone and emergency landing zone combined on the other. If you want to add a prep sink so you're not twisting back and forth to your water source, you need to add another 30" for the sink cabinet and some space to the other side. That's a minimum of 8' for a 30", and that number only goes up if you want the prep sink, or seating, or a larger range.

However, with 8', You can integrate two different materials by maybe doing some type of "yin yang" type join, as in a curve where they meet. Or, if you are short, you could do a lower butcher block prep spot of at least 36" (leaving the 15" and 12" emergency landing spots in quartz at the higher level) In other words, with enough space, it's possible to do justice to both materials.

But, I would also think twice about the visual noise that using the two materials will add with the stainless of the range top and the overhanging hood and the cabinet material. You'll already have a minimum of 3 materials just from that. Introducing a 4th material can be overload. Maybe think about doing the perimeter in the quartz and the island in the butcherblock without quartz.

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