Please show me your pictures hung in stairwells!

jesemyNovember 3, 2008

Hi Everyone,

I have 8 antique hummingbird prints (one shown below) that I am thinking about hanging in my stairwell. I searching for different ideas for arranging them. Do you have any pictures that you can share with me for ideas?



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Your prints will really be pretty on your stairs. Do you have a photo of the area? It will be easier to give advice.

Below are four Charleston prints in our previous home and our current home.

(I photographed and made notations of the prints before we moved, so that I would know how to hang them in the new house)

See prints in the mirrors reflection.

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Jesemy I agree w/nhb, your artwork will look great in your stairwell. Your birds are stunning. I also love 18th & 19th century botanicals, birds & butterflies, & I'm looking for pieces to assemble in my stairwell!

Nhb, your pointers are helpful for hanging the artwork, & I'm so glad you included that. Why just today, I was doing an internet search on this topic & the rule of thumb I came across was every 3 stairs hang the art 66" from the stair, 6" apart. You actually gave more details, which I appreciate! You have a great eye & any tips you offer I'm going to take to heart...every detail of your house is gorgeous!

Good luck grouping your birds, J. Please post a pic when you get them all together!

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We have art going up our stairs, viewable from the Foyer, walking the stairs and from the second floor bridge.

The pointers offered regarding placement are especially good as your subjects need to be at eye level to fully enjoy. Newhomebuilder - nice reflection in the mirror.

Good luck.

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At my Mom-in-law's summer place - boat theme...

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stinky-gardener - Thank you for the compliment.

Interesting information on hanging stair artwork. I really don't know how a "rule of thumb" could be given for hanging artwork on stairways. No artwork is the same size, and when you are dealing with stairs, it is even more difficult to get them hung correctly.

I first used newspaper to space my prints properly. Not only did I have to have the placement correct for the vertical look, but I had to have them horizontally spaced, without having too much excess on either end of the staircase. For example, had I six prints, like jesemy, I might have hung them 6" apart in order to get them all in the wall space.

It was difficult enough to get my prints hung correctly because of the landscape, and portrait orientations. That's why I measured and recorded the distances, so that I could easily hang them again. Didn't work out as I had planned though, because the new stairwell area was steeper than the old. I had to adjust the measurements for the new arrangement to get them all in a smaller space. I will take a better photo (than the reflection) and post tomorrow.

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Here are the prints in the new double stairwell.

Both the top and the bottom print are at eye level to the center of the print, when standing on the step (or the landing as in the bottom photo.)

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Not sure why that last photo didn't post. Something seems to be up with PhotoBucket today.

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Oh so pretty, nhb!

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this sucks

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