how much overghang for inset..1'??

michelle16July 30, 2012

need to figure out my whole counter dilemma by tom., he said normal overhang for inset is 1"? i have also read 3/4 only? what do you all have for inset??

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I have inset cabinets and my granite overhang is 1", it's perfect as it takes into account the pulls installed on the cabinets.

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Hi Michelle --

Nothing wrong with going with a 1" overhang (this is pretty standard).
But for some reason I liked the look of a smaller overhang with my inset cabinets.
I guess I didn't want the counter to overshadow the cabinets!

I told my fabricator I wanted a 1/2 " over hang. He argued with me and gave me about 3/4 inch. I'm not unhappy with the result.

I'm sure that you have read the many GW threads on counter overhang. If not, here is one to get started. This is one of those topics like double vs single sinks that seems to generate lots of different opinions.

Here is a link that might be useful: One of many threads on overhang

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It is so helpful to see all your posts regarding your kitchen and the questions you are asking. I am a few steps behind you and it is great to follow along and have some of the questions answered for me. Sorry I am not so helpful to you though.

Looking forward to seeing more pictures of the kitchen as it progresses!

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I had specified 3/4" for our countertop, but for some reason it ended up at 1 1/4". It doesn't bother me, but I think 3/4" would have been fine as well (in fact, it took me a few days after the granite was installed before I noticed it wasn't what I had specified). Our pulls do stick out 1 1/4" from the cabinet, so I guess it matches. In general I believe it's one of those details you can obsess over and then never notice again.

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Thanks to all of you for your help, i was going to swith from 1' to 3/4', cause i thought a hair less might be better, I liked the way it looked when I mocked it up, but then when i held my pull up, it looked too short, so I think I will keep the 1" thanks for the tip about the pulls!!

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