BM Philadelphia Cream questions

ctlaneNovember 25, 2012

I am trying to pick out a new paint color for the main floor dining room, kitchen, living room, and hallway which are open to each other. All trim is white. I can get away with painting the dining room and kitchen one color and the living room and hallway another. Right now the colors feel dark and heavy. Looking for light and airy.

I've been debating BM Philadelphia Cream but in all my searching have found a number of comments saying it is too yellow. I was hoping for a fresh, light, neutral backdrop.

Anyone have pictures of this color in their home? How yellow does it read. I would love to see it and get your feeling on it. Our rooms face west with tons of light.

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The only way to get a true reading of the color in your conditions is to paint a large sample board or section of wall and view it under your conditions. Depending on someone else's lighting and your computer monitor to choose a color is dicey at best.
You've already been unhappy once- go get a sample and see its true representation under your conditions.

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Ditto what cearbhaill wrote, but also, if you google it, every photo of BM Philadelphia Cream seems to read yellow.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of Philadelphia Cream

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Thanks for your input. Of course I will get samples when I narrow things down but wasn't sure how yellow it would read in real life when on the wall. I had googled it and every pic shows it differently depending on amount of light and quality of camera and computers.

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Have you considered Mascarpone? We used it for our townhouse and it's a very fresh light neutral... warm without being yellow.

I've since moved the pictures down and added lamps on this table so excuse the unbalanced look but it is an accurate representation of the color.

and same color in the bathroom with no natural light

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Thank you Tinan, I will check that one out too.

Any opinions of Pittsfield Buff? It seems less yellow but still neutral.

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I tried it and it was really, really yellow! I so wanted it to work as another poster had put up pics and it looked lovely in her home. But, it just wasn't right for me, could be my lighting, floors, etc. Could even have been the kid that mixed it - they mix the old fashioned way not on a computer.

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Thanks Jeannie, when you say it was really yellow, I assume you are referring to Philadelphia Cream not Pittsfield Buff?

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