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lindanewcJuly 23, 2013

About a year ago, I started planning on a kitchen remodel with new cabinets and found a KD that I liked and had quoted us $6-7k for Diamond cabinets. We were all set to order them when we were forced to put the project on hold. We now finally have our ducks lined up and I set an appt. with KD last week. He steered me towards Columbia Cabinets, cayene with glaze and I fell in love with them. He did tell me they would be more expensive, however, I was shocked to see that they were $11k, 40% higher than the Diamond. It's completely out of our range and we have to start looking again. I could have stretched the cabinet budget to probably $9k, but I can't go anymore than that. We're paying cash for the remodel and if I paid $11k, I'd have to forgo a lot.

Over the weekend, we met with the installer that my husband knows and he had told us about another place he usually goes to get cabinets and said they would be less expensive. I went to them and color matched what I loved to Showplace Wood Products, Truffle. When I went to research Showplace, I see mixed reviews on those cabinets, but most of the bad ones are from several years ago. My husband has worked with this installer and can vouch for his quality of work and feels that if he recommends them, that's good enough for him.

I have two questions:

Would trying to negotiate the Columbia Cabinets down by $2k be totally unreasonable? In the last year, I've looked for cabinets and this color and finish are the perfect fit for me. but if I can't have granite because I spent my $$ on cabinets, it's not worth it.

Does anyone know anything about Showplace cabinets? The pictures I've seen online are really pretty, but the reviews from 2008 make me leery. The color match is very close and I feel that if I didn't have it right next to the Columbia for comparison, I'd probably really like it.

We've lived in this house for 19 years and will probably spend another 19 years and this will most likely be the only time I get to re-do the kitchen.

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Sophie Wheeler

What's wrong with the Diamond you had quoted originally? It fit your budget, right? As far as "negotiating" down an 11K order to 9K, not gonna happen. That's not a big enough order to be able to take that big of a hit on. You would be at just above cost for that if they are doing a "standard" margin. Even if it were 21K, a 2K drop wouldn't probably be possible unless someone is charging some pretty hefty margins. That doesn't happen these days.

Showplace is a good value. You'd be getting a medium grade cabinet at just above a builder grade price if you can get a whole kitchen for 7K in either Diamond or Showplace.

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FWIW...a friend has had Diamond cabs for about 3-4 years and is very happy with them.

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Holly & Joaniepoanie,

Thank you for responding. When we originally got the price for the Diamond cabinets, I chose a certain finish and style.

Since we had to put the project on hold for a little over a year, I spent A LOT of time looking at Houzz and Gardenweb and Big Box stores and I became more aware of the the style and finish I REALLY wanted. I realize now that it was a good thing that I had to put the project on hold because I now have a clear vision of what I wanted.

So, when I started again with this KD, we had to sort of go back to the drawing board. I still wanted cherry cabinets but the finish (whiskey black) was too orange against my red oak floors. I originally chose that finish because my friend had just installed it in her bathroom. A year later looking at the wood, it turned orange so I decided I wanted a more "brown" finish because I know that cherry darkens. That's how we got to Columbia. I was sold on Diamond because it was in my price range and I liked Whiskey black in cherry. I went to Columbia because of the finish and stain. Like I said, I knew it would be more, but not 40% more.

I knew it was a stretch asking, but I had to know if there was a chance I could actually get it into my budget. Since it's not likely to get to my price range, obviously I have to search for a like finish and stain. Showplace seems to be very, very close but I am concerned about some of the reviews I've seen online. Finishes are so hard to choose on cabinetry. At least when you pick paint out you can change it relatively easy. I can't change the red oak floors, so the finish has to really work.

Again, thank you both for responding.

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Lindanew, have you considered local custom shops? They could get your stain exactly right. Or Ikea boxes and custom doors? Cabinet prices vary widely, and it seems to me that they end up being a third or half the budget, so careful shopping can pay off.

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LindaNew- I'm a Showplace dealer. And a regular here, I think another regular, Kompy, is too.
First I'm not so sure SWP will be as inexpensive as Diamond
Next- I've had them going on 3 years now. Had one pair of doors replaced due to color issues- arrived here in 2 weeks. Otherwise no issues I put them in my father's home.
Might reread those threads with a little skepticism, sort out just what they are saying, check the dates they signed in and see. What other posts they made. Check with the BBB.
Then evaluate the information.
Assuming they price right for you.

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Thank you for your response. I actually did do a bit more research and started seeing some positive feedback on Showplace so I'm much more comfortable about pursuing these cabinets. The negatives I saw were several years old and sounds like it was much more a dealer issue than a SWP issue. I think I'm going to price them in the finish & style I want, and price Diamond cabinets if I can find a finish & style comparable to what I want...and then go from there....

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