If you have an mixer lift, how wide is your cabinet

ontariomomJuly 1, 2014

Hi all,

We will be having an appliance lift for our Sunbeam mixer. We had planned on a 15 inch frameless cabinet for the lift, but the cabinet guy suggested we might need to go for a wider cabinet. Our sunbeam mixer is only 9.5 inches wide, but I realize the hardware takes up around 3 inches of width too. Will I regret it if we stick with a 15 inch cabinet? If we upgrade at some point to a Kitchenaid mixer will it need more width? If we do go wider, we could just increase to a 16 wide cabinet as we are doing RTA custom sized cabinets.


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Most cabinets that come ready madee with the lift installed are 21'-24' wide so as to serve as the actual work surface for a project.

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HI GreenDesigns,

Good to hear from you! We will buy an aftermarket appliance lift probably from Rev-a-shelf. You make a good point that a wider cabinet and shelf would allow more width to actually use the mixer on the lifting shelf itself. However, we would not have the spare inches to go as wide as a 21-24 inch cabinet. If the shelf is too narrow when using the mixer, I could lift the mixer from shelf to counter top to use (still easier than lifting it from the pantry to counter).

Would it lift and store fine in a cabinet that was only 15 to 16 inches wide?


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I have a 15 inch frameless cabinet with mixer lift. My kitchen aid is under the cover. We don't use much, but it works fine.

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That is very helpful williamsem. Thanks so much for the photo. What hardware did you buy for the lift? What size Kitchaid do you own?

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We are redoing the entire kitchen and are getting the mixer lift for the kitchen aid. I do not know the size of the cabinet so glad to read your post. Question, has anyone used the lift and do you like it?

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Be aware that mixers come in various heights so choose the lift's placement in the cabinet carefully. I can't point to the exact thread, but I've read on this forum that someone's mixer made it only by a hair (she had not checked in advance), others said they installed only to discover their mixer was too tall for the placement they chose.

I think it works out fine as long as the appliance's height is considered before installation. If you are interested on other threads on the topic in this forum, you'll get more results by doing a google search for: gardenweb appliance lift.

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My cabinets are framed inset and the interior space is about 14.25". It just fits. (The door hinge is different to allow door swing 180 degrees ?). I did not put a drawer above cab because I wanted the mixer to come up close to island height. I believe my KA is the smaller one (w glass bowl).

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Nice photo, Mags. Did you use the Rev-a-shelf lift hardware and supply your own shelf? It looks like you could have shaved an inch off your cabinet width. The interior of a 15inch frameless cabinet is only 13.5 which is what we are hoping will work.


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We will be sure to check the height of the unit. We are not planning to have a drawer above, but hoped for a roll-out like williamsem has on the bottom of the cabinet.


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My cabs were custom and I had the cab ppl install the rev-a-shelf. I think I did a quick check and it might have been more of a hassle for me to get an after-market install done properly. I didn't have it in me, to do any DIY on this reno, so I ordered with cabs.

Yes Williamsem's shelf at bottom is very nice. I have my kick toe heater switches located below mixer stand within cabinet so I had to forgo the rollout.

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Ours is 18" - we were told that less than that and you don't get the sideways sway support. We have 2 food processors on it! Also, discovered that the paper towel dispenser fits very nicely on the underside of the cabinet inside the door (in case you don't want to have that exposed).

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Thanks, Thorbro. Good idea about the paper towel holder too. Any chance you have a photo? Are your cabinets frameless or framed?


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@williamsem: could you pls tell me how far down the rev-a-shelf metal side rail/thingy starts from top of cab? Your placement seems a bit higher than mine; maybe I could gain a couple more inches in height under the stand shelf. Thanks

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