Do you find your pot filler awkward to use?

GWloloJuly 2, 2013

I did a lot of research on pot fillers and finally selected one by Franke that is double jointed and has 2 shutoff levers - one at the spout and one near the wall. Now that it is installed, I am not liking it. It feels awkward to use and a pain to unfold and tuck back in and I feel I will not remember to close the second shut off valve against the wall or on the contrary to open it. Ugh! Should I change to to something simpler?

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Your comment is very interesting to me. IâÂÂve never understood the need for pot fillers. Yup you get to fill your pot on the stove, but then why aren't there pot emptiers?
So if you can lift the pot off the stove to empty it then you sure can put it on with the same amount of water.

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How long have you used it? Maybe you need some more time. I have the same one and don't find it difficult to use - but I have to say I like it more and more as time went on. I just pull it out to whatever pot needs filling and just push it back in place. It could go either way but it doesn't bother me. Sometimes the 2nd valve is not turned off by the kids but I like having the 2 valves.

Sometimes I open the valve next to the wall 1st and other times I open the one near the pot 1st. If there's a leak in one I would notice it and have the other valve until it would be fixed.

If after 3+ months and you still don't like it maybe check into another design. The main reason I like this one was that it reached all 6 burners on the 48" range - many potfillers can't do that. I also like the lines of it.

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Bostonpam - Maybe it is the starting trouble. I am not able to figure out a one handed operation. The double jointedness seems to make it harder to get into postion. Do you find that it drips if you don't close both valves? That was the main worry I had.

Moebus - My usecase is different and I do want a pot filler. I have an elderly mother who loves to cook but cannot carry heavy pots of water from the sink. Water is the main ingredient I use and I like the convenience of having it right there.I agree it is not for everyone.

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I leave the main spout (in the back) on and just use the one at the faucet. At first I was trying to bring the faucet to the location of the pot and sometimes (depending on where the pot was placed) it would be awkward to get it there!

Now, I just fill the pot anywhere on the cooktop and slide the pot a bit if needed. (I have a smooth cooktop)

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I just grab the front faucet/lever and pull it to over the pot. For me it's one motion. I usually use it in the front right or front left burner where my 22K BTU burners are located. I find the front burners are easier to position the pot filler. I don't use it often in the back and I can see that it could be more cumbersome.

I don't notice drips but I will look next time I use it. The pot filler was used 4x today between the kids and myself.

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I had that PF in a former home and I loved it, I still miss it. I think you will get used to it in no time. Never had one drip in 7 years,

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