Quartz owners: chipped edges

may_flowersJuly 26, 2012

We had our Caesarstone with an eased edge for only a few weeks when we found an unexplained chip on the perimeter edge. Luckily, they marred the surface during install and we are getting new countertops. I'm terrified it will chip again. I prefer the eased edge but I'm willing to switch to a demi bullnose for peace of mind.

If you own quartz, could you weigh in and tell me what edge you have and whether you have any chips? Thank you!

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I've had my caesarstone countertop with eased edge for over a year. The pattern looks very similar to yours. No chips at all. Sorry to hear about your chip. Hopefully it was just a freak occurrence.

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Eased edge on Cambria for 1 year, no chips.

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I have bullnose edges on my Silestone installed in April 2002 and no chips. Around the undermount sink I can feel the edge is no longer smooth in the front. The back edge is still smooth but the front feels rough. I can't see it, though. There are no big chips.

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The bigger the rounded-ness, the less the chippiness. Fact.

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Ive installed quartz for ten years, and never, ever seen a "chip" that large come out of a rounded edge.

I wouldnt think it could ever happen twice to the same person.

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We have beveled edge Silestone, black perimeters and a white island. No chips. But after install, we did find a little chip along the outer edge of the Island - a place we haven't touched or banged around. We think it was probably some defect in that area that crumbled or chipped when it was cut? We just need to fill it with some resin. Can't see it, but I don't want it to get bigger either.

Hope the next install is a keeper. This stuff is stressful!

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Thank you all for your responses! Our fabricator also said they'd never had Caesarstone chip, but I found web sites of people complaining about chips. One person dropped a small wasabi bowl and got a chip.

I would feel better if I knew how it occurred so we'd know what not to do again. If we caused the chip, it was from normal kitchen use, and we have been very careful in the new kitchen. Or it could have been the worker who installed our hardware, which was piled on the counter where the chip was, but we dislodged the chip with a sponge a week or two after the hardware installation. I'm not sure that's a plausible explanation.

I hope the saying that lightning never strikes twice is true! Thanks again! Hope to hear from a few more "chip victims" too!

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We had silestone with eased edge for 10 years in our last house. Nary a chip.

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We had zodiaq quartz installed in our last kitchen with the edge that you have pictured and after 1.5 years it had several chips. The majority came from knocking plates and bowls against the edge, I had no idea that we knocked edges so frequently and we tried to be careful. What always surprised me was that the plates and bowls, which I would assume to be more fragile than the counters, did not chip but the counter did.

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I like the eased edge, but after reading this, maybe I should go with the radius edge. The bullnose just looks too traditional.

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I'm not a fan of bullnose either, but the demi bullnose is not much different than the eased edge. Our salesperson told us they always recommend the demi for the sink cut-out.

Athomeinva, that's my feeling exactly. It's a countertop in a working kitchen for God's sake! If we chipped it, it was from gently tapping a glass or mug against the edge since it's right over the DW. However, it's on the far side of where we load and unload, so I just don't know.

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All this sorta makes you wonder why we moved on from Formica as far as countertops are concerned!

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Caesarstone Pebble, eased edge, seven months, no chips. But I wonder if the composition of your color is different than ours. From your picture, it looks like it is composed of many small granular pieces. Without a chip into the material, I can't tell if ours is as granular; it _looks_ like it is not.

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Caesarstone Smoky Ash, eased edge, 6 months, no chips. There had better not be! Mine doesn't look granular either, more mottled in appearance.

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The pattern is Buttermilk. It is very granular. I've wondered if that makes it more chip-prone somehow.

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I think Pebble looks very similar to Buttermilk texture wise. They are all in the category call Soft Blend and has the colors that I like the most.

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It's really gorgeous. However, I'm not so sure about their QC. Buttermilk is supposed to have darker spots with white circular outlines. I think it's supposed to mimic a natural stone--limestone? I used two slabs from the same lot. One looks like the sample and the photos, but the other has what looks like blotchy white fingerprints all over it and very few darker spots. It's the big one too, over the peninsula. When I found out the granite shop was going to give me new slabs because of the damage they caused during epoxy clean-up (Do not use BKF on quartz!), I switched to Pental Chroma quartz in an almost identical pattern. I was able to view my slabs first at their warehouse in Portland, and the pattern is consistent throughout the Chroma slabs.

So my advice is view your slabs. There might be a big blob of something you'd want to template around. There were several big blobs that we did template around, but the whole thing was blotchy. It should have never left the factory IMO.

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Is beveled edge also a chip-prone profile? I'm not a fan of bullnose, but maybe the straight edge/eased edge is too problematic based on these posts. Interestingly, I'm also leaning toward Buttermilk.

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Caesarstone Champagne Limestone with square edge. No chips after a year and a half.

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I don't know, polie. Maybe you could talk to customer service at the quartz company you're considering. I was told that both Caesarstone and Pental do their own chip repair, so they'd know which edges are more prone to chips. When my fabricator came out to try to buff out the marred spots from BKF, he also filled in the chip. It looks really good, but it's probably not cheap to have them come out and fill chips. My floor tile installer told me they charge a minimum of $150 to come out for a repair.

Buttermilk is a great neutral color if you want a warmer tone counter. But I wouldn't select it without being able to see the slabs because of the problems I mentioned. Maybe it was a bad lot, but I don't feel I got the pattern I ordered.

Sas95, I also considered Champagne Limestone, but the color was a little too rich for our natural cherry cabs.

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I don't know about the chipping, but if I were you, and the fabricator who is replacing them is ok with this idea, I would attempt to "fix" it just so you know it can be done if necessary with the new counters. I'm not saying to fix it and keep it, no no no...just trying it out on this piece for future reference (GF you need to do that).

Try some gel super glue and put the piece in, then use a razor blade to get off the excess when it dries...see how it looks, how it holds up.

Just an idea. Might as well practice "just in case".

We had Bianco Antico in last house, right before we moved we, (dh) suddenly started chipping the edge due to carelessness. The fabricator told us to use the gel superglue to either just fill the spot or to put the chip back in. Worked like a charm.

Good luck with the new counters.

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4 years of Cambria here, no chips at all.

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1/4 Round--Cambria Quartz. No problems

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Zodiaq, black galaxy, eased edge, 3.5 years here.

Found one chip similar to above about 2 weeks after install (kitchen still being worked on). But in the black you can't see it, only feel it. Figured it was a workman's tool. Never had another in all this time. We have a small sink too, and the edge is not chipped. Our counter top does break glasses and casserole dishes though if they fall out of the cabinet onto it!

Ours is more like "chunks" of small gray granite pebbles encased in black glass. It's very 3 dimensional. Like a glass paperweight you can see into it. I really don't believe, despite what is claimed, that every quartz counter is exactly the same.

I've seen many on here, and in showrooms, that are nothing like mine. They look more like Corian and aren't 3-dimensional??? And there is also quite a variety of stories regarding durability. Lucky for us, ours is a good one.

BTW, Zodiaq is made in Ontario.


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Bee, with a small chip, it's easier to epoxy the hole than reattach the chipped piece. He would have had to buff it down so it was level, and as we've seen, you really can't buff quartz without dulling the surface. That's one advantage of granite.

Biochem, one reason I went with Caesarstone was I thought it might be somehow better, being they invented the product. Who knows? Pental Chroma is made in SE Asia, but at this point, I really don't care because their slabs looked perfect, compared to Buttermilk.

My pattern isn't three dimensional, but it does shine like glass. The black glass in yours is probably resin. I think mine is basically quartz sand held together with resin! More resin, more chipping I would think. Quartz stone itself won't chip.

I'm still unsure of whether to chance the eased edge again. If it chips, I'll be upset with myself for not heeding the first warning.

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Ceasarstone Jerusalem Sand here, I don't remember what type of edge I have, it's very simple. No chips, 1-1/2 years now.

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I saw your thread and I think you have a pencil edge or beveled edge. I don't think that's available to me.

I'm so glad to hear most people haven't had the heartbreak of a chip.

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My Quartz will be installed this month. As I have been reading about chips and blobs etc I am beginning to think I should have just stuck with Formica. I thought there were all sorts of benefits to having Quartz!!!! We had no problems with our Formica for the bast 15 years until I started sliding samples of granate and Quartz all over it.

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The Kitchen Place

There is no perfect or indestructible material. I love my quartz countertops (Silestone Lagoon). There are pros and cons to all materials. To me, quartz and granite, are the best materials for beauty and durability. If you want something even more durable, check out Silestone's NEW Dekton. It's only available in 2cm and very plain color choices, but you can beat it with a metal bar. Watch the video.

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FYI - over 2 years later from when I first made my comment above, and still not a single chip on the Ceasarstone. It was installed in 2010. I'm thrilled with it.

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This is my old thread. We switched to Pentalquartz and have had no chipping in the almost three years since. Same eased edge, same basic pattern as Caesarstone Buttermilk. I suspect that that chunk was chipped during fabrication and came loose after it was in our home because our Pental came with a small repaired chip on the edge. I think it'd be hard to chip in normal use.

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no chips, 10 years.

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Caesarstone eased edge, installed in 2012, no chips anywhere.

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Now I feel better. Does anyone have Viatera? Originally I was staying away from the big box stores but Viatera Nocture was just what I was looking for . Hopefully there are some good things to be said about Viatera. In all my research it said that basically Quartz is Quartz you just have to find the pattern you like. Then of course the fabricator is very important. Home Depot assures me that their Viatera fabricators are wonderful.
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Since you mentioned HomeDepot and fabricators, I'll just add that we recently installed Quartz Silestone counters from HD. They contract with a fabricator out of the nearest big city (5+ hours away) and they did an amazing job! I was really pleased with the outcome and the process. I was prepared to make compromises because it was HD instead of a speciality shop -- but that didn't seem to be a factor. Seams are few and far between and completely hidden, for example.

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That is so good to hear. I was very impressed with the sales people at Home Depot. I felt like I could believe them when they said how wonderful the fabricators are.
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