karbon/stages sink dilemma

sadiebrooklynJuly 23, 2010

I went to Davis and Warshaw today to get a look at both the Karbon and the stages sink. Ironically they were both also at the House Beautiful KOY (both had the smaller size stages sink) and am having second thoughts now about getting the faucet. I love the way it works - but I'm concerned that with the larger sink (45") it won't provide enough coverage. I really don't want two of them (like you see in the kohler video)

My other issue is - I really want an undersink water filter system and so I will need to have another faucet at the sink anyway. And I'm wondering if the Karbon will look weird next to a regular water dispensing faucet.

Which means I'm back to getting the dornbracht profi faucet paired with the tara ultra water. I'm sort of heartbroken though about giving up the Karbon - it is so handy! What do you think?

Dornbracht Profi Spray and

Dornbracht Tara Ultra cold water faucet

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Hi sadiebrooklyn, we recently installed the larger stages sink and one karbon faucet. I too wondered if one faucet would be able to reach all around the sink. Well, yes, it certainly does the job beautifully.
I'm sooooo happy with the combination of this sink and faucet. The faucet is great because of the multitude of positions you can put it in, including high up to fill tall vases or pots. I love that when you use the spray feature, you don't have to hold it, or fuss with replacing a pulled out sprayer.
I purchased my faucet on ebay and my sink through faucetdirect.com They were close to half the price I would have had to pay for retail here in Canada.
I couldn't be happier with the combo.

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kiki2 - do you have a picture of where you installed it? in the center of the basin? or centered overall? I haven't chosen a faucet for my stages 45" either.

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kiki2 I would love to see pics of your stages/karbon combo and am happy to hear that you think it does a good job in that large sink!

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HI Sadie,

those two Dornbrachts look very pretty together. Good luck with your decision making!

Kiki2, we of the Kohler Stages fan club here on Kitchen Forums have not yet seen any pictures of the sink with the Karbon faucet -- so please, pretty please, pictures?

Here is a link that might be useful: our Kohler Stages 45 with Eclipse Cascade faucet

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I've been very happy with my Dornbracht profi and Tara classic faucets now for 6 years. Those are made to go together. I have mine on a 30" Rohl sink -- just unsure about the profi sprayer reach for 45 -- I'd double check on that. Pullout sprayer might be more practical with that wide set up.

I considered the Karbon and good deals can be had on ebay but in the end I didn't want the extra drilling in the deck that the joystick requires. It's very intriguing, however.

Here is a link that might be useful: dornbracht

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Sadie, you don't necessarily have to have another faucet at the sink for an under-sink filter. I just got an H20 International and had it plumbed in line with the cold supply, so it comes out the regular faucet. I didn't want a separate faucet, and I did want filtered water to cook with, so this was the perfect solution. Just another option for you.

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rococogurl - I am in awe of your kitchen. those stainless counters!!!!!

I guess I could just filter the water into the main faucet - but I am thinking about getting a water cooling system like everpure makes (or their carbonated/refrigerated Exubera when it comes back on the market) so I would need a dedicated faucet.

I think I need to start a contest! Who can pick a bar tap that would complement the Karbon!!!!

hansgrohe cold water tap

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kiki2 - did you center your faucet in the sink or put it over the drain? please do tell!!!!!

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Yes, kiki2 we're all dying to know!!! :)

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If you're deciding to go with the Karbon I'm sure cust svc at Kohler could suggest a compatible cold-water filler. In the other kitchen I went with a KWC Systema with a Newport Brass filler - similar. Used the ews filter with UV on a separate feed and I've been very, very happy having the filtered water. No more bottles to recycle (fewer anyway). Also use that water for the humidifier in the winter. No gunk. We're in a prewar building and the gunk is imposing.

Here is a link that might be useful: ews filler faucet

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I'm in the same quandary. I like the Karbon and I'm planning to have little taps for filtered drinking water and IHW.

The current thinking is to build it all into a shelf structure. With a screen in front of the faucet bases to hide them partially. Then, I can spend less money on the little taps. The shelf structure would be sturdy and hold everything firmly at about 8-10 inches above the sink rim. Like a bump-out in the wall behind the sink, but not a solid box.

Meanwhile, here are droolworthy alternatives considered if we go with a drilled-counter installation.
Dornbracht Elio platinum
KWC Ava (looks like Elio)
KWC Systema
KWC Eve (bar size)
and a Tara Ultra or a Newport Brass or similar tap (as above, in rococogurl's link)

The first two are not gooseneck, and not a 1970's style pullout.


I really wish I could just mix and match more easily.
The faucet market needs "rationalization".

Just for fun, search on "Watts 116023" and you'll find a glass filler tap that costs less than $20 and looks like the other glass fillers that cost ten times that.


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Hi, finally got some pictures of my Kohler Stages sink and Karbon faucet taken and put on to my computer. It's my first time adding pics here, so let's hope this works.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler Stages sink and Karbon faucet

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Thanks so much for posting all of those pics! So it looks like you installed it in the center of the entire sink rather than in the center of the basin. Very cool. Thanks again!

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ohh - I have sink and faucet envy. This may just make me rethink my 20" prep sink. Kiki - what is the minimum base cabinet this sink can go in? Did you get the storage rack to go with it as well and if so how does that work for you? I am trying to figure out where the prep trash would go with this sink taking up so much space. There must be enough room under the sink for trash?

I am also in Canada - I will have to check the faucetdirect.com site.

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Ooh, yummy soapstone too, Kiki!

It looks like you installed the faucet centered in the whole sink opening, and not just in the deep opening.

Muscokascp -- we installed our Stages in a 33-inch sink base next to an 18-inch trash pullout (under the shallow part of the sink). We did have to do some cutting of the side wall of the sink base, which is not ideal -- I would go with a 36 inch base if I were doing it again.

We could not hang the storage rack, but we do use it. My husband figured out how to suspend it in the sink cabinet itself. We had to hacksaw off the hooks that are meant to hold it under the shallow part of the sink, and slightly trim down the drawer back for the drawer above the trash pullout.

Love, love, love the sink.

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sadiebrooklyn -- any progress? Really, anything would look good with that stages sink. Thanks for the nice words about my counters. Love, love, love them; so easy.

kiki -- spectacular.

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