Finally some good quartzite info from supplier

lisa0527July 27, 2011

Finally got what I think is honest info on quartzite from a local supplier (Vancouver).

They had some unbelievably beautiful slabs of leathered White Princess (also known as White Pearl). They apparently carry White Princess as a standard item and have a lot of experience with it. When I asked him about etching and staining he freely admitted that "this batch is behaving more like marble". They have had previous batches of White Princess which were "bullet proof", but find there is a fair bit of variation between lots. They test each batch as it arrives for staining and etching. This batch had problems with etching, so they honed it...same problem...then leathered it, which solved the problem. They leathered all of their slabs because they didn't want to sell it with etching problems. It was sealed 3 or 4 times, but they found it still stained. Not instantly, but if wine was left on over night it would leave a faint stain. He didn't recommend it if I was going to worry about staining...which I would. As he said, "this is not your stone". They have another batch coming in September and he suggested I come back once they've tested those. I asked him about resin and what this does...he thought it was not responsible for the etching, and didn't interfere with the sealer.

So...bottom line, at least from this source, is that it all depends on the slab. Some quartzites are really bullet proof, and other slabs of the same type aren' all depends on the composittion of that particular slab. So samples are an absolute must, as is testing of each lot.

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I am also looking at quartzite in Vancouver - though a dark colour, not white. Do you mind telling me which supplier gave you the honest info? I'm heading there next week to have another look.

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I've seen quartzite at Bordignon (White Princess), LOTS of quartzite (some labelled as granite) at Margranite in Burnaby, and some very cool Super White at Atlas Stone on Bridgeport. The good advice was from Bordignon, where you can but by the square foot, not by the slab. So although it sounds expensive it could work out much cheaper.

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Just to clarify, the Super White I think is labelled as Moon White granite, but it's a quartzite. Your best bet for dark quartzite is Margranite.

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I think that a lot of the problems might be mislabeling. When I was at Mondail's they had 2 different types of slabs. One was a white quartzite which a number of people call super white but they also had a grey/white marble called arabescato marble that was very similar in coloration and pattern. When I asked the fellow he assured me they were different stones.

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Thanks Lisa. I had never heard of Bordignon and can't find a website for them. But I'll be nearby so can pop in and have a look.

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I just had a quartzite installed called White Eternity. It was very very expensive at about $200 a sq foot and is absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately it does stratch. I was under the impression it wouldnt and even my fabricator said it shouldnt be behaving like that. I have yet to get an answer back. I am just trying not to look at those spots because I literally spent a small fortune and if I think about it too much it will just piss me off. So...what I am trying to say is yes, not all Quartzites are bullet proof.

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