Large island lighting design, bigger lights?

kksmamaJuly 14, 2013

I need design guidelines for adding lights. I'll keep the current overhead cans which are adequate light. Cabinets are white shaker, countertops black granite with white streaks. I'm in love with this Mossa seeded glass pendant, 8" in diameter.
But my granite will be 66 x 90 and ceilings are 12'. Are three 8" pendants too small for that much space?

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We liked this type of glass as well. These are Kalco Tribecca lights with the frosted glass. They are a company with many styles of artisan glass, but are not cheap. We have a large L shaped island and high ceilings. Needed light and something to define the space. So far we love them. Got one pendant (three lights apiece) per arm of the island.

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So your island is 5 1/2' x 7 1/2'?

That may be hard to reach across but I'm sure you worked all that out. I would say 8" lights will be too small!

Just for reference (although we only have 2 lights) our island is 9' x 4'2" and our pendants are 18" at the widest point. Our ceilings are just 8'.

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Would the larger version of this pendant work for you, or does this not retain enough of the look of the single pendant? Thought I'd go ahead and link to it, just in case you hadn't seen it before.

Here is a link that might be useful: Uttermost Mossa 4-Light 38

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Thanks will2kz, that glass is gorgeous.
2littlefishes, I do worry a little about our island being too large, and then again I wanted to get 24" deep drawers on 2 sides and a 15" deep space on the short side...hence the 63" + overhang width. I can comfortably wipe clean a table of slightly larger diameter, so I think we'll be okay. Your gorgeous kitchen is probably one of the reasons I think that I should have 2 large fixtures instead of 3 small ones.....but I want that glass! Or the fabulous Ralph Lauren Allen fixture I found for $2.8k each - not in the budget :(

Thanks jbrig. I did see it, there is too much distraction from the glass on that one for me and it is still probably too small in scale for my space.

I'll keep looking for the kitchen, suggestions welcome!

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I am only 4'11" but I can't wipe across our 51" deep island. I need to walk around the whole thing to clean that side. Also I sometimes have to slide dishes over there a bit.

HTH ; )

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Still obsessing over lights, and wondering if I've gone from TKO to something diagnosable via the DSM5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). I change favorites a couple times a day, often jumping from something someone here has posted, to Houzz, to google images to light store websites.
Part of my problem is conflict between traditional and modern - I love wrought iron *and* smooth, clean lines. I want an elegant, yet comfortable kitchen and have 12ft ceilings, white shaker cabinets, an espresso island, an espresso and white cabinet hood, and black granite (with white streaks).
Here are the top 3 lighting contenders this week - I'd appreciate your votes, thoughts and opinions!
9 x 18 Kichler, saw it in person and it is lovely

world imports 11 x 32, shown with one of my inspiration hoods

Traditional Kitchen by Minneapolis General Contractors Stonewood, LLC

West elm, 30 x 15, love the capiz shells and have some décor items with them in adjacent family room

My kitchen (hood will enter the wall at approx. same height as adjacent cabinets, island is 63x90 and not centered with hood, but sink is across from rangetop)

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I would vote for second pendant, wrought iron w/smooth lines. The capiz shells is very elegant but since your island is not center with the hood I think it may look off balanced.

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I love the Kichler clear glass, but I have yet to figure out how to clean the jar. Did you figure it out, having seen it in person?

Personally, the wrought iron is lovely, but I wouldn't want to clean the bottom. Seems it would be a bug collector. If flying insects are not a factor, go for it.

Lighting is now my dilemma, since I picked my second choice for granite. Backsplash design is the next dilemma.


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Thanks for the replies! Erdr669, I think you are right about the balance.

The Kichler is open on the bottom, no bug collecting, easy to reach up and dust, and the website says "glass is removable for cleaning". I hate seeing dead bugs on the bottom of fixtures, especially in the kitchen, so that is a concern with the wrought iron one - and the fact that I'm using brushed nickel pulls, faucets, etc. Kichler is also the most affordable option, so I'm leaning that way. But I'm overdue for my next mood swing fresh insight, so who knows what tomorrow will bring!

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Holly- Kay

KK,I ordered a 10 inch wide pendant for my small island. I wanted a pendant for over my sink also. I stupidly ordered the 8.5 pendant in the same line and it is too small. I now am going to order another 10 inch for over my sink area and hope I can use the 8 inch pendant elsewhere as it was, IMO, an expensive little bugger.

I do think you should go with larger pendants. I can't post pics because we are vacationing right now.

Having a large island will be great. Having to reach and walk around it to clean will seem like a minor trade off for all the added storage.

I can't wait to see your progression. Best of luck to you!

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Are there rules of thumb about the number and spacing of island lights? My island will be 8 feet long (3 feet wide), and I think I want the schoolhouse Isaac 1 pendant light in persimmon. The shade is 8 inches wide -- how many do I need and what spacing? Or do you think this will be too small? Thanks in advance.

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I ended up choosing 2 Hudson Valley Haverhill pendants, the medium sized 7311 has a 12" diameter. They aren't yet hung but I think I'll like them, and will eventually get over the aggravation over having to get replacement glass shipped - twice.
Juno barks, my designer told me that mini pendants like you are considering are on their way "out". But if you love them, it doesn't matter. Just keep the overall look you want in mind, in red those would be an attention getting element - do they go well with your other plans?

Here is a link that might be useful: houzz article

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That is a great link on houzz, thanks! And that is interesting that smaller pendant lights are going out of style.
I'm still trying to put the pieces together -- and I worry that the kitchen will be too neutral, too boring. We have lovely views out the windows, too, and so I'm looking for something that won't occupy too much space. But perhaps I should instead look at those modern low-profile fixtures that are much larger.
thanks for your response.

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I'm not a designer, and don't really know anything about what is going out of style, so please take my posts for what they are worth: about what you pay to read them, assuming you have free internet access ;)

I think the more expensive and permanent something is, the more important that you really like it and that you'll continue to like it. So if you basically want neutral and soothing (not boring) then keep the counters, cabinets, appliances, floors, and backsplash calm and look for zing in your window treatments, pictures, accessories, and whatever you put on shelves or behind glass doors. Depending on price and installation, lights could fall into either category. Don't forget your sweeby test!

Here is a link that might be useful: Sweeby test

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I wouldn't put too much faith in the Houzz article. As long as the light you pick, works for your space today, I think you'll be fine. I think smaller lights are more about task lighting anyway. If you need to change them out in the future, that should be fairly easy.

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I wanted big schoolhouse lights over the big island. I forgot what size I ordered. Went to put them up and they were too big. Your eye went straight to the lights. Didn't want the lights to be the focal point of the kitchen. Also didn't want people to think they were being abducted by ufo. As luck would have it the two lights had different bases and one of the globes was flawed. They were returned and the 12inch ones were bought.

The island is 10'6" x 5'. 11' ceilings. Lights spaced 38" apart

Hope this helps.
And my vote is for the kichler

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I love that sweeby test! Such a great idea.

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