Cabinet plans - feedback and help

Kitchenin2013July 31, 2013

We need to approve the cabinet plans with our GC soon. I'm attaching the cabinet maker's drawings, with my notes, and an elevation drawing from the architect for reference. There's a new wall of cabinets that's still be drawn now (not shown), and will include a 36" wide pantry and two 24" wide bases for entertaining/alcohol. The pantry will hold all the food supplies so those aren't reflected in the planning of storage.

The cabinets will be flush inset in white with white melamine interiors. Just a couple of questions:
1) are there any known issues with melamine interiors vs. plywood?
2) I tried to plan for what I have now, do I have too many narrow drawers?
3) any visible issues?

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adding page 2

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Page 3, how do you upload multiple images in a post?

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Page 4, bathroom

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Elevation drawing of the kitchen. The pantry cabinet on the right is being enlarged and moved to a different wall (not shown).

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1. looking nice.
2. can you post a (normal) layout w/ measurements etc?
hard to read w/ just these sketches.
3. only thing I've noticed so far is that you have a lot of 4stack drawers. don't want to be limited to a lot of shallow drawers/you're sure of what will go into them?
4. instead of 2 corner susans, how about one as a blind corner, so you don't have to bend down to get stuff.
5. just an idea w/ your sink/window wall: add sconces in between the windows? have windows come down to the countertop? (I have matching marble window sills).
see mine as example:

just thoughts,
good luck,

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I agree to have some 3 drawer stacks for things like pots, pans, casseroles, etc.

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