Painter Busy, so time to rethink colors: Pismo Dunes anybody?

beekeeperswifeNovember 12, 2009

I have been looking at a color that I painted on my wall a couple of months ago--sample color(s). There are two colors painted on the wall with the clock--the lighter is BM Pismo Dunes, the darker is the next on the swatch, Mesa Verde Tan.

I am thinking that the darker one will go on that clock wall, because having the lighter one there gives off the look of stainless when placed so close to fridge. When looking at the pantry/fridge wall, I see "Stainless, wood, stainless, wood". So the darker one looks nicer. I want to use Pismo Dunes (the lighter one) for the rest of the walls, including the rest of the family room.

Please ignore the floors, they are being replaced with a dark brown cork, and quite frankly the couch is short lived as well. The TV cabinet is going to be replaced with a low credenza with a small flat screen on it. And yes, the dark cabinet next to fireplace will be gone as well.

Also, the wall with the fireplace--planning on doing a very dark chocolate brown that I have in my dining room on that wall.

I would like opinions if anyone has ever used Pismo Dunes, I don't want it to feel cold. So far I like it on the wall as a sample. We have changed our overall look during this kitchen reno from a tuscan/gold look to a more modern look.

Other information, our granite is Bianco Antico, the crown molding you see in the kitchen has just been finished and needs to be painted. We will be doing a taupe tile for the backsplash.

thanks for your ideas.

Pismo Dunes on the Left, Mesa Verde Tan on the right

Most recent picture of kitchen, taken yesterday:

From kitchen looking into family room, we have removed two half walls creating one large "good, not great" room. The cream leather chairs in other photos are the chairs we are using.

And I had to add this one because you can just barely see the white cabinet color up against the paint samples on the clock wall (they are leaning at the bottom):

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Gorgeous room. Love the light fixtures. I am confused. Is the PD painted all on the wall in first picture, then, the darker color where the wall bends next to dark cabinet? If so, I can't tell the difference. I have had a chip of the PD for a while for my boss at work. I see a rose undertone in it, is that something you are looking for here?


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There's a very talented someone (grlw either aspirin or prls--blanking!) who painted her bedroom Pismo Dunes and declared it her favorite wall color ever. Wish I'd saved the pic. It was very convincing :) I wouldn't hesitate, in that space, with the white cabinets, cream leather chairs etc., to use it. Will be *gorgeous*.

(btw, love the clock--is it original or reproduction?)

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I just googled Pismo Dunes, and it is a lovely color up on the wall...


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beachlily z9a

I would not use it if your climate is dull and dreary in winter. I'm in FL so that doesn't happen!

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Thanks for the feedback.

Red, the pismo dunes right now is only on the left side of the clock wall. That golden color is outgoing. In real life it doesn't seem to have any red undertones.

flyleft-I love that clock too--it's a repro, got it at TJ Maxx--it was so dusty from being passed over and over that it almost looked vintage!

beachlily--lucky you! Florida. Well, I live in Southeastern PA, it gets cold, but it is sunny, you know, "It's always sunny in Philadelphia". When I lived in Ohio, we had the lake effect, I think the average number of sunny days between November and April is 4. Had to move.

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You have a beautiful kitchen and the pismo dunes is gorgeous. I am in love with the fixture over the table...

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