Where to hang the curtain rod?

namabafoNovember 21, 2008

Thanks to all who have read my curtain panel saga, I was able to find them after going to 3 different LNT yesterday. I got 4 panels of 95" long 26" wide. I haven't decided if they will puddle or be taken up.

So, since I am such a window dunce...where do I hang the rod? and how far do I extend beyond the casing on the sides? it is 84" to the outside of the casing, my rod goes to 112" (the whole wall is 145")

My ceiling is 93.5". There is 9" between top of casing and ceiling:

Here is the link to the rod I bought, in a lighter color:

TotalPol Rod

Thank you for any suggestions! I may just have curtains for Thnaksgiving!!! We've only been in the house 4.5 years!!


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When I hung my curtain panels in my LR, I followed the PB window guide about haging drapes/curtains. It was very helpful and I am happy with the way it turned out. Sometimes, I just need someone to tell me what to do and this helped! Hope it helps you!

Here is a link that might be useful: PB window guide

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thanks kmcg85.

That still doesn't quite help me...

I was just wondering do I mount the rod in the middle of the wall space above the window.?

Do I mount it even higher so that the panels almost touch the ceiling?

Do I mount it across the top of the window casing??

Just not sure of conventional wisdom or what will look good

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If you measure 96" up from the floor, where on the wall will that take you? In other words, can you use them at that length? If so, I would hang them as high as they will allow and 3 " out from either side of the window frame.

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Well from one window dunce to another, from the pictures I see - seems like there are no hard and fast rules. Looking at your window only - my gut would say to put the rod between the top of your window trim and your ceiling. I wouldn't think you would want it lower than the top of the trim. I suppose the final location depends on what you want your drapes to do at the floor level. As for the width - I think that will be determined by the width of the stack when your drapes are open and how much window you want showing. And if you can get your brackets in a stud by giving or taking an inch - that would be a factor (I think). That's how I'm handling my own drapery saga.

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Ok, so after looking at a gazillion pictures, I decided to put the rod in the middle of the wall space above the trim. The panels puddle gently, which I'm not sure if I like or not, but I can always shorten them later after T-day.

I just need to steam out the wrinkles and decide where to put the hold backs!

I'm thrilled with how they go with the room, plus the fact that they are lined *and* insulated a bit, so I think I will be closing them at night to save a bit of heat, although I hadn't planned on it!

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Sounds great.... please post pictures!!

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