Chocolate bedroom, can I have it?

ksoxgrlNovember 1, 2012

I would love to try to do a brown bedroom but with the slants and the pitches I'm afraid it will look like a cave. I adore brown walls with ivory trim and bedding like in the photo. The first photo is the inspiration photo and you can see that there is a pitch in that bedroom too. Also I have to keep the existing bureaus so how do you think the brown walls would look with the current furniture? Maybe a not so dark shade of brown would look better? All opinions including paint suggestions are most welcomed.

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

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Sure, you can!
I think the brown in your inspiration photo is much warmer and more enveloping (in a good way) than the color you have now. I might choose a paint that has a companion wallpaper in the same background color that has some depth in the pattern for the slanted wall. Something graceful, that draws your eye into and beyond the surface of that wall.

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I have a brown bedroom, the same color as your inspiration picture and also have white bedding with Brown furniture. I LOVE it, and so does everyone that sees it. It is NOT cave-like, the white bedding helps alot with that. Go for it!

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We did our master bathroom in chocolate brown, white trim. It also has slanted walls, and a skylight plus one window. Not too dark at all. I love it. And we did the adjoining bedroom in a RH latte color.

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Bronwynsmom - I too love the wall color. It supposedly is blanket brown by Behr. I like your idea of possibly using a companion wallpaper but there is actually no ceiling as the two slanted walls just meet together at the peak. I'm not sure how or where I would end the wallpaper if I chose to do it. But I thank you for your yes vote on the brown bedroom :)

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I think one thing in the inspiration photo that keeps that room from looking cave-like is the white ceiling. It drawss the eye upward. If there was some way you could keep some white, perhaps in the interior of the skylights and perhaps the wall the windows are on - this would help bounce the light around. The brown is warm and inviting, but I do think too much of it would be too much, if you know what I mean. Bronwynsmom has a good idea, I think, about something different for the slant.

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Joanie, did you use brown blanket by Behr?

Jenna, sounds like you have a similar room set up, thanks for the vote to go for it!

Nanny, I could paint the interior of the skylights the trim color but not sure about the slanted ceiling because there's no place to end it because the slanted ceilings both just meet up together at the peak. I could think about doing something on the wall with the 3 windows but I think the brown on the wall with the 3 white windows would look so pretty. I'll keep thinking! Thanks.

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Sophie Wheeler

The inspiration works because of the white molding and trim, and the all white or much darker furniture. Contrast is the key. You would need to install crown molding in your space, and you would need to replace, paint, or gel stain the wood furniture so that it would provide some contrast to the brown walls. Currently, the wood furniture is almost the same color as the wall paint you are thinking of using. Going lighter on the walls wouldn't be brown enough. You'd be into more of blah beige territory than brown.

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Our wall color was there when we moved in so P.O. did it. Sorry, no help but it looks JUST LIKE your picture. I agree about the white ceilings or slants.

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I would caution against white on any of the walls, even inside the windows. The percentage of those spaces is too high, and will give you a choppy effect.

Instead, I'd soften the arrangement with pale paint on the furniture, and lots of billowy white on the bed and in the windows. You can put soft, sheer, fixed Roman shades on slanted windows like yours by fixing the sides to the wall. You can also attach one of those battery-powered stick-on disc lights to the ceiling part behind the shades to give the windows soft light after dark.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Sorry, but I love the color you have. I'm close to painting our great room and several hallways that color.
So, to me, it's not a right or wrong question as much as, "What color do you like"? It's all fine.

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bronwynsmom - never thought of putting fixed romans on the skylights. Good idea but I do want the flexibility to open the treatments to let light in when we want it so I think I will end up with regular cell shades on the skylights and do romans on the 3 windows.

Bumble - I've had the sage color for a very long time and have grown tired of it that's all. It was a nice color though just ready for a change :)

I was either going to go with a purple or brown paint color as the pottery barn rugs currently in the room has the colors of purple, brown, wheat, ivory and sage. I could go with just an ivory color on the walls but thought the trim would just fade into the background. I really want to try a darker color with all of the linen white trim work that I have in the room just a tad nervous about it feeling like a cave :)

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We have chocolate walls in our windowless basement TV room and it is the coziest room in the house, not at all confining, but very enveloping.

I think it would work even better in your lovely light-filled room.


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Thanks Dee, I think it's a go. Now I just have to convince DH :)

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