How tough is silgranit?

breezygirlJuly 25, 2014

Here's how tough it is. I accidently dropped my Ken Onion Shun in the cleanup sink last week. My hands were slippery when I was washing it, and I was in a hurry. I thought it landed near the tip of the knife before it fell, but I wasn't sure. The sink looked fine.

The next day DH asked me in a horrified voice what I did to my new knife. Huh? The tip was broken off. I went back and looked over my silgranit again very closely. No dents, no scratches, no marks. It looks perfect. The knife, however, looks like this.

I love my silgranits more than I can say. So tough and easy to care for.

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Just looked up the knife on Amazon. $160... Hmmm, at what point should the sink bend/break to save the knife...?

P.S. Please tell me what makes a knife worth spending this much?

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Bummer about the knife but great that your sink was unscathed! That makes me so happy as I just received my silgranit samples and am in love with the truffle! :)

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Holy cow! If I had any remaining doubts about choosing a Silgranite sink for my remodel, you just erased them!

Love your towel. I have needlepoint towels, too, all made by my grandma or my great aunt.

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I wouldn't be so quick to praise Silgranit.

I've had my Silgranit sink in white, for the last 8 years and I regretted getting it almost from the beginning. Here is why.
1/ It is VERY tough to keep clean. The only two things that even help are Magic Eraser for the light stuff and secondly straight bleach. So what I'm saying is that normal Ajax/Comet and Bar Keeper's friend just will not clean it all the way, no matter what type of sponge/scouring pad you use.
2/ I've got small pitted areas near the drain just outside the metal ring where the disposer/drain hole is. They only look marginally better when I straight bleach the sink.

Sorry to disagree with you but given my experience I wish I had gone with a different sink like a porcelain over wrought iron Kohler like I had in another kitchen.

If I looked into how to (if it's possible at all) of taking mine out - it's under mounted under granite - and it could be done without harming my granite - I'D DO IT TODAY AND SWITCH THIS SINK OUT - The only thing I do like about it is how deep the big side and the smaller side of the sink is.
Hey, it's just my opinion that is based on 8 years of experience with it. Glad you are having a better experience with it than I am.
Maybe if you had a black Silgranit sink you couldn't see the problems I've had, but mine sink is white........

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Piper101 - Blanco came out with "Silgranit II" in 2009, a large improvement over the Silgranit you have from 8 years ago.

I am sorry you are unhappy with your sink. But your sink is not a fair comparison, or accurate yardstick, to the Blanco Silgranit II sinks today. You can read all the threads on the Kitchens Forum over the last few years on which people with white or light-colored Silgranit sinks have written their praise for their sinks.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2009 Description of the Introduction of Blanco Silgranit II

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Breezy - I broke a Shun knife I had once too. Sur La Table took it back, no questions asked a LONG time after buying it. Mine wasn't breaking the tip off, but it had little chunks out.

Still happy the Silgranit prevailed. Looking forward to mine!

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I have yet to meet an undermounted sink I could not replace without harming the stone.

After removing any mechanical fasteners, drive a scraper between the stone and sink and work your way around.

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Hopefully you can replace that gorgeous knife!

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Poor knife. From experience I can say that it can probably be re-tipped. I once had a teenage son who was miffed at having to wash the dishes and kinda-sorta on purpose stabbed a Henkle 8"er into the wooden cutting board and carelessly wrenched it out - minus the tip. Interestingly enough, said son grew up to be a cooking connoissseur and was horrified all those years later when he realized what he'd done. He bought me a new knife when he was about 30. I still like the original, re-tipped, better. Teenagers - they grow up.

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