Laundry room wall cabinet height?

SheeshareeIINovember 20, 2009

We're finally installing my wall cabinets in the laundry room tomorrow. They're 36" wall cabinets, 30" high, 12' deep. They will go across the whole back wall. My ceilings are 8'.

How high up on the wall should they be hung? Part of my problem with this is I want to be able to put a few things on top of the cabinets. I'm adding crown and that will also hide the base of whatever I use on top.

I "could" pull my washer and dryer out a little to allow more room for opening and closing the washer lid which is my main concern but because the sink/cabinet is against the wall I thought it look odd. Plus, it make the floor space less which I use to sprawl clothes into loads on my wash day (s).

Here's a shot so you can get an idea of the area.

Should I just hang them kitchen wall cabinet guidelines? Isn't it 34 1/2" from floor to the wall cabinet? I know My Dad and DH aren't going to want to hold the cabinet forever so I can look and think, look and think.

The blue tape on the wall is around where I thought it would be nice to hang them but they're 12' deep. I don't want to smash my knuckles every time I open the washer.

Who knows, once they're up maybe it will look odd if I DON'T pull the washer and dryer out a wee bit.

*Shelf will be coming down, wall cabinets are white, base cabinet is now painted white, walls will be painted (probably BM Northampton Putty), hardware will be added.

I don't remember what height the blue tape is so I'm not sure how it compares to standard wall hanging. I think it's a little lower.

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I think it depends on what's most important to you. My cabinets are hung 20" from the top of the washer/dryer. That gives me 3" clearance when I open the top of the washing machine. I could have cut it closer but, I wanted to install that hanger bar so I opted for a bit more clearance.

I'm 5'-6" tall and I can reach everything on the top shelf in my cabinets. Of course, I can reach the very back of top shelf so if there was a small item in there near the back I'd have to get a step ladder. No problem for me since our second floor stepladder "lives" right next to the dryer.

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I just measured mine. From the counter next to the washer which is level with the counter, there's an 18 1/2 space. It's the same in the kitchen.

When I open the lid of the washer, it leaves about an inch space between it and the cabinets.

My celings in the UR are also 8'.

I can't wait to see the finished product, you're going to LOVE having cabinets in there to hide all the cleaning junk. lol

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Whitdobe, but how can you hang anything from the bar when there's no room under it?

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Have 8' ceilings too. The bottom of the cabinets hang at 55" from the floor. Cabinets are 13" deep. Washer & dryer sit 7" away from rear wall to allow room for hoses. Have about a 3" clearance when opening the washer lid.

I wouldn't pull the W/D out further if you don't need to.

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Shee, my cabinets in LR are 54 1/4 inches from the floor,
cabinets are 30 inches and that leaves about 2 inches between washer door and bottom of cabinets so not a problem for me. There is also a soffit above the cabinets so that would leave you 12 inches I suppose to place something on cabinet tops.

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Thank you for the thoughts everyone. I'll have to do some measuring later tonight.

I'm not sure where I pulled 34 1/2" from! lol

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I don't hang clothes from that bar! Well, I could hang them over on the right side of the dryer but I don't. I have an over the door rack that I hang clothes on when I'm emptying the dryer. That hanger rack is simply there to keep a selection of hangers on hand!

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BTW, the easy way to hang a wall cabinet is to screw a piece of wood to the wall. Almost any straight scrap you have lying around, a 2"x4" or whatever. Figure out where you want the bottom of your cabinet to be then draw a level line on the wall. Line the top of that piece of scrap wood up with your line and screw it, in several places, to the studs inside your wall. When you're done with that then you can just rest the cabinet on top of your scrap wood (slide if from side to side a bit if you wish) and practically hold the cabinet with one hand while it's being anchored to the wall.

Only down side to this method is that it leaves you with some screw holes to repair...once the cabinet is installed and you remove the scrap wood yep, you've got some holes.

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