Help, I'm Stuck Trying to Choose Counter Stools!

texasgal47July 4, 2012

I'm at the end of my kitchen remodel and am having difficulty selecting counter stools. My decorating style is British Colonial (formal with a tropical twist) in a small contemporary patio home. There is a 56" wide walkway between the edge of the bar and the back of a sofa in the family room. The bar area has a 15" overhang which is inset between two sections of wall leaving a total depth of 19" before the stools would begin intruding into the walkway. My criteria for a counter stool are as follows:

1. Low backs of 37" or under (counter height)

2. Depth of 19" or less

3. Have a high end designer style since these stools will

be in the living area.

4. Provide comfortable seating

5. Be well constructed and durable

After much looking, I have narrowed down my choice to

(a)the Raffles walnut carved formal backless counter stool with Bourbon leather seats and nailhead trim by Frontgate (16.5" x 16.5" x 26.5"h)

(b)the Allegro brown leather covered Euro counter stool with a back from DWR (18.5"d x 36"h). Similar Euro-stools which are less expensive all seem to be made of bonded leather and reviewers claim they don't hold up for very long.

(c) Tommy Bahama Island Estate South Beech Counter Stool

(20.5"d x 36"h) which is a very open rattan. As you can see, it is slightly deeper than I would like.

They would be lightly used, mostly when guests visit while I'm cooking or by the grandchildren. If I go with the backless stool, I thought of keeping one folding stool with a back in the coat closet for someone who is going to be at the counter for an extended period. I am leaning toward the DWR stool because of the comfort and small footprint but wish the leather weren't such a dark brown.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. It would be nice to find something less expensive. I've been scouting craigslist and ebay with no luck so far. Also, what is the best distace between the top of a stool seat and the bottom of the counter? I've read 10" is best but how critical is this measurement? Many thanks to all for your help. I'm computer challenged so had trouble transferring photos.

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I saw some real nice rattan stools by oyster bay with great lines on the legs. Have you looked at any of those?

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I love British West Indies style, but the "contemporary" house is throwing me. It would be helpful to see your kitchen cabinetry and bar.

Of the three stools you mention, only the Tommy Bahama has the tropical twist. What other pieces of furniture that you already have will be in the family room?

My favorite web site for browsing this style of furniture is Carolina Rustica

William Sheppee Saddler bar stool has a woven leather seat that gives a rattan like look. It comes with a back or backless.

I like some of the Stanley furniture, Coastal Living pieces, but the stools I looked at are bigger than your requirements.

Kincaid's Bistro stool is similiar to the frontgate one you show, but I am not sure of the price range.

Often the British look is a redder wood tone, so I think more info on your colors and tones is important.

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Mine are kinda west indies(ish) in a combo contemp vintage kitchen. The point is... just get what you like and don't worry too much about matching styles. My particulars made no sense as I collected them; but somehow it all works together great for me. I love each and every individual item and no one has ever walked in and said..."what were you thinking"! I hate to sound cliche, but what I have makes me happy.

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