Updated Master Bathroom

fnmrobertsNovember 14, 2012

Finally finished! We gave our 17 year-old Master Bath a facelift without relocating any plumbing, changing the tile or bath tub. Their condition is totally satisfactory and the housing market in our area simply doesn�t warrant such additional investment. Overall the layout was/is functional. Room measures 12 x 8 so isn�t particularly large but does have a volume ceiling.

What we did:

Gutted an existing Linen Closet, opening it to 8 feet in height, and then inserting a custom-built cabinet into the space. New cabinet incorporates drawers and frosted glass doors for a spa look; replacing the original bi-fold door and wire shelving.

Constructed a matching vanity with an overall 34" height, deeper drawers and offering better utilization of counter space via enlarging it 2" in both dimensions, then replacing the builders molded faux marble with granite (St. Cecelia) and under-mounted (Kohler, Caxton 17") basins. Door/Drawer hardware (Top Knobs, Nouveau) is polished chrome. Electricity has been added below one basin for a hair dryer and tooth brush. Sink fascia�s tilt for accessible comb and hair brush storage. Overall the two cabinets have approximately doubled available capacity in the same square footage permitting improved organization and convenience. Wood selection is Maple, stained almost ebony, designed with a furniture look.

Removed and replaced the original shower enclosure with semi-frameless �" glass, incorporating a pony wall into the shower thus increasing its area. The pony wall has been capped with identical granite to pair with our vanity. A robe hook has been installed through the glass for hanging a towel while showering. Shower door swings inward or outward. Mounted (simplehuman) shampoo/soap dispensers.

The original full width mirror has been replaced with a beveled glass "floating" one attached to the wall. Really wanted separate tilting mirrors but with only 5 feet I just didn�t think they proportioned right.

Installed a 27" tall medicine cabinet (NuTone) replacing the original 18" one.

For a WC we selected Toto Ultramax II, elongated, SanaGloss and comfort height to replace the original. Much quieter.

Painted and mirror-backed an existing wall cabinet for perfume.

Faucets, shower head, towel rods and robe hooks (Kohler, Forte) are in polished chrome.

A fixed window has been changed to one that opens and exchanged the sky light too � both with low-E glass.

Installed a ceiling fan � Casablanca damp area.

Added night lighting on the plant ledge and electricity/cable connection. Probably won�t ever put a TV in the bathroom but space on the wall above the medicine cabinet could accommodate one. We previously replaced the builder strip light with a pair by Kichler which remain.

Paint is C2, Slinky on the walls and Shark Fin on the ceiling though the color distinction isn�t what I imagined it would be. May paint some clouds on the ceiling as previously had that effect and liked the look.

The entire process took 9 months, much of it waiting for the cabinet maker, a local one-man operation, who had a couple kitchens ahead of our project. My husband did all the demolition, electrical, painting, cabinet installation and plumbing. Professionals handled the shower enclosure, window install, granite and cabinet building to his design. I�m sure some tweaking will continue but right now I�m happy with the new look.

Here�s a link to photos. My first exposure to Photobucket.

Here is a link that might be useful: Master Bathroom

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Very nice!!!

FWIW, 12x8 seems spacious to me! Our baths are minuscule by comparison!

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Very nice! I love your shower and shower door!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Nicely done....I esp like the extra drawers inside under the sinks...very clever....I may have to retro fit ours for something like that....

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Love it

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Beautiful. Sounds like it's much more functional now, too. Worth waiting 9 months for!

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Well B'mom, are we all up for a big Road Trip to Paris? Sounds good to me! I've got the first round at the bar.
We can all talk about editing, whether our stuff is clutter or not, and things we love. And then tour the gardens. What a hoot!

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Thank you everyone for your comments.

cat_mom - What I was trying to communicate is that a camera shot via a wide-angle lens imparts size that could be misjudged. We've had smaller too.

bethohio3 - Those additional 4" in the shower are amazing in the space provided. It was the glass company who suggested the side panel with a robe hook.

AnnieDeighnaugh - There was too much air space wasted before so adding a drawer below a shelf basically lets us take advantage.

bosegirl - thank you!

awm03 - My DH only removed the old vanity a day before the new one arrived so the wait wasn't really much of a problem - just my impatience wondering what my vision would look like.

outsideplaying - ? Believe you mis posted.

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I totally get that re: wide angle lens and skewing. A friend took before kitchen, LR, and DR shots for us using a wide angle lens. We only wish our rooms were as large IRL as they appeared in the pics!

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