For Trailrunner...a few more pics of the house

myfoursquareNovember 8, 2012

Since you asked in the portieres thread, I will post a couple of other pics of my rooms. Hopefully you will not be too unimpressed! I think it looks better when you just "peek" through the portieres into one of the rooms. They are usually full of laundry baskets and paper piles, but I move those aside when I take pictures! Here are three of the four squares in the downstairs (dining room is WAY too messy right now!)

Front room:

Living room:

The leaves in the doorway are crinkled construction paper, we hang them up in the fall and we write on a new leaf every year about what each of us is thankful for. We have several strands going.


Doorway leads to stair landing in front room, great for kids to chase each other in a circle around the house...

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myfoursquare-I'm not trailrunner but wanted to say what a lovely home you have! The wood trim is so warm; I just love it! And your leaves are a great idea.

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Lovely home! It reminds me a little of one of my grandparents' cottages in the Berkshires. Such happy memories. Thanks for sharing.

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Wonderful home! Thanks for sharing. It is not hard to imagine being happy there. Particularly love the rug with the cabbage roses. Hard to see online -- is it a remnant that you had bound?

I'm a huge fan of the American foursquare (going by your screen name, I'm assuming that's what you've got).

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Wonderful, cozy, and inviting home you have! I love your idea of the leaves.

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So comfortable and cozy ! I love all the colors and richness. And the leaves..what a sweet idea to share with each other in your family.

I would have posted sooner but we have been on the road to VA to spend a week with our grand baby and son and DIL.

Thank you for letting me and others peek into your lovely home. c

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judithn - it is kind of interesting how we ended up with the rose carpet. My parents had installed it wall-to-wall in a bedroom in their house, and right away it developed a flaw in the dye all along one end of it. The store replaced it in their room, and they had no need for the flawed carpet anymore. We had always pieced together smaller area rugs in our living room - because of the way the fireplace was angled, we could not use a big rectangular rug in there. So we took the carpet, cut the flaw out and cut it down to fit our room perfectly for free. Our intention was to have binding put on it, but then it never unraveled and is a low-enough pile that it didn't really require it. Many things in our house were acquired in that sort of way, which is why it really is just kind of pieced together with a zillion different wood species and patterns. But there is a story for a lot of the things in each room.

Also, yes it is a Foursquare style house, which along with the Bungalow style is my favorite type. There is just something so ordinary and simple about it that makes me love it. Ours is slightly different than many in that it does have the hipped roof and a central dormer in back, but the other three sides have a gable. Our porch is also enclosed, not sure if it was done originally, but it was a long time ago. But the inside is the same as any - four rooms up and four rooms down. So I am not sure if it is technically foursquare, but it is a variation of it.

sis2two and outside playing - I think I got the idea for the leaves from the FamilyFun website. I am so glad we started the tradition, it is really cool to look back at all of the things we have written. Early on there was the random toy mentioned by the kids, but on many leaves they have written about neighbors, teachers, experiences and opportunities they have had. It is neat to see what and who were important to them at the time.

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Very charming & inviting home!

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You have one of those up and over entries to the kitchen ... my ex-MIL's house had it and it drove me NUTS!

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Yes it is an odd doorway, there is also a regular one into the dining room. It is convenient to not have to always go around to get to the front of the house, but one of the reasons it does drive me nuts is when you come down those stairs, you can see the dust on the top of my cabinets if you look over that way!

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Not trail runner, but wanted to comment as I love your house. It just gave me a warm feeling and made me think what a wonderful home.

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