microfiber sheets - good, bad, or ugly?

jan_on zone 5bNovember 27, 2012

My favourite sheets are decades old and don't fit now that we upsized to a king. The still quite new high thread count cotton sheets I bought are already starting to pill, and of course come wrinkled from the dryer.

I recently saw microfiber sheets at a Costco roadshow event. Microfiber is polyester and perhaps some polyamide (nylon) which sounds horrid, but is used a lot for active wear. It is supposed to wick moisture and hence remain cool, and is very fast drying in the dryer. The brand, Jennifer Adams, is rather expensive - I have seen cheap flea market versions as well.

I'm hoping someone here has opinions/advice.

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I have a set I ordered online and they were thinner than I expected -- any thinner and they's be gauzey. I was disappointed and thought they'd be very short lived. DH wanted to try them, so we did. They are really nice to sleep on. They are light enough in the summer to be cool and do breathe or wick well, yet they aren't slick and don't have a chill to them which makes them a favorite in the cooler months with a blanket or comforter.

I have another set I bought for my son's bed that are a more standard weight fabric and have a very soft feel to them -- almost like a flannel but a little silkier -- hard to describe. It's a very soft feel and I like the fabric but have not slept on them.

I love all cotton sheets and would love to try linen sheets. I'm a natural fiber person, but I like the microfiber too. I would just want to see them and feel them before purchasing so I would know what I was getting. I would trust Costco to have better quality ones. Macy's has some lightweight ones in some of their sales. The ones I bought for my son's bed came from Home Goods and a lady there told me she had bought several sets.

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We bought some microfiber sheets at a home and garden show. They had over 600 threads per inch and were only $20 for a full king set. How could we go wrong?!! Well, we used them a couple of times, put them away for emergency back-up and then finally gave them away. We hated the slippery feel.

The higher quality microfiber sheets may be fine, but definitely stay away from the cheaper versions.

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I bought some cheap ones at Target for my DD's bed since Target was the only place I could find orange sheets and she loves them. I think they are very thin and not sure how long they will last but she thinks they are the softest sheets. Even DH felt them and now wants some for our bed. I would just have to find some that are a bit more substantial. But again, they are super soft

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jan_on zone 5b

Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully these will fill the need for easy care no wrinkle sheets. I'll just stay away from the really thin ones.

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Debbi Branka

Ours are ok - soft and comfortable but when I bought navy blue ones, I noticed that everything sticks to them - lint, hair, threads, etc. We have chihuahuas who sleep with us. One night on the clean sheets, and they are covered in blonde dog hair. They are now emergency sheets.

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The ones we have are not slick at all. I also remembered that my older son has some XL ones for his dorm bed and he likes them. They were from Target.

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I ordered some online in a wonderful pattern but returned then because I couldn't stand the artificial feeling. I personally like IKEA's satiny cotton bedding because it's very soft. They have another, slightly more expensive, sheets set, but can't find it online.

Here is a link that might be useful: sheets sets

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Microfiber gives me the 'creeps!'

Hate them,


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jan_on zone 5b

Wow, this is not an easy decision. And since sheets have such a very long life expectancy, the price I pay for them is of much less concern than how much I like them. My cat is black - if I opt for microfiber I guess I should get dark coloured ones eh?
Thanks to all for the feedback.

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Don't buy any sheets that are "microfiber". This is just a new term for Polyester. The material will be hot, and become full of "pills" - fibers that will become small hard bumps all over the surface after a few washes. I saw a great deal for expensive sheets but had to closely read the description to find they were microfiber. This fiber has its place in our usage, but not for sheets.

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I got some from BB&B a couple years ago for $50 because they said how warm they were. They are a soft fuzzy type fabric, not thin or shiny, but do look polyester suit cheap, so to speak. They are hot! They also are a magnet for pet hair and fur fuzz which gets embedded. I was combing and wiping them down before launder, lol. Must have taken an hour! You do not want them covered with that even if hidden by color.

Mine, too, are relegated to emergency backup if I don't ditch them to the homeless first. I really could have used that $50 for another nice set from The CS, which were expensive but had lasted about 15 years. Have to give these things a try though!

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I absolutely love microfiber sheets and find them warm and cuddly in winter and cool in summer--like a cosy t-shirt. I get mine from Target. They last a few years and then I replace them, but they are inexpensive so I don't mind at all.

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Hope they are ok as I just bought 4 sets of king singles. Haven't used them yet, waiting for new beds to arrive. Just hope I haven't made a mistake with them.

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I'm with Marita, I love them. Have them on all my beds at the lake house and the guests love them too. Love the cuddly feeling and they never wrinkle, yippee.

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I don't know why this old thread is back -- but no way for me. No polyester since 1975. Microfiber is just another name for hot, sweaty and yucky sheets. Stick with quality cotton and in 30 years you will be cautioning people about whatever they will be calling it then.

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had to sign up just so I could weigh in! I came across this thread searching for microfiber sheets. I LOVE them!!! we are unapologetic bed snobs and would never go back to cotton again. I have two sets one thinner similar to the Costco ones that are our summer ones and a thick plush set for winter that are ridiculously soft. trying to find a new set as these are getting old and I can't. we got them originally at pottery barn and they have them on their kids website under chamois sheets but no king size :( if anyone knows where we can find them I would be eternally grateful...

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I hate to disagree with some of you - and mainly because I usually do not like anything microfiber - BUT . . .
I posted a thread here in May or June about Comphy Co. sheets which were in a vacation rental cottage we visited. They were heavenly. They are also very pricey and used in many B&Bs, inns, etc. They are silky, soft and not hot at all. Nor were they pilled and like I said, they were in a vacation rental. They felt wonderful. So good that when we returned I investigated on where to find them. They are 600 thread count.

Last week we were in another vacation rental - a lovely cottage where the owners did everything they could to insure their guests comfort. Our bed once again had luscious sheets, two feather pillows and two foam pillows. I am trying to find a nautica blanket like we used there. The sheets on that bed were the charisma sheets made for Costco. These are cotton and much less in price than the comphy company. They did not feel quite as good as the comphy company sheets, but I plan to buy a set. Again, no pilling, etc.


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I have been using the microfiber sheets from Comphy Company also-- ever since my visit to Stowe Mountain Lodge three years ago- No pilling, snagging or heat on my sheets. My one set of sheets still look as perfect as the first day I bought them & they are washed weekly.

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We have a really old lake house that sleeps 11 upstairs in a combination of bunkbeds, twins, a queen, and a full. All of the sheets were shot. I needed to replace them without spending a bundle. I got microfiber sheets at Kohls on sale with a 30% off coupon. I figured what do I have to lose? Dirt cheap. Everyone raves about those sheets. Go figure.

They don't take up much room in the washer and they dry ridiculously fast.

So I put them on my boys beds at home.

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thanks to all who responded to my search for new sheets. i should have said our summer ones are the comfy co which used to be available at costco. now they have jennifer adams ones. i love those and will be replacing them for my summer sheets. it's the winter ones i can't find anywhere except pottery barn kids and they don't have king size :( they are thick and ridiculously soft. they feel like those uber soft teddy bears that you can't stop touching. any leads i'm all ears! thanks!

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Simplytrish, try searching for microfleece sheets. We have a set of those for our bed and our youngest sons. They are a bit bulky in the cabinet during the summer, but yummy to sleep on in the winter.

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ick. not for me.

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I used to buy Comphy sheets too, but they became increasingly difficult to find. The last site I found them on had maybe 1-2 colors to choose from which was depressing because I really liked them :-( It seems to me as though they are really big into the hospitality/spa market now more than residential. I switched over to PeachSkinSheets, which are also a microfiber but I absolutely love them! They keep me cool (I am menopausal), don't pill, don't wrinkle and don't break the bank. I also noticed that they have the same level of softness on both sides (they call it a "brushed peachskin finish"). I've had 3 sets for a year and they've held up great....much better than the flea market microfiber versions. I have learned that just like there are different levels of quality for cotton sheets, the same goes for microfiber. I think it used to be a bad word in years past but hey, if Nike uses it to keep people cool and dry while they exercise, then why not use it for sheets too? It's a lot better than waking up in the middle of the night soaked and your sheets are sticking to you. Technology changes things...I may not have been a microfiber fan 5 years ago, but I am now. So, that's my scoop on the subject! I attached a picture of my dog ChiChi modeling my set of ivory. They had a PeachSkinPets contest, so of course I had to send in a picture since she's always in bed! She's a ham :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: PeachSkinSheets.com

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I just had to join this forum and defend my favorite sheets, microfiber rules!! For years I've spent a lot of money on high-thread count cotton sheets. and have always been happy with them, even though they have a high wrinkle count. I have loved them for their softness, above all.

I was curious about microfiber sheets advertized online. We recently bought a microfiber-upholstered couch and absolutely love its softness and easy spot removal. I didn't know when I bought it that microfiber is polyester, and I am not a lover of polyester. But, forget the polyester connection. I have NEVER felt sheets as soft as my microfiber sheets. They are so lovely to sleep in, and so light and caressing, the closest I could think of is silk. I do not get menopausal heat attacks anymore, so I have none of the sweaty problems described in other postings. All I can say is, give these sheets a try. Mine cost $40 for a queensize set, a huge savings over high thread sheet sets at $90. I sleep very well in them and will never sleep in high thread count cotton again!!

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For years I purchased high end cotton sheets with high thread count. I loved them. Also, I love linen sheets.

I even have a Miele rotary iron to iron sheets.

A few years ago, maybe on this thread but at least some thread on GW, I saw a link to Ruval Linens and someone raved about their microfiber sheets. I had previously purchased bamboo sheets for my daughter's room (she's a greenie) and they were gross--almost sticky, although the felt good right out of the package. So I was reluctant to buy microfiber.

But because of the reviews I ordered these microfiber Phoenix sheets, which are inexpensive compared to high end cotton sheets, and I LOVE them. I have a set for my bed, guest room, daughter's room, and have given four sets as gifts.

They don't wrinkle, look and and feel like soft high thread count cotton next to the skin. They are cool and don't retain heat and the look neat, and don't pill.

While I'll never say that I won't again purchase more cotton sheets, these are always going to be an option in my home--everyone I give them to raves about how great they look, feel and launder.

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I slept on microfiber sheets during a weekend at a relative's house. They had an odd feel--not horrible, just different. What made me hate them was huge static shock I received every time I got out of bed and touched something.

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I completely agree that the more cheaper microfiber beddings are usually too thin and slippery. When you spend a little more, you get what you pay for. Cheap stuff can make the difference in a crappy night sleep. I am a big fan of the better quality ones because they are extremely soft. I have had them wear out a little faster than some other bedding but they are a lot cheaper so I guess I can live with it. I don't even think they make really expensive microfiber sheets. We got some really nice Malouf microfiber sheets online and so far they have held up really well. We also got this nice comforter that me and my wife both love.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nice sheets we got

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IâÂÂve been in the towel and sheet manufacturing business for 25 years. To an old-school textile guy like me, polyester has always been a dirty word. But these new microfiber sheets have changed my mind. The actual textile term for them is âÂÂMicro-Peachâ sheets. (Because after brushing or âÂÂPeachingâ the material is soft like a peach.) âÂÂMicro-Peachâ material is made from 100% microfiber polyester yarns. After the material is woven it is brushed on one side which yields a very soft hand/feel to the fabric. The Micro-Peach material is described using Grams per Square Meter (GSM). The most common weights are 90 GSM and 110 GSM. With good quality microfiber/Micro-Peach sheets it is difficult for even an old textile guy to tell the material is Polyester instead of Cotton. In addition to feeling like Cotton these sheets have other characteristics that make them superior:
- Super Soft ��" Feels softer than high thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets (equivalent of 1600 to 1800 thread count (which is technically not possible in cotton sheets)
- Stain Resistant
- Wrinkle Free
- Hypo-Allergenic ��" (doesnâÂÂt trap allergens the way cotton sheets do)
- More Durable ��" Last longer than cotton
- Breathable - Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter
- Dry Faster ��" The same characteristic that makes the sheets breathable also helps them dry faster.
- More Vibrant Colors than Cotton sheets with less fading over time
I now sleep on 90 GSM Micro-Peach sheets every night and love them! However, it must be microfiber. Sheets made from regular polyester fibers donâÂÂt have the superior qualities that microfiber does and are the sheets that everyone talks about being slippery, hot and generally unpleasant.
ItâÂÂs hard to get an old school textile guy to open his mind about anything with polyester content but Micro-Peach sheets have made a believer out of me and will do the same for you if given a the chance.

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I bought some at Walmart in Dayton, Ohio. I love them.

OH and they were very inexpensive.

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Don't care for them. Too hot and suffocating......Polyester yuck!

Give me cool...breathable...cotton....ahhhh.


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According to Scott's post above, the new microfiber sheets are nothing like old polyester sheets. Have you actually tried them?

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We buy the SHEEX at Bed Bath & Beyond - always using the store coupon because they are over $200 a set otherwise. They wick body moisture. I love that they never slip around and feel crisp every night when I slide in. But if you're not prone to regular pedicures or feet smoothing.......you might not like them. You'll be "picking" on the bottom sheet. I have looked at the current microfiber sheets as a more affordable alternative but none of them feel even close to the SHEEX to me.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Wow this is a really old thread!
I bought some very pretty ones recently at Steinmart but don't care for them, not fond of the feel of them while in the bed. I very likely won't buy any more.

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After reading what textile expert "Scott" and others had to say above, I decided to give microfiber another try because it made sense. My husband lives in his microfiber workout stuff unless he has to put on a suit. I figured if it works for a sweaty, athletic guy, it surely will help with my hot flashes LOLOL! I took the advice of divamom and purchased a set of peachskinsheets (with that micro-peach finish Scott spoke of) last month online and they are my absolute favorite sheets ever, plus they were affordable in my book. Unbelievably soft, I stay cool and dry and I give them bonus points for anti-pilling. My husband has rough feet (he's a man's man lol) and so far they do not snag on or wear through the material. It seems very durable. Thankfully my feet are perfect lol so I don't have those issues. I also should point out that I bought some Steinmart microfiber sheets last year because of the price and color. They were $20 and came in this gorgeous tangerine. I washed them several times to see if they would soften up, but they never really did so I put them back in my linen closet and never used them again. I'm really glad that I gave microfiber another chance though, because I can't wait to climb into bed every night! I guess that sheets are like shoes - you have to keep trying different ones on. Funny, I spend more on a pair of shoes than I do on a set of sheets that I sleep on every night.....

Here is a link that might be useful: peachskinsheets

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Yeah. There is microfiber and there is microfiber. We have some in a donation bag right now, but I have others I bought for my dad and sons that the boys have asked for more of. I initially bought them because they were soft for a Queen bed at home (peach skin sounds like a pretty good description -- the ones we are donating were more of a regular weave), and then for college sheets because they inexpensive and I found them in twin XL.

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Not a fan unless using them to clean/dust.

I bought a couple of sets because I initially thought how soft they were but after sleeping in them and a couple of washings there is just something about the texture that I just don't like.

It's particularly bad if I haven't been for a pedicure and the bottoms of my feet feel like they're putting runs in the fabric.

To me, there's just nothing like the cool, crisp feel of cotton sheets. My mom recently moved in across the street from us and brought my 40 yr old bedsheets. Bwahahah! I about died when she pulled them out (pink florals) and said they would be great for DD's bed. Sure enough, they are her go-to sheets - she said she "lubs them". I wish we could use them but they are too small for our bed.

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I notice that Scott1888 joined GW in March to post about micro-"pear" sheets and has not participated in the forum subsequently. Uniquemonique joined today to post about the same product. I imagine it's helpful to one's business if a product is mentioned repeatedly in forums, hence my changing the name here to avoid boosting the product's online profile.

Everybody who posts on a forum has to start with a first post but it's suspicious when the first post is essentially product endorsement.

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I am sorry that lazy daisy feels that way, as I am a stay at home mom (not a sheet company person) who has had bona-fide experiences with both steinmart and the peach skin sheets. I felt that this was a forum where you could help others, and other posters have mentioned other brands too. How can you suggest something if you don't tell others what it is? I read through the posts when I researched sheet options, and really wanted to contribute based on my personal experience. If you are going to try and discredit me then you need to do it to everyone here who mentioned any product name. This is not only frustrating but disheartening as I really believed that I was making a positive contribution. Also, I found "scott's" info very educational and it really helped me as there are many different microfiber sheets out there. Sorry for this rant, but I felt I needed to speak up. I believe in people helping people, and I read this forum months ago for just that reason...I needed help and insight. I was sincerely trying to give back :-( :-(

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Well uniquemonique, if it makes you feel any better, I found your post to be interesting. So much so, that I went to their website and ordered the free samples. I also mentioned my personal experience with another named brand. Like you said, the forum is to share our experiences and opinions (even ones others may not share).

I am fairly new to this forum having previously been more involved on the kitchen forum. I've enjoyed reading - and learned a lot - from some of the other forums too even though some of the threads are VERY old. People come and go on these threads so it can be fun when an old thread has new life breathed into it.

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I can't do the microfiber. I tried. My biggest issue is the snagging foot problem mentioned earlier. It has the same sensation to me as nails on a chalkboard. I love a crisp cotton percale sheet, don't even like all cotton sateen.

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Lazydaisy, Scott didn't plug any particular brand or post links to a website to purchase them, but he did admit to being in the textile industry. Generally speaking, the pros and their experience are welcomed here. Do you object simply because you don't like what he said? I've been on the forum twice as long as you, in case that makes my experience any more credible in your mind, and I've experienced exactly the same thing -- there is a wide variance in microfiber products. It doesn't mater whether you are talking about cleaning cloths, sheets or something else. I wish I'd known more when I bought the first set of microfiber sheets -- those are the ones that went in the donation bag, I welcome the experience of the pros. Not the folks selling their wares on linked websites -- those I can do without. But that's not what happened here.

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Long time poster with no ties to the textile industry. Love our Peach Skin sheets! If you like crisp sheets these aren't for you, but they have been wonderful for us. Super soft, wrinkle free, deep pockets, dry quickly and no snagging or pilling problems. I only use white sheets, so I can't comment on any fading over time, but I wash ours weekly and they come out looking brand new every time.

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Topping to send legitimate threads back up the line.

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