Wavering on sink decision-help!

malabacat_gwJuly 15, 2014

Help, I'm wavering on which type of sink to get for my kitchen, SS or Silgranit. I originally chose the Julien Classic sink with the offset drain. I saw it in person and really liked it. Big, roomy but not too large, corners angled just enough to be easy to clean. But since then I've been reading more and more about Silgranit sinks, and now I'm not sure if I should go with SS. I like the look of SS sinks, there's one in our current rental and I don't have any issue with noise or cleaning it. I also like how the Silgranit sinks look. I saw one in a cream color, and liked how it felt, but I didn't know it came in other colors, so it didn't really make it onto my radar, as cream wasn't what I was looking for. Silgranit has a sink that's the same basic dimensions and is a lot less expensive than the Julien sink. That's not a huge factor, but it is a factor, and I think it's what's driving my indecision. Our kitchen will have wood cabinets in a light stain, Caesarstone honed Pebble counters, and SS appliances. Would the metallic gray Silgranit go in a kitchen with those materials? Thinking I'd made all my decisions, I didn't keep my CS pebble sample, so I don't have one to take with me to see how it would look with the metallic gray Silgranit sink. Should I stick with the Julien? I'm so torn. All my other decisions I've been fine with, or my wavering has been short term. Not my sink. I'm sure either will be fine, but since I keep wondering if I've made the right choice, I decided to ask for help. We started our remodel last month, so I do have to make a decision soon if I'm going to change my mind. How did you make your sink decision, especially if you liked more than one sink type? In the town where we are currently living (rental house) there is only one kitchen and bath store. It's not too far away, but they are the kind of store that wants you to make an appt. to view their store products. So I don't have a way to go check out the gray Silgranit sink in person until I go back to check on our house (3 hrs away), which I won't be doing for at least another week, and even then I don't have my countertop sample to put against it to see how they look together. Why must I be so indecisive?!

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Well, I'm biased. I love, love, love my silgranit sinks. Both of mine are metallic gray. The color is hard to capture correctly. They are even more beautiful IRL. Here's my prep sink in my walnut counter. My cleanup sink is in the Carrara perimeter.

I think there was a recent-ish thread about which color silgranit for your CS. It may have been a different color though.

I started out looking for sinks knowing nothing about silgranit. I knew I hated SS for the water spots, scratches and noise. I also knew I didn't want cast iron as my previous sink had black marks, scratches, and a chip. The upkeep on it was horrible. I thought I'd have to pick the lesser of two sink evils until the showroom assistant showed me silgranit. I researched her claims about it and knew that was the material for me.

I hated cleaning my old white cast iron, but the silgranits are a DREAM!! I really have to remember to clean the sinks (if I haven't been using them for direct food prep, in which case I clean before soaking greens, etc) because they always look clean. They are quiet, don't scratch, don't waterspout, don't have black marks, and don't chip. They are awesome!!

So in my biased opinion, go with silgranit. Especially since it will save you $$!

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Please don't choose Silgranit on price. If you love the Julien and it is an extra $1 per week for 52 weeks and five years, it is likely worth it. But please don't choose stainless just because you are used to it. And don't worry much about the metallic gray, it is gorgeous and likely to look good with nearly anything. I chose cinder, and love it, but might choose metallic gray if I had it to do over again.

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I just went through an almost identical dilemma today - SS vs. Silgranite. I was able to see the Metallic Gray in person at a showroom this afternoon and it was gorgeous. I agree with breezy about all the awesome features of the Silgranite and I really thought the Metallic Gray was beautiful and would go well with the rest of our selectionsâ¦however, we made the call about a few hours ago and ended up buying a Kraus SS sink instead. I am sure in the long run, the silgranite may have been a better choice for overall maintenance and upkeep, but we are very happy with our choice.

Have you tried the Blanco app to see what color would work well with your CS? If they don't already have that color loaded, my understanding is that you can upload a picture of your counter into the app and see what it would look like with the various sink colors.

Good luck!

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I forgot to mention that if you call Blanco, they'll mail you little sample chips of the colors that interest you. Mine came very quickly and were very valuable for choosing counter slabs and sink.

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I too had my heart set on SS and then thanks to Gardenweb users' reviews, started to look at silgranite sinks. Kept debating back and forth. But finally decided to go with Blanco Silgranite II Diamond single bowl in Cafe Brown. I hope the color will complement my granite countertops very nicely and I'll pull the look together with oil rubbed bronze hardware, faucet, and pendent lighting. The sink just got delivered today and it's more breathtakingly beautiful than I had imagined. Can't wait to see it installed.

Purchased it on Amazon for $250 w free shipping. Great deal. My model is the D-shaped 21x18 interior bowl size. Wanted to maximize counter space so went with smaller size sink, but I have to say it does not "look" small.

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Love my Silgranit in Cinder but I have to say I'm not really seeing those delicate hints of brown anywhere

"Our newest and most elegant shade, Cinder, is a striking shade of dark grey with a natural, stone-like appeal mixed with delicate hints of brown that give it an inviting warmth. A timeless modern color, positioned somewhere between Anthracite and Metallic Grey, Cinder is a shade that is reminiscent of dark natural stones such as slate."'

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I thought I had completely settled on Silgranit but then read a thread on one of these forums that said her light colored Silgranit stained. The stains came off when she cleaned with BKF but it stained nonetheless. I deal with that with my awful, awful, awful Swanstone sink (ask and I'll tell you how I really feel about Swanstone). It sounds like the Silgranit darker colors don't stain so maybe my choice will be between a dark Silgranit or SS.

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In my last kitchen I had the Blanco Silgranit Super Single, the "Diamond Super Single" with the corner drain like the Julien you mentioned. The corner drain is so great. Right now there is a stainless sink in the kitchen I have now which I am about to remodel. There is no comparison IMHO. Stainless scratches, shows water marks, and is shiny for like only one minute after you clean it.

My previous kitchen's Silgranit Super Single was in the anthracite color which is charcoal-black. Before you say "I'd never do a black sink", let me tell you that the black was kinda glam, lovely, and never showed anything. You could dump spaghetti sauce in there and the dark color wouldn't show anything. Black also goes with everything--i.e. no worries you might choose an off shade, or "too yellow" or whatever, the way you might be with other colors.

If you want to look at all the colors of Silgranit, I will link to the Blanco Color Assistant and the App (that Spartans mentioned above). Also, do call Blanco and request color chips be mailed to you. It is very helpful. D not email Blanco for that, cal them. The number is 800-451-5782.

Blanco's Color Assistant

Blanco's Mobile App so you can use your camera to upload pics

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Nanj--yes, some with the very light colors have reported staining; however, there have been just as many owners (if not more) report that theirs do not stain. From my reading over 3+ years here, I would say the word "stain" has different definitions. It seems to me that some of those reported stains aren't true stains. If a colored area easily scrubs out, is that really a stain? To me, a stain is something that cannot be cleaned or removed. I would term some of those "stains" as just dirty spots that need to be cleaned. You clean them...they're gone.

My metallic gray sinks do sometimes show dirty spots depending on what I've dumped in there and how long it sat. I can give a quick scrub with some dish soap and they're clean. I DO NOT consider those spots as stains since they are easily cleaned.

All of the definitions aside, one should be cleaning their sink regularly anyway, right? I know I sometimes forget to clean my sinks, and I'm actually sometimes happy deep down to have a dirty spot that I need to clean as I will clean the entire sink at the same time. It forces me to clean the sink. That's a good thing in my book.

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Forgive me if this is a repost. I am still trying to learn my way around this amazing "home site"!!
I did not get a quote on the Blanco sink for our kitchen because I was told they did not have the size for a 30 inch cutout. So I did not get a quote for the Blanco. I just received a quote for a Julien 3209 24x16x10 for $1060.20 and thought I would faint after pricing the appliances! Suggestions for a good quality stainless steel sink and thought between the Blanco and the Julien??
Also any thoughts on faucets/kitchen?? A friend has a hand soap dispenser but now I am hearing that I should forget them.
We are not breaking ground for the addition until September and the kitchen redo will be sometime in Nov I would guess so I do not have to order right away although the cabinets are going to take 12 weeks! Need advice. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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Hi. I have a question about this:

"I did not get a quote on the Blanco sink because I was told they did not have the size for a 30" cutout"

At this point in your remodel, you already know the cutout is going to be 30"?Is that a not to exceed 30" because you say the Franke sink is only 24"

What is the size of your base cabinet? I ask because in my remodel, our sink cabinet was 34" but my Blanco Silgranit measures 28"

Not trying to twist your arm to Silgranit. Just want to understand the math so you don't eliminate any good options.

Or I could be missing something myself!

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Sorry I thought wakefield52 was the original poster malabacat.

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