Want a caramel dining room color that is not too dark

covenantbuildersNovember 7, 2009

My average-sized dining room's window is under a porch and therefore, the room does not receive much natural light. I am thinking that a pretty caramel color would be good, but am afraid that it might be too dark. After living with "BM Georgian Brick", I know I do not want dark. We have also had a cream color, but it seemed "boring" in the space.

We are painting most of the downstairs "SW Whole Wheat" so I tried painting some samples of "SW Baguette", but it did not work.

We are painting this dining room for the third time, so I have to get it right. Any suggestions or pictures?

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I have BM Guesthouse 1117 in my LR and DR. It's a golden carmel color.

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Have you tried BM Classic Caramel or Roxbury Caramel?

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I tried BM Calssic Caramel in my DR and was sooooooo disappointed! In my DR it pulled heavy on clay colored tones. Other posters here noticed it too. Not saying you shouldn't check it out as all lighting is different but it didn't go over well for me.

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We used Walnut by Ralph Lauren in our living room and dining room. Love this color.

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Thanks for all of the great pictures!

Marybeth1- I think that guesthouse might be the one to try. Does it seem a lot darker at night?

dixiedo- Your home is lovely. Would really like to have that wainscoting in your dining room.

johnmari - Thanks for the caramel suggestions. Those were some of the choices i had considered, but i think they are too dark for my space.

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Here is my tiny dinning room in BM sepia tan. Photo was taken at night. The kitchen is BM guesthouse and looks great next to the dinning room.

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