Anyone recognize this fabric?

toileluvrbrNovember 17, 2012

Found a previous fabric with the help of a gardenweb member. Thank you very very much. Now searching of the name or source of this fabric. It is kind of muted gold with fleur de lis I think.

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I feel bad that you've had no responses. I looked for about ten minutes but had no success. Where did you find the photo of it?

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I did a Google image search for it, but did not find it either. :(

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I, too did a google search and came up with nothing. A decorator did up some Kingston valances and a table skirt for my living room in this fabric. I was thinking of making pillows for the sofa. This was done a few years ago so it is probably discontinued. She also gave me the fabric that was left over but it is not in an amount to do another large piece with. Is that a fleur de lis or what? I thought of coordinating the small amount with another, which would give me an original look but I have brain drain. Any ideas? Could you post pictures?

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Looks more like a pineapple to me than a fleur de lis. Not that my search under pineapple satin stripe or pineapple damask produced a match, either.

Have you contacted her to find out if the fabric is still available? Her work order should show what the fabric source was.

Do keep in mind that even if you find it, there may be dye lot differences and color fade over several years that may result in the new fabric not matching.

Could you use the leftover piece to make a center panel in pillows, and use a coordinating fabric to make the rest of the front and all of the back? Could be very pretty with a coordinating velvet, for example.

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