Have any of you replaced your cup pulls?

SophiePWJuly 29, 2014

My DH and I were planning to get cup/bin pulls for all of the drawers in our base cabinets, including some 24" and 27" wide drawers. I love the look of them, but am cognizant of the fact that the bottom drawers might not be as convenient to open if we have to reach underneath the pulls.

I'd be more willing to get cup pulls if I felt assured that I could replace them with regular pulls if desired. But, is that possible? I know most cup pulls require countersinking (drilling a larger hole to fit the posts on the back of the pull). Does this make it hard/impossible to replace cup pulls later on with normal pulls?

I know there are old discussions about hardware regrets... I'm curious - has anyone actually replaced their new hardware (in new cabinets) after realizing it wasn't for them?

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Most of my kitchen has knobs, but I wanted something different on my trash can and I had the cabinet installer drill three inch holes that would hold a regular bar handle. I wanted to change it to a bin handle, but I soon learned that they come in different sizes and some that were three inches had to have the larger hole to countersink. I found these cheapies on ebay and it looks as good as the $17.00 pewter one. So my advice is use something where the hole size is pretty standard. All the kitchen cabinets I've ever had have been three inch, so I felt safe going with that.

Here is a link that might be useful: 3 inch bin knob

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I've only been considering 3" cup pulls for exactly that reason! (You wouldn't believe how many are off by just a few 16's of an inch!)

Thanks so much for the link. Have you found that your pull feels just as secure even without the countersink? I think my DH is worried that there must be a reason for countersinking, so why should we avoid it? I'm also not sure what to make of differences in quality. I appreciate the benefits of, say, brass handles in theory, but at the end of the day, I wonder how much it really matters -- especially given how much more expensive they are compared to the zinc alloy versions.

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Ours feels as study as any handle I've ever had, I think the countersink kind are more similar to the original bin pulls, I can remember seeing other old type of pulls that had to be countersunk and years ago that was pretty standard on all furniture hardware. With many people wanting to replace a standard hole, I think these bins are perfect. There are some bin pulls that will fit two sizes, Home Depot carries them, but if you ever want to switch it out it may be harder to replace the 2 1/2 inch holes.

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