Choosing the right blind brand?

BlackAceNovember 17, 2012

My wife and I are really stuck when it comes to blinds. We are looking for 2-2.5" faux wood blinds (white embossed) for our new house. We've ordered lots of samples, as well at looked at offerings in various local stores. There have been some that we disregarded right away due to their visible quality, but on some of the others, we're really having a hard time. At this point, my biggest concern is longevity and I don't know what to look for when shopping since we've never bought blinds before.

We live in Florida, and since it's a new construction home, we have brand new Low-E double paned tinted windows. Do I still need to be meticulous about finding high UV tolerant blinds?

Any brands/online businesses that you'd recommend from a quality standpoint? So far the online pricing is much better than what we've seen in the stores, but I don't want to make the decision based on price alone.


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I ordered blinds from 3dayblinds to cover windows in the whole house years ago and when an issue came up with one of the blinds a few years afterwards, they sent another free of charge. Another is Nationalblinds which is what I have now. They sent me a part also free of charge. Both have good prices. If you follow directions on measuring carefully, you can save some serious money and get good quality. Just keep your paperwork. I think the first mentioned company has excellent quality for the money.

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I live in FL also and I purchased mine in Home Depot. I think they were their brand and have had them up for 5 or 6 years now with no problem.

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