Maximum unsupported granite span for desk?

diy_mikeJuly 31, 2010

I am putting in a desk area in my kitchen with a 3ft area

where you legs will go when sitting at the desk.

Will 3cm thick granite span 3ft okay? Each side is supported by one or two cabinets.

BTW we picked our granite today.. Costal Green!


DIY Mike

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If the granite is set at normal desk height, 30"; then a 36" wide drawer unit could be placed such that it is attached to both side cabinets and the rear wall. Now the granite will be supported on all four sides.

We spanned 24" for the dish washer, using 2" cleats on the rear and end walls. To clear span 36" with no support other than a cleat on the rear wall I think is pushing the limits. Having some steel bars let into the underside of the granite would do the trick however

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If you do it like a table with stretcher bars mortised into the legs, you should be fine. No way I'd do what you're talking about otherwise, even with cleats supporting the rear. Just make it a small table, and you can even put a desk drawer into the stretcher, but make sure they are strong enough and actually supporting the granite.

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I was told by two different fabricators it was three feet in the situation you're describing - cabinets on both sides.

Here is a link that might be useful: Another source

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