Absolute black granite doesn't need sealer?

cmm6797July 14, 2011

Our black absolute countertops were installed and the installer said they don't need to be sealed. He recommended cleaning them with Windex.

They are honed, not polished.

Does this seem accurate?


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It is my understanding that many black granites (honed or polished) don't need to be sealed. In fact, since black granite is often very non-porous, a sealer may just lie on the surface and cause visible streaks, water marks etc...

I'm not sure, however, about the Windex recommendation. It is ideal I believe to use granite cleaners that are PH neutral and Windex contains ammonia. It could eventually etch the stone although I'm not sure you'd notice that on a honed surface.

Hope this helps.

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Our polished Absolute Black island top was sealed by the installer once, 20 years ago. We clean it with Windex. Aside from a small problem (left drips of concentrated TSP solution sitting on counter for a l-o-n-g time, resulting in minor etching) it looks perfect.

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I just got through reading some blog about honed absolute black. Apparently it might be different from other black granites with sealing. Tom-something was his name? See if you can search. He had strong opinions on how to treat honed absolute black granite.

Most black or deep, dark stones are so dense, even sealer doesn't sink in but sits on top and gets hazy). So you don't really need to seal since they won't accept stains or etches anyway. We had polished Antique Brown for six years that were never sealed. They look brand new.

Again, I don't know about honed...and specifically the absolute black. I wish I could remember that guy's last name!

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Here's a link to a few tests you can perform to see weather or not you need to seal your stone countertops.

Here is a link that might be useful: To Seal or Not To Seal

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AB has CALCITES in the stone that ETCH when exposed to ANY kind of ACIDIC SOLUTION.... Method helps to deter this by allowing you to "build up" a "patina" of the coconut oil that soaks into the stone and acts as a barrier between the calcites and the acid (only for a short period of time - JUST ENOUGH for you wipe up spills, etc)

Not trying to be self promoting here, but since I have heard about Method = I recommend it to everyone that has AB - ESPECIALLY HONED AB !!!



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Thank you all for your responses. Yes I've also read that Tom Cordova blog. It's helpful.
Kevin, I had read your other posts re: Method Granite cleaner so I was planning on buying that. So the absolute black doesn't need any type of sealer? The countertops were just installed and they have dark streaks and spots in many places. I guess I would describe them as something that looks like a liquid stain. They don't disappear at all if I wipe them with a dry paper towel. Will the Method cleaner address this problem or is there something that the installer should have done to get rid of the spots? I'm just afraid that those streaks are permanent. I'm attaching a picture. It's not the most accurate picture but basically just jet black streaks/spots although the rest of the counter is a softer black.
Thank you!

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When our antiqued cambrian black granite was installed, we had those streaks/spots. They were from oils in our hands (and other things) being absorbed. After a month or two, I'm assuming the granite had evenly absorbed oil as we don't see those spots any more.

To confirm.... put an oily palm on that granite and see what happens. :) If that is all it is, I wouldn't worry too much... give it some time.

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Wouldn't oiling the stone, like is done with soapstone (mineral oil), even this out?

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