How do you store your dog/cat food?

brightmJuly 18, 2014

I should have thought to ask this earlier in the design process. I've seen some sweet set-ups, and thought I knew where I was going to store food, but...maybe not.

I just saw taggie's pantry kibble drawer and somehow now I'm considering different alternatives.

I have one dog who is SUPER picky. He's 9 1/2 and I finally found the combination of food/food container etc. that works. I had tried different foods, and always had a plastic food container. He tended to like the first part of a bag, then not. So I thought it might be the plastic. I got metal cans for the food. That worked better, but he still only got excited about food for the first few days of a bag, then not. My current arrangement is to cut the top off the bag and put the whole bag into the metal can. That, combined with an �ber premium food and he eats every meal like clock work and sometimes asks for more, which is welcome for him. BUT, where I was planning to put my dog food cans, the cabinet's not tall enough (low window, short cabinet). I was going to try the square, restaurant 22qt containers. I think I can fit two side by side in my 27"w cabinet with a roll out. But I doubt I can keep the food in the bag that way.

What about you?

Here is a link that might be useful: thread with taggie's drawered pantry

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My dog (miniature pinscher) eats raw meat, so I store it in the refrigerator and freezer. Probably not helpful. Sorry.

As for only liking the first half of the bag, my guess would be that the food gets stale & your dog just doesn't like the stale food. I'm not sure how to remedy that, other than buying in smaller batches (which is not very economical).

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It would probably have been more economical to get smaller bags of less expensive food, rather than bigger bags of more expensive food. ;) But, like you, I try to do what I think is best for them. And the last time I bought dog food, I priced the smaller bag, and there are only marginal savings with the big bag. If it's easier to store in my new kitchen, I may go with the smaller bags anyway. (Though with the Origen food, he still gobbles it down at the end of the big bag.)

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I have a big bag of Purina for our Eskimo on the floor in the pantry. It fits underneath the bottom shelf.

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I store my cats food in a plastic container that I can scoop out her serving. If your dog is that picky over freshness, try storing it in a glass jar with a metal lid. Glass and metal are not permeable and will keep the food fresher than plastic. I'm thankful my cat is not that picky. Walmart has glass jars with metal lids of different sizes, you may find one that works for you. They're in the aisle with kitchen items. I have several that I use for cookies and crackers. They do keep those things fresher than when I used plastic. Good luck. :)

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I'd stick with the Origen if he likes it & is healthy. I've seen some great storage ideas from folks on here, so hopefully someone will chime in with something genius.

Totally off-topic, but I just remembered how, when he was on kibble, Ozzie would hide pieces at the foot of my bed (under the covers) and in the pillow cases, because he couldn't be bothered to get out of bed & walk to his bowl if he got hungry in the night. It is a wonder I'm single! ;-)

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I buy a big bag, and keep it in a plastic garbage can in the garage. I fill an ice cream pail about once a week, and keep it in a designated cabinet, along with other doggie supplies (treats, brushes, etc).

My dog inhales his serving of kibble in about 3 seconds - I cannot relate to a picky eater!

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Two cats. I buy large bags of Science Diet and empty into a large plastic bin in the garage. Then I periodically fill a small container which I keep in my pantry.

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For the cat, I have her dish on top of the dryer and the food container on the shelf above. It's a medium size trash receptacle type thing with a locking lid. I do buy her food in bulk.

The dogs eat mostly raw, so it's freezer/fridge. One dog will eat limited amounts of a certain kibble and it's in the original bag on the floor of the pantry. He's not my picky one, even though most kibble was snubbed quickly in those first years! The other won't touch kibble and starving her for days is not worth it to me to get her to eat it.

I agree with finding glass vessels with tight lids to store the kibble.

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2 big Australian Shepherds, so it'd have to be a big glass jar. :) I do have two cans (both of which say 'Dog Food') and I use the smaller one for cat food. Maybe I'll use the smaller one for dog food and find something even smaller for cat food. The smaller can WILL fit in the cabinet I have in mind. And I think the 28# bag would fit in the smaller can. I only have one cat now, so I need to learn to buy a smaller bag of cat food. :)

I find this oddly interesting.

ETA: The second dog, very not picky and definitely rounder. Half brothers, and not similar in any way.

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The people I dogsit for, actually an interior designer, has a pull out in the laundry room, with two wastebaskets with lids. Their dog is picky eater.

Probably less likely to do with what it's store in vs. being a picky eater. One of my dogs is on special allergy food, of course he'd rather have the other dogs'. A little competition always helps. Is yours an only child?

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We use "Iris pet food containers" from Tractor Supply Company. Amazon carries them too. They have a silicone seal that keeps out pests.

Do you have a big freezer that the extra food could be stored in to help keep it fresh if it's going stale on you?

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The kibble drawer is a cute idea, but wouldn't work for us. First off, I'm sure the ants would be crawling around in there in no time. The dogs also would probably ruin the cabinet finish snotting up the drawer. They love to point out things they want in the cabinets with their noses (just in case we didn't know what was in there). They don't think we're very bright. Here's what happens every night at exactly dinner time. She thinks I'm going to forget.

We keep the dog food in plastic containers with tightly sealed lids.

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Anna, awwwww!

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I have three dogs. Two eat kibble and I keep a pest proof plastic food storage container in my pantry. It holds 30 lbs of kibble and I keep a measuring cup in the container. My senior pup only eats canned food and I keep the cases of her food stacked on the floor next to the kibble container.

Anna, love the picture of your sweet pup. She definitely looks very sad that you may have forgotten her dinner. lol

Couldn't resist sharing a picture of my Lexi. She firmly believes we starve her. She decided to cuddle with her bowl just in case we forgot to feed her.

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The dog isn't a picky eater but the cat used to be. The in laws had it for a long time and it only ate stinky canned food. They said they tried to get it to eat regular cat food but it didn't want any.

I thought, two can play that game. When we got the cat I gave it regular cat food and it looked up at me like "Hey, WTF is this?" Dinner time comes along and I pour it back in the bag and scoop out more cat food. It sniffs it and has a look that says "Feh!" Next morning... NOPE. Afternoon comes along and the cat finally gives in. :) It eats regular cat food now.

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I tore out a plastic laminate countertop once and found about 30 dog kibbles on top of the dishwasher insulation. That was a busy mouse.

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What most people donâÂÂt understand about food storage, is that food goes stale from the âÂÂairâ that in the container. The best way to keep dog food fresh is to keep it in its original contain, if itâÂÂs a quality bag, and squeeze any excess air out and clip it. Air tight Tupperware type containers donâÂÂt do a thing, unless the food is to the very top and there is very little room for excess air, of course, this means constantly changing the container for a smaller one. The more humid the climate you live, the more important this rule is. I keep their food in its original bag and a weekâÂÂs worth in kitchen. Some dogs are much more sensitive and finicky to stale food, but you could try putting your food in Ziploc storage bags and squeezing out excess air and see if that helps. I found a canister to keep daily food in, but itâÂÂs not air type, so IâÂÂll probably put plastic bag in it.

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So what you're saying is that my dog wants an Airscape container that holds 28# of dogfood. :D

Whoa! Now you've done it. I had to go look. No, there's not an airscape that big, but there are now Airscape Lite containers that I foresee populating my pantry! I don't know how new they are, but they're new to me.

ETA: And Lexi and the girl with the giant ears are gorgeous! AJ (the picky eater) just taps his bowl, or nudges it from the kitchen into the DR when he's hungry.

Here is a link that might be useful: airscape lite

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We feed raw so no worthwhile input, but have to say, I love the pets!

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My two cats eat both canned and dry. For the canned, I cannot buy the larger cans because after the can is opened a couple days (refrigerated of course), the cats won't eat it, I suppose because it no longer tastes perfectly fresh. So I buy the 5.5 oz. can size (Evo) which gets eaten within a couple days of opening. Also, I buy by the case, cause my local pet store gives a discount if you buy by the case. I store the case on the floor in my pantry.

For dry food, I buy 5 lb. size bags, and once opened I keep the bag in one of the meat drawers of my fridge. By refrigerating it, the dry food does not get stale or rancid before it is used up. Yes, it does take up some room in my fridge, but cause it's the 5 lb. size, it's not too bad. Anything for my petsâ¦.

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I empty a big bag into these containers and keep in the lower cabinet. Then pull a new one out when one is empty. Wash rinse repeat.

They're bigger than they appear in these photos and hold a lot. We have a Golden Retriever and a 40 pound mixed Spaniel, they eat a lot.

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We keep this 40 pound container in a base cabinet in the laundry room. Works well for us, although it takes some strength to fill it with a 40 bag of kibble.

It's not air tight, but it does definitely prevent critters from getting to the food.

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We don't have picky dogs so just store it in a big container like fredanj. There is an alternative and it may be a bit pricey.

You open a fresh meal each time.

I have a horse and get my horse's daily supplement through SmartPak. Same portion size each time, sealed so it never gets stale.
I have not tried the canine version. I have lab who is closely related to a garbage can.
I wonder if once you open the bag you portion it out into freezer ziplock bags. One bag per meal. You can reuse the bags. Just squeeze the air out before you seal the bag. Then the bags can go in a drawer or plastic tub.

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"I have a lab who is closely related to a garbage can." LOL

I saw lab and was thinking you were going to talking about a labratory. :)

I was thinking originally the taller/square restaurant storage. But this morning I was thinking something more like gr8day. Did you get those at a restaurant supply? May I ask sizes and what they hold?

The dog hasn't starved in 9.5 years. I won't portion his food. :) I just want something that will fit into the cabinet that won't mean moving backwards. If there were shallower ones than gr8day, I could see splittling a large bag into multiple to have less air.

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I never empty the bag...I put bag and all in a container. You need that bag or info from in it incase of a recall!

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My 80 pound doodle's food fits in this drawer which sits on a pantry shelf. A 25 pound bag pours in perfectly.

I keep a 1 cup measure on top of the food.

The drawer is on a shelf behind the white tool cabinet. I can't get at an angle where I can show it in site.

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Large metal trash can in garage. Dump in two 40 pound bags at a time. Two dogs that eat until its gone. Unamaet I think is the brand. Very expensive, but it has really helped our older dogs joints. If they were picky (as opposed to having a medical condition) about eating from an open bag, they'd either learn to eat it or starve here.

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I keep both the cats' and dog's dry food in repurposed plastic Tidy Cat litter containers. They have hinged plastic lids that snap down securely, keeping pests out. I use the 15" wide base cabinet next to the frig, built as a pullout drawer (same concept as a trash pullout), as the home for 2 of these containers. There is also just enough room to tuck in the cat treats and flea drops; the dog's treats sit on top of one of the containers. The bowls are right next to this cabinet.

Our dog seems to like the food from the bottom of the 2nd bin as well as from the beginning of the first one, so I suppose that this storage system is working.

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I also keep a big 50 lb. bag of dog food in a metal can in the garage. I keep it in the orig inal bag and just fold the top over and push it down. I have a small Ikea garbage bin that I keep in the mud room by her bowl. I just refill that about once every week or two.

The metal can keeps mice out. Never had an issue with the small bin.

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I live in the country with mice and rats (EWWWW), they can and will chew through not only the bag but also through plastic containers.

We have a very small breezeway (its actually the dogs room) off of our utility room that has a doggie door that goes to the back door and we keep their food in a large metal trash can in the breezeway.

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cal_quail, the containers are from Bed, Bath and Beyond and they are approximately 6" tall by 16" long by 11" wide.
I noticed on the BBB website that they have some really nice containers meant for dog food storage. Some of them are really neat with wheels with a big container on the bottom and one about the size of the ones I am using on top so you don't have to keep a huge container in view all the time. Mine are just multi purpose storage containers. Good luck : )

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We get the big bag of cat kibble and place it, bag and all, in a sterility box in the "pantry annex" in the basement. Then we have a plastic cereal storer in the kitchen that we refill about once a week.

I agree with Trebuchet that it stays fresher in the bag. We roll the bag tightly when it is in the sterilite, which is really just to keep water (I have a fear of flooding basements) and mice out. (It also makes a handy spot to set stuff when moving things in and out of the freezer...)

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Oooh, AnnaC54 and Poohpup, your pooches are perfectly adorable! LOL that they keep their bowls to remind you it's dinner time.

Ours doesn't bring his bowl to us, rather he summons us to him lol. He gives a bark and waits there until we get his message:

cal_quail, like annkh I totally can't relate to a picky eater. Our dog eats almost anything including some of his absolute favorites which are raw brocolli stalk slices and raw brussels sprouts. His absolute favorites are broccoli, cantaloupe, apples, pears and cauliflower. For your picky eater, could mixing in a few thin slices of fruit or veggies help? Just a thought.

Bellsmom, love your setup too.

One last pic of Hemi when he was a pup (in our previous home's kitchen). Man, now I want another puppy, they are so cute at that age when they are all head and paws. Anyway, this is proof that he's definitely not a picky eater, haha.

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OhNoooMrBill - I have horses and have been getting them spartpaks for years and years and years. It's great and so easy, especially when others are feeding the horses.

Never tried the dog version though.

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Awww, Anna and taggie, your pups are making me miss mine (who is at home while I work). I also have a GSD and she loves to nose drawers where she wants something (usually her leash). She is way too smart to put her food in any lower cabinet or drawer in the kitchen. She knows how to open them and would definitely get into her food if we weren't home. About an hour before dinner, she parks herself next to her bowl and waits for dinner. We keep her food in a fairly basic container that we probably got at Petco or Petsmart (like this one) inside of our pantry. A dog food bag would certainly fit inside. The lid closes, but I don't think it seals tightly. Maybe a little gasket material around would help though.

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I have one of these on the floor of the pantry with a 1c scoop inside it, laid on top of the food. I empty a 40lb bag into it, but deickhoff0 is right, we should drop the whole bag into it in case of recall...

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Tracie.erin, that's our pet food container, too. I was too tired to link a photo the other night when I posted, so I'm glad to see that you got a picture onto this thread. : )

We drop the whole bag in, bag and all, keeping the bin in the basement.

We use a smaller Iris container to hold a few weeks' worth of food in a small cupboard in the kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's an example of the 8 quart container that we keep in the kitchen.

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