Don't get Thermador's mirrored induction cooktop

milehihouseJuly 15, 2013

The 36" mirrored induction cooktop was on backorder when our other appliances were installed in March. It finally arrived and was installed in May. It randomly beeps and flashes an EE code on all the burners. This happens 4-8 or more times each day, often requiring that we flip the breaker to reset it. I've had six (6!!!!) appointments so far for Thermador to repair it. They've replaced a board, they've rerouted wires, they've cancelled appointments at the last minute because parts arrived broken, they've cancelled appointments at the last minute because parts are backordered, and now they want to try to replace yet another part before they'll consider replacing the cooktop. And that part is backordered too. So frustrating. Don't get this cooktop. WORST. COOKTOP. EVER. I'm posting in appliances too, but really need to vent, I guess.

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Wow, sorry to hear that, that must be really frustrating. That was the best looking induction we had tested. We really liked the black zoneless induction from Thermador too. I haven't made the final decision but due to budget but it stings a little to hear someone have trouble.

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Aww- that's awful. I do need to add that we have the 36" mirrored induction and have been using it for about 5 months without a single issue. Sounds like you got a bad one : ( I hope Thermador makes it right.. and soon!

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MFatt, I chose this one because I thought it was $3,500 worth of cool. I had a portable induction unit first and loved it, and I even had a loaner from Thermador with the black surface while this mirrored one was on backorder. I had no problems with it. I *suspect* that something is new and different about the mirrored finishes made this year based on a couple of things I overheard. A new material perhaps, or a different manufacturer? I'm just guessing. I liked the zoneless one too, but I always try to get products that have been around awhile and had the kinks worked out. Ha!

2LittleFishies, I'm impressed that you got a mirrored one 5 months ago. We ordered our appliances early this year and learned in March that the mirrored cooktop was on backorder. I called a few other appliance stores in town, and they too said none were available. Perhaps you had one of the cooktops from the "last batch". Glad it's working for you! You probably don't want to trade, do you?

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Sorry to hear that such a significant (and important) purchase isn't working out for you. I'd be very disappointed if Thermador has somehow changed the design, or suppliers, for the worse... not a wise move on their part. Thus far, they (and most manufacturers) have had much success with induction cooktops. We have been using our 36" mirrored induction cooktop for three years now with no troubles. Thermador should be going out of their way to ensure you receive the worry-free performance you paid so dearly for.

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Thanks thynes. I'm still hopeful that I'll be able to get a mirrored cooktop that works. I'll let you know!

I jumped the gun and created another thread on Monday night when this one didn't show up right away. The other thread has gotten more responses (It's called 'What would you do?') so I'm linking it below.

Here is a link that might be useful: That Home Site - Kitchens, What would you do?

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